Best Juicer For Carrots

There are a variety of juicers available in the market that can extract the juice from carrots. But if you want to select the best juicer available in the markets for carrot then read the passage below.Buying a carrot juicer machine is your one-time investment, and you can get the best juicers for the money if you buy the carrot juice maker machine. The carrot juice mixer price is not very costly, and carrot juicer small kitchen appliances are the best asset. Juicing carrots has become very easy with the carrot juicer machine nowadays.

Fitness has become an essential requirement in our lives. So most of the people living in this world have resorted to consuming healthy Fruit and Vegetables rather than eating junk food items. One of the healthiest food items is juice. Even though there are a variety of juicers available in the market, only very few are preferred by the people. This condition is because of their usefulness and healthiness. You might wonder what is there to see while purchasing a juicer. It is a simple device that crushes the vegetables and fruit to extract the nutrients and water content present within that particular object. But in reality, there are a variety of juicers with a variety of techniques that will allow you to extract the juice along with proper nutrition without wasting them in the process. For example, certain juicers produce more heat while crushing the vegetable, which might result in the loss of nutrition.

Carrot juice is known to have many healing properties and is used in various home remedies by people all over India. People also enjoy drinking carrot juice, and it is also very beneficial for health. Especially in the times of ongoing pandemic, drinking fresh and healthy juice is one of the best things you can do for yourself. But going out can be very risky in the present times, and also you are not sure of the quality of the drink when you buy it from a juice vendor. The juices that you get in the packaged boxes have high preservatives and extra sugar that may affect your health adversely. So the best option that you have to get the best quality juice is that you must consider bringing a carrot juicer machine into your home.

Product Buying Guide:

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Prestige PCJ 7.0 500-Watt Centrifugal Juicer 

Philips Viva Collection HR1863/20 2-Litre Juicer

Amazon Brand - Solimo Plastic Handy Fruit Juicer

Panasonic MJ-L500 150-Watt Cold Press Slow Juicer

GNEY New Electric Fruit Juