Best Kitchen Cleaning Products

Hey readers! So today we continue the series of thoroughly cleaning your home where we also recommend products along with telling you how to clean your particular room. Today we cover the kitchen. This is such an important place in your home because it has to be sanitary no matter what. This is the room where your food is cooked; this is the place that determines the nutrition in your body. A sanitary and hygienic kitchen should be one of the very first priorities of anyone. We will cover each and every part of your kitchen be it appliances like a fridge and stove or basic elements like the sink and floor. We will indeed suggest some DIYs. If you are a regular reader, you already know the three things we swear by. If not, keep reading! We will discuss in detail the products that can make your life much easier. We will talk about some products that you can blindly rely on in order to make your kitchen shine again. So get ready to throw away every speck of dirt and gunk off of your kitchen. Let us begin.

The first step should be visualizing what you are going to do and how you will execute it. Ceilings should always be done first. You may clean the whole kitchen but if you leave the ceiling, it will be of no use. You might plan on taking out all the appliances on day one to thoroughly clean your cabinets and shelves but then for how long will you keep your appliances out? You can’t keep them out for two days in a row. Always keep a cushion time of at least 2 hours because sometimes you think you are invincible but your speed gets low. So think it all through. We suggest you take one appliance at a time and then take them all out to another room to clean the base of your kitchen. After that, you may simply place them back without having to worry that they are not clean enough.

General Tools

Microfiber cloths

Let us talk about the general products for cleaning that you will need the most. Starting with microfiber cloths, if you do a count up for the word microfiber used in this blog, it will exceed the use of any other word. Microfiber cleaning cloths cannot be stressed on enough. You cannot get a thorough cleaning without owning one of them. Let us suggest some for you.

 E-cloth (U. K.) microfiber kitchen cleaning cloth. Click here. They guarantee 300 machine washes.  It promises to remove 99% bacteria, dust and oil off of any surface. It attracts the moisture; oil thus traps all dirt, grime and grease. You could not invest in a better cloth for making your bathroom shine again. You may also try soft-spun microfiber cloth – 5 pcs – 40 * 40 cm, these are 340 GSM multi-colour, thick lint and steak free, multipurpose cloths.  These are the automotive microfiber towels for car, bike cleaning, polishing, washing and detailing. These are good for cleaning other surfaces as well. Click here to open the link to check it on amazon.

Microfiber Gloves

We also want you to know about microfiber gloves. You will understand their working just by looking at them. You may just scrub with them gently. One microfiber glove we suggest it CarSaaz super large size ( 25 * 18 cm ) extra thick waterproof dual-sided multipurpose car home office cleaning microfiber glove mitt with waterproof layering. This one promises to be waterproof and extra thick as well. So you can rely on it for cleaning your surfaces properly. Click here to check its price on Amazon

Soap dispensing brush

For better scrubbing, there is a tool called ad fresh plastic dish wash soap dispense brush and cleaning scrubber standard size, multicolour. Click here to see this product on amazon


For mops, you can either use a good quality cloth or those extendable mops that come attached to a stick. If you are looking for one such mop that comes with the multipurpose tub that not only lets you soak up the mop but also squeeze it, then you may consider scotch Brite microfiber flat mop with 1 extra refill for magic easy floor cleaning ( multi-purpose ).  Click here to see this on amazon.

Another good mop is the bona mop for stone, tile and laminate floors. It comes in a standard size, blue. It is pH neutral on a tile thus it is good for porous tiles. All you got to do is spray and clean. Click here to buy it.


A good sponge or scrubbing brush would be a good choice. One such sponge is the scotch Brite scrub sponge large (Pack of 2) and scrubs pad large (pack of 3). Click here to view it on amazon.

This one is the green sponge which is not that spongy but is great for scrubbing. The large sponge is the prime way A, PVA multi-purpose utility magic sponge, medium, 12*5.5*3 cm, 6 pcs set, blue. Click here to check it on amazon


If the gunk is stuck like it does not plan on coming out at all, we suggest you use a brush like a cart shopper kitchen scrub brush sink dishwashing vegetable scrubber multi-purpose cleaner. Click here to see this.

You may also try okay Ji plastic dish wand washing soap dispenser scrubber brush scrub with 2 extra sponges. To see it on amazon, click here

Electric scrubber

Also, if you think that scrubbing will be a huge task that will make your hands and arms ache, you may try an electric scrubber. fresh d cart ABS plastic electric spinning scrubber machine floor cleaning, bathroom tile cleaning, cleaner tool with 3 replaceable brushes and long extension handle. It comes in a large size and colour scheme is white and blue. It provides maximum coverage since it has a handle that can be extended. It is cordless as well as waterproof, hence reducing the hassle of water mingling with an electric current to give you a hazardous shock. It is waterproof hence it is safe to use with water as well. Click here to see this product on amazon.

