Best Roti Maker In India

Roti Maker is an excellent equipment to help you out in hostel days, alone time away from family, a house with large joint families, and other similar situations. We believe the best roti maker makes the best roti. To prove our point, we have done extensive research and shortlist the five best roti makers in India, which are economical, full of relevant features, and easy to use.

A good roti maker will make your kitchen chores a lot easier and your family a lot happier.

Our Recommended Best Products In India

Product Name


Product Price

Kerwa ROTI Maker 4500 WATT || Shock Proof || Non Stick

Molo New Roti Maker/ Multimaker/ (Marble Coating)

Prestige PRM 3.0 900-Watt Roti Maker (Silver) with Free Kitchen Plastic Manual Dough (Atta) Maker

List of Five Best Roti Makers in India

  • Bajaj Roti Maker
  • Karwa Non-Stick Shockproof Roti Maker

  • Molo Roti Maker

  • Prestige PRM 3.0 Stainless Steel Roti Maker

  • Rico Roti Maker

Bottomline Introduction

There are hundreds of roti makers available in the market, and we know it is quite a tedious job to find the best roti maker out of the lot. This article will explain India’s five best roti makers’ features, price, and unique selling points. Please read them, compare them and make a sound judgment for your kitchen chores.

This will be a comprehensive article dealing with all the five Best Roti Makers’ details in India. It will be informative and fun to read.

Stay with us!!!

Let’s start……..

What is Roti Maker?

One of the most fantastic inventions of all time for the kitchen is the Roti Maker. We all are too busy with day-to-day chores and don’t have much time for cooking. To save the day, the roti maker is convenient and helpful. Roti Maker is electrical equipment for making smooth, crispy roti faster and without rolling or grinding.

Utilities of Roti Maker

  •   Roti Maker is accessible equipment with a simple instructional manual to use.
  • Anybody can use it to make round, crispy, and fluffy Rotis. No prior experience or know-how is required to operate it.
  • Apart from Rotis, you can also make khakhras, papads, dosas, and several other food items on your Roti Maker.
  • Roti Maker is the perfect option for bachelors, students, prominent Indian joint families, canteens, tiffin service providers, and similar bulk and fast requirements.
  •     Price is nominal, and you can get the best Roti Maker in India within a price range of Rs. 1500 to Rs. 2500 only.

Best Roti Maker in India

Kerwa Non-Stick Shockproof Roti Maker

Kerwa Roti Maker offers an affordable and straightforward Roti maker in India in a market where hundreds of Roti makers are available.

Faster and simple

Kerwa Roti Maker is a faster, more straightforward, and best roti maker in India. Cooking along with busy routine life is one of the primary concerns currently. Kerwa Roti Maker provides an attractive solution to this fundamental problem of our daily life.


Apart from Rotis, you can also prepare dosas, papad, omelet, and other food items with Kerwa Roti Maker. Robust stainless steel provides strong base support and makes it a beautiful and powerful kitchen appliance.

Ergonomic feature

Easy to carry Roti Maker with an ergonomic handle helps make perfect round dough without sticking to the equipment walls.

Power usage

This shock-free Roti maker consumes 4500 watts of energy.

Apart from home purposes, Kerwa Roti maker can also be used in hotels, tiffin centers, and industrial purposes.


Kerwa Roti Maker is available for Rs. 1239 only at e-commerce sites.

MOLO Roti Maker

Our one of the primary metrics for searching for the best roti maker in India is its price. We believe people prefer cost-efficient products for personal and household usage.

Our third Roti Maker in this list is again a pocket-friendly option for our readers.

MOLO Roti Maker is available at a very economical price with great built-in features.

Power consumption

MOLO Roti Maker consumes 900 watts and operates on 230V and 50Hz frequencies. Roti Makers usually use high electricity, and it is worth your money only if you are on a very tight schedule.

Shockproof body

MOLO Roti Makers provides uniform heat transmission across the body. It is shockproof and makes fluffy and crispy rotis.

You can adjust the heat settings on the equipment to make the cuisine of your choice.


MOLO Roti Maker is available online at Rs.1290 only.

Depending upon price, performance, quality, MOLO Roti Maker is worth your consideration. Buy this to enjoy oil-free rotis, dosas, and other food items.

Prestige PRM 3.0 Roti Maker

Another leading brand name in the Indian subcontinent, Prestige, offers several quality products for the kitchen. From pressure cookers to Roti Makers, you can ensure the quality and long-lasting features of Prestige products.

Prestige PRM 3.0 Roti Maker is another quality product of Prestige for Indian households.

Stainless body and Temperature control knob

Prestige offers Roti Maker with stainless steel body and temperature control knob for controlling heat as per requirements. There are indicators for maximum and minimum temperature. Red is for maximum, whereas Green for the minimum. So, adjust the temperature as per your preference.

The temperature control feature is a unique selling point of Prestige Roti Maker. This unique feature has received a lot of appreciation from customers across age and group.


Prestige Roti Maker is the best option for roti making and tasty dosas, uttapam, and several other cuisines.

Cool Handle

Prestige Roti Maker makes the handle of the equipment with quality plastic fiber. With plastic fiber, you can rest assured of shocks due to overheating.

Power consumption

Prestige Roti Maker consumes 900 watts of power. It is comparatively energy-efficient from other available options in the market.


Prestige Roti Maker comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty.


Prestige Roti Maker is available for Rs. 2020 only on online platforms.

Prestige is the brand everybody aware of in India. Prestige Roti Maker is a must-buy to make your cooking work simpler and tastier. So please go and buy today for fluffy rotis and your favorite dishes.