How To Protect From Mosquitoes In Home

Are you tired of the mosquito bites on your kids or on yourself ? Do they not let you sleep at night and keep biting you or do they keep buzzing in your ear? Here is a blog which will give you the exact solutions you need. These tips will not only help you protect from mosquitoes, but they will also tell you what you might be doing wrong already. We also have products mentioned in the end which you guys should try in order to get rid of mosquitoes.

Insulate the house : Protect from Mosquitoes

Do not let the mosquito enter the house. This is the simplest tip ever. And do not leave lights on unnecessarily. We all can remember our mother shouting to switch off the lights or else the mosquitoes will enter the house. These are the age old tactic. Just keep the room dark so that no insects enter it and keep it well insulated. In the morning, open all the windows and doors as mosquitoes tend to go out early in the morning. If you have to have the natural air, get the metal mesh windows installed. They will let all the air rejuvenate you and will not let insects enter either.

Target stagnant water : Protect from Mosquitoes

Do not let your locality or house is the perfect hotshot destination for mosquitoes to breed. Get rid of any type of stagnant water as mosquitoes will not take much time in increasing their population. Whenever you see any pot or any sort of containers like a tyre or anything else where water is stagnant, throw the water away immediately. This is very common in the monsoon season. After the rain hits, make sure to go check out the surroundings of the house to spill any stagnant water in any container. Sometimes water collects in random potholes or just any hollow spot on the road or garden or ground. Get rid of that water too as it is even more dangerous.

Now, this tip also includes the fact that you should get rid of the things that are bound to trap stagnant water from time to time. Dispose that huge tyre or idle sitting container to garbage properly. If there is some pothole, write to the municipal corporation about it. If there is something you can do, like filling mud into holes of your garden, then do that. This will be easier as you will not have to empty them again and again.

Solution for stagnant water : Protect from Mosquitoes

If you cannot get rid of the stagnant water somehow, then all you have to do is to mix around 5-6 drops of dishwashing liquid in 700 ml of water. No amount of soap is less. If the water is more, then just increase the soap quantity accordingly. This will kill the larvae breeding in that site.

Another thing you can mix is freshly ground coffee. This is also very effective when it comes to killing insect larvae.

You could put chlorine tablets or other disinfectants that people put in swimming pools

Pour water in which you have boiled cloves of garlic. The same sprays can be put in this water too.

You could just put a lot of oil such that it forms a thick layer on the surface of the water. This thick layer will suffocate and kill the larvae.

Bleach can be a useful tool for killing larvae.

Neem oil is something that the mosquitoes loath. Use it to your advantage.

Apple cider vinegar is also mentioned later as a spray, you could pour that in this water too.

Plants to Protect from Mosquitoes

There are many mosquito repellant plans that you can plant in your garden to keep it safer. The plants include basil, lemon balm, peppermint, rosemary, lavender, catnip, citrosum, sage, citronella, horsemint, citronella, marigold, garlic, pennyroyal, geraniums, etc. you could keep their miniature versions in your room also to reap the mosquito repellant effects.

Bird house : Protect from Mosquitoes

Put up a bird house in your garden, or maybe just an elevated space with some bird food on it. Birds are natural mosquito predators. Once they start visiting your garden for food, they will knock down the mosquitoes too.

Maintain the garden to Protect from Mosquitoes

This is a well-known tip when it comes to hygiene. A messy garden can harbour all sorts of insects and you would not want that. Get rid of the extra messy bushes, keep getting them trimmed on time. Do not let the grass get much longer, keep mowing it on time. Keep the weeds away and as stated before, stagnant water is a huge no.

Maintain the swimming pool to Protect from Mosquitoes

Keep cleaning the pool from time to time. Keep disinfecting the water also by adding chlorine tablets or whatever other methods you use to disinfect the pool.

Dress appropriately to Protect from Mosquitoes

If you are going out to play, dress in loose fitted yet covered cotton clothes so that the risk of a mosquito bite is reduced. Also, mosquitoes are attracted towards dark colours so make sure to dress in light colours when you are out. A little more sleeve never hurt anybody.