The most affordable option is a set of brushes that you will have to attach to your drill. The product is mogoi 3 pack drill brush attachment set, scrubber drill brush electric power round cleaning tool, nylon brush set for bathroom surfaces, floor, tub, shower, tile corners, kitchen, automotive drill. Click here to see this on amazon

Paper towels

Paper towels are another product that you will need. Be it just drying off a surface or wiping something to the finish, paper towels do come in handy. Yes, microfiber cloths are great too but sometimes they can’t do the work designed for paper towels. A good choice will be amazon brand solimo 2 kitchen towel or tissue paper roll – 2 no. 60 pulls per roll. Click here to visit on amazon or you may try amazon brand – presto ! 2 ply kitchen tissue or towel paper roll. 60 pulls per pack. Pack of 6 rolls. Click here to check on amazon

Silicone gloves

Silicone gloves also are very useful in terms of cleaning. Many times you do not want the harsh detergent to get on your hands. Sometimes it is because the dirt you are handling is way too gross. These gloves ensure that your hands remain dry. We all know how daunting it is to touch cold water in winters. Not only will they be a good choice for scrubbing, but you may use them while cleaning utensils as well. These often come with bristles in the palm area and hence do the scrubbing part easily. There are many differences in silicone glove and microfiber glove. These ones scrub better but you can’t use them to do dusting or wiping anything. Nor can you use them to dry any surface. However, they will do a better job at scrubbing than microfiber. This is one pair of gloves we like – helium silicone hand gloves with a scrubber, scrub cleaning gloves with microfiber bristles for dishwashing and pet grooming etc. multicolour, 1 pair. To check this one on amazon, click here.

another glove you might like is okayji silicone kitchen magic gloves for dishwashing rubber dishwashing with brush cleaning scrubber – 1 pair, pink in colour. To check this one on amazon, click here.

Let us cover particular parts of a kitchen now.


Wash your whole sink with warm water first. Then dissolve dish soap in warm water and let it sit on your sink. See, the concentration must be high or otherwise, it will just ride down the drain. Dishwashing soap products include sacred earth natural dish wash liquid – with soap nuts, lemon, lemon grass, thyme and bergamot – 500ml. To check this one on amazon, click here. 


Faucets need to be handled with care and mild soap. If the core material is chrome or nickel, spray a mix of vinegar and water. Wipe with a microfiber cloth after 1 minute. Avoid scrubbing at all costs. If the core material is copper or stainless steel or bronze faucets, clean with what the manufacturer recommends. If you do not have that info, clean with mild soap. Otherwise, a nice cleaner is joff tap and shower cleaner – 250 ml pack of 2. To check it out on amazon, click here.

Brushing a faucet is generally prohibited. But if it is imperative, use – minute to clean it nylon flexible cleaning brush for home, kitchen and bathroom – multicolour and small. To check it out on amazon, click here

The exhaust fan

The exhaust fan of your kitchen is such an ignored area. we have seen fans that are not cleaned for years and therefore are completely black in colour because of the soot they have collected.  The first step is to remove all the parts of the exhaust fan that you can remove. We start off by cleaning the mesh filters of your exhaust fan. What you need to do is pour boiling hot water over them. Here is an oil that you can buy – oil A 4 healthy Rajasthani mustard oil or healthy and tasty mustard oil. Click here to view this on amazon. The oil has similar usage as we have described before also like – soak in the oil for some time so that the gunk gets loose. Then pick up any good brush that you have and Scrub it properly so that the oil can reach the extreme parts of the gunk and loosen it. As far as a good cleaner is concerned, here are some suggestions – Blue oxy kitchen degreaser spray – 400 ml cleaning grease cleaner and degreaser stain remover| dirt eraser kitchen cleaner | heave degreaser and cleaner | eco – friendly and safe to use. Blueoxy is a trustable brand and this cleaner is just as much trustable. Its instructions tell us to use a sponge which is damp. Let it sit on the surface for 2-5 minutes. Depending on the degree of dirt, increase that time duration. Also, since the exhaust fan will be exceptionally dirty, you might have to leave it on longer. It comes with a garden fresh lavender scent so that is one good point as well. It promises to cut through grease, lime scale, soap scum and tough stains. It also kills 99.9 % bacteria and viruses. Click here to see on amazon. 

If this does not work for you can soak the mesh filters in a mixture such that the ratio is of half cup Ammonia in one gallon of water. Soak them for about an hour and then you can Scrub the dirt away. To buy quail tech ammonium hydroxide solution 99% pure (500 ml), NH4OH, CAS : 1336 – 21 – 6, click here.