Best Juicer For Beetroots In India

There are a variety of juices available in the market and selecting a perfect brand for your carrot and beetroot might be a difficult task. Read the passage below to learn what are the features that need to be noted before purchasing a juicer.

Carrots and Beetroots are some of the most potent vegetables that have substantial health benefits. If you are looking forward to improving your health by consuming them in the form of juice, then the best option is to purchase a juicer that will be more effective and suitable.  There are a variety of juicers available in the market.  Purchasing a model among them without any previous knowledge on them will not be good.  So before purchasing a juicer, there are certain concepts and details you need to learn. Even though you can use an ordinary mixer and sieve to extract the juice, they are not a healthy option. When you use a mixer, all the particles in the vegetable will not be effectively crushed. There might be some chunks of leftover, and it is a messy process. Also, while crushing them using a standard juicer, there will be a lot of heat which will destroy the nutrients in the vegetables. They will reduce the nutritional value of the juice consumed. So recently the companies have paid more attention to these factors and have created a cold press juicer that slowly crushes the vegetable without emitting heat. This will consume a lot of time, but they are the healthiest options available in the market. Along with this feature, other features need to be taken into account. Let us see about those features in detail. While purchasing a high-quality juicer, make sure that it has all the mentioned features so that you can use them for multiple purposes and for a long time. Read the below passage to understand these features and buy the best product available in the market.

Products Buying Guide:

Product Image

Product Name

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Prestige PCJ 7.0 500-Watt Centrifugal Juicer 

Philips Viva Collection HR1863/20 2-Litre Juicer

Amazon Brand - Solimo Plastic Handy Fruit Juicer

Panasonic MJ-L500 150-Watt Cold Press Slow Juicer

GNEY New Electric Fruit Juicer Machine


The first and foremost thing that needs to be taken into account while purchasing a juicer is the brand of the product. Most of the high-quality brands are made up of right quality materials and an efficient motor that will support you while using vegetables like beetroot and carrots. Most of these major brands would have been made up of high-quality material which will ensure the durability of the product and also provide proper servicing. Most of the brands have service centres all over the country, and even though their price is slightly higher than the other juicers, they are still worth the money because of their warranty and constant servicing. 


The next most important feature that needs to be taken care of while purchasing a juicer for beetroot and carrot is their quality. The quality of the product will ensure that it has proper durability and lasts for a lifetime without any repair. Also, try purchasing a juicer that is made up of stainless steel and other steel-based material rather than plastic. Consuming the food made using plastic materials might result in some dangerous diseases like cancer. So while purchasing, make sure that they are made up of high-quality material rust or damage with time.

Powerful motor

Whether it is a typical cold pressure juicer or other hot juicers, the most essential requirement has a powerful motor. With the help of a powerful motor, some hard vegetables like beetroot and carrot can be easily converted into a pulp, and the juice can be extracted. The motor should also have the ability to withstand pressure, especially while breaking down the particles. Also, while purchasing the juicer, make sure that it comes along with the warranty for the motor. This will allow you to experience a perfect juicer for a lifetime without any issues. Along with a powerful motor, the juicer will be made more powerful when they are combined with a perfect blade. Most of the juicers use a triple blade system that will effectively break down the particles into smaller pieces. So while purchasing a juicer, make sure that it has a triple-blade and not the double blade. Also, when you drop a beetroot or carrot without cutting them, some juicers might break down. So make sure that your juicer is powerful enough to withstand the pressure of breaking a large piece.

Pulp separator

When you prepare a juice, the most essential requirement will be to separate the juice from the pulp so that the drink you will have will be tasty.  At the same time, the pipe collected should not mix along with the juice, and they should be as minimum as possible so that the content of the fruit or vegetable will not be wasted. The sieve used should have minute pores, and the collected pulp should be collected separately in a cup for easy disposal. The lesser the pulp, the more nutritious the juice is. Some juicers also come with different varieties of pulp separators, with varying hole sizes that can be used for different fruits and vegetables.

Wide mouth

In most of the juicers, there will be a full mouth with the presence of a stick. They can be used to push the vegetables inside for in-depth crushing. When the user has a full mouth, it would be easier for you to drop the vegetable without much preparation. For example, if you are preparing a carrot juice, then your only preparation will include cutting the head and tail of the carrot before placing them within the juicer through the full mouth. But if the mouth is small then you will also be forced to cut the carat into tiny pieces so that it would be easier to be inserted into the juicer. Even though beetroot requires proper cutting before placing them in a juicer, you can drop large pieces instead of cutting them into small minute pieces. 

Large holder

The next most important requirement is to have a large holder that can collect the juice before transferring them into the appropriate containers. If the cup is large enough to hold at least one to two litres of juice, then it will be comfortable for you when you are preparing in bulk. If you are trying to crush a watermelon or high quantities of a carrot, then having this cup will save your time and prevent you from emptying the glass now and then. While purchasing make sure that this cup is made up of high-quality glass material or steel and not plastic. 


Rather than purchasing a juicer with a single-speed, it is better to purchase a juicer with multiple speeds. If you are using a juicer with a single-speed, then it might not be possible for you to crush small particles. For example, if you are trying to crush a carrot, a single-speed user will break down the carrot into small particles, but if there are any chunks available, they cannot be broken down. But at the same time if you are using a multi-speed juicer, then the vegetable can be crushed to its maximum using this juicer at multiple speeds. Sometimes using slow speed will prevent the juice from becoming foamy. If you are purchasing a cold press juicer, make sure that you always prepare the juice in advance so that you do not get delayed for your work. But they are more healthy and preferred by people all over the world because of its nutritional advantages. All these above features should be taken into account while purchasing a juicer. There are many designs and models available in the market. So while selecting a design, make sure that they also go well along with the decor of the house. So while selecting, make sure that they are of high-quality and also always have multiple choices. So before finalising on the final design, compare at least three or four models that you find suitable and select one that will be the best option. Most of the models are available in both shops and online platforms. So if you are interested, you can always purchase the particular model you have selected directly from the website or through online portals like Amazon and Flipkart.