Your feet

Mosquitoes are most attracted to feet because of sweat and bacteria. So make sure you either cover your feet with repellant or just cover them up nicely.

DIYs to Protect from Mosquitoes

Here we present to you some DIYs that can do an amazing job at repelling mosquitoes. The sprays we mention below can also be applied on your body to keep the blood suckers away.

Natural sprays

In a spray bottle, put apple cider vinegar and spray it. You may add some essential oils of the plants that we mentioned like citronella. This spray is hated by mosquitoes and can be used well as a mosquito repellant.

Boil garlic cloves in water. Store this water and spray it in the garden or house. This is another natural mosquito repellant. The plus point is that it is natural, no chemicals involved. Spray this in your house to make it mosquito free again.

Use essential oils of the plants they hate. The plants they hate include basil, lemon balm, peppermint, rosemary, lavender, catnip, citrosum, sage, citronella, marigold, garlic, pennyroyal, geraniums, etc.

Neem oil. As we mentioned before, the mosquitoes loath this oil. Use its spray to shoo them away.

Another oil to your advantage is tea tree oil. Spray it in the areas of your house that are famous for mosquitoes.

 Lemon eucalyptus oil is there to save you too. It also drives mosquitoes away.

Lemon and cloves

Just slice up a lemon and insert cloves into it. This one piece of lemon and cloves can do a great job at keeping the mosquitoes away. Try it by yourself !

Scented candles

Scented candles can do a good job too, as we mentioned earlier, mosquitoes are repelled by essential oils’ smells. The same can be achieved by lighting scented candles. Here is what you need to do in order to make one yourself

Buying wax is the first step. It can be any type of wax, be it paraffin, soy or beeswax. We can work with all of them. The next thing you need is a wick. You may make it of any length since we will be trimming it in the end. Just be careful about the thickness. It should be according to the size of your candle. The next ingredient is an essential oil. We here will be working with lavender. You may work with any essential oil among tea tree, basil, lemon balm, peppermint, rosemary, lavender, catnip, citrosum, sage, citronella, horsemint, citronella, marigold, garlic, pennyroyal, geraniums, etc. then you need a container. This can be any glass container or maybe some other material too. This is the container in which your candle will stay.

Now start melting the wax. When the wax is melted properly, dip the wick into it and immediately stick the metal thing at the bottom of that container. The wax will work wonders in order to stabilize that wick. After the wax is melted, pour in the essential oils. Do not be a miser when it comes to the oils as that is the only thing that will drive the mosquitoes away. Let it cool off a little bit and then pour it into the container which contains the wick. Since the wick was glued by wax, pouring melted wax might displace the wick too. In this case, put a waste pen on top of the container in the middle of the circumference such that it coincides with the diameter and tie the wick’s extra part to the pen so that the wick stands stably. After everything has dried off properly, cut the excess wick off. Voila! your scented candle is ready.


What kind of smoke can you produce in your house to repel the mosquitoes ? well scented smoke is the answer. Heavily scented heavy smoke, if once is shown around to your whole house, all the mosquitoes are bound to run like their life depends on it. These are some things that you can burn to produce enough smoke to make them go away.

Burn pinon wood in a pan and let its smoke make the mosquitoes go crazy. Burn it well enough such that the smoke reaches every part of your house.

Sage mixed with cloves can be burnt to make a smelly smoke.

Camphor is another smell that the mosquitoes can not handle. You can mix camphor with any sort of plant or grass that produces good smoke. It will be best if you use pinon wood or sage leaves.

You can try burning coffee too.

Cinnamon is another ingredient. It can be added to any of the above mixtures to make it an even stronger repellant.

You are free to mix any and all of these together to create a magical smoky recipe to drive mosquitoes out of your house.

Burning citronella will also have huge effects. You can definitely add cloves, cinnamon, camphor or any other ingredient mentioned above. Even heavy smoke producing incense stick will work. The huge incense sticks that come these days in the market can be inserted into the soil of your garden. Not only will they be beautifully scented to make the aroma nice but they will also repel the mosquitoes in your yard.

Mosquito nets to protect from mosquitoes

These are an amazing invention for people who want to sleep in peace. Before putting up your net, fill the room with smoke according to the section in which we discussed which ingredients to use for a smoke. Keep the room dark so that the mosquitoes go somewhere else. Then keeping the room still dark, put up the net. It is supposed to be put in place by the four corners of your bed. This net ensures that no more mosquitoes enter your sleeping area. After putting it up, make sure the net has no loopholes for the mosquitoes to enter, secure the ends which are left hanging along the bed. Before sleeping, also ensure that there are no mosquitoes inside the net. You may spray the mosquito repellant sprays we made or even the ones found in the market for one last cleaning effect. Then you may sleep in peace.

Mosquito repellant sprays found in the market

If you are very extremely tortured by mosquitoes, the natural ways we suggested might not do the trick as they do not kill, but just repel mosquitoes. Which means those DIYs will just shoo them away and not kill them. If the area you live in is highly infested by mosquitoes, try going for a well-branded mosquito repellant spray. Those things kill them in a few minutes. All you have to do is spray the repellant in good amounts under the bed, in the corners, behind the curtains, under the furniture or in any other place that they might hide in. lock the room and do not yourself sit in it for some time. Go back after 10 minutes or so. All the mosquitoes will be found lying unconscious on the floor. I’m using the word unconscious because they might get up and start flying again within a few minutes. So what you need to do right now is to take quick action. Either take a broom and sweep them out of the house or just stamp in them properly with your shoes or slippers. The second method is too disgusting to follow, especially because they will stick to your floor and will become difficult to remove in the morning. So just get rid of them while they are unconscious.

Coils to protect from mosquitoes

Who has not seen one of these? They were very fascinating to me, especially in my childhood. Coils are famous in India for outdoor occasions as you cannot spray outside because they will re-enter soon. So people place coils around the seating area to keep mosquitoes away. They last for maybe an hour with a not so bad fragrance and slow smoke. The stands they come with are metal, you have to pull one part up and then place the small hole in the centre of the coil on top of the raised metal part. Just light the end of it and it will keep burning and keep mosquitoes away.

Professional help to protect from mosquitoes

Since it is their job, they will do it best. Contact any pest removing company near your area and they will do the right job in eliminating mosquitoes from all around your environment. Since they are experienced, they would know which sites to target. Also, they sometimes bring this huge truck that sprays the repellant smoke everywhere in the locality. It does get suffocating, but that needs to be done to get rid of the insects. Get it done definitely once a few months to live in a hygienic environment.

Electronic devices to protect from mosquitoes

Who has not seen an all-out machine? yes, that small device we plug into the socket and then It does its work. This was indeed a great invention as you just plug them in for the night, their small light attracts the mosquitoes in the dark and as soon as they come near it, the fragrance filled killer solution which keeps diffusing from it kills them. Or at least shoos them away. An all-out has always guaranteed a good night’s sleep to all of us. All out is the brand, actually, that machine is called mosquito killer/ repellant machine. There are other brands like good night too. The thing is, you will have to keep refilling it. It is not much inconvenience as an average machine lasts at least a fortnight.

Whenever we go out, we have seen those typical electric boxes which have tube lights fit in them with fluorescent light, and every now and then a mosquito or fly gets trapped in it and receives an electric shock and dies. Those machines are called electric zappers because they zap or give an electric shock to the insects. You can buy one easily from visiting the section down below.

Creams or roll-ons to protect from mosquitoes

There are many products in the market such as roll-ons. If you roll the product on the corners of your clothes, mosquitoes will target you less because of the repellant effect. There are many creams too like odomos that you may apply to keep mosquitoes away. These products are generally advertised for kids as they play in the evening with a risk of getting bitten.

Hunter pads

In case you do not know what this is, I’m sure you have seen it or maybe even used it. These are the badminton shaped devices, which give the mosquitoes or flies an electric shock when you touch them with it. So basically you have to swing it towards the fly or mosquito and it gets zapped and killed by it. These are very efficient but only when you have the time to target each one of them. If you have no time and energy, use any of the other methods mentioned.

Wear the right perfumes

Do mosquitoes seem to bite you more? Try changing your perfume. There are certain perfumes which attract mosquitoes your way. Check if that is the reason and change your perfume.


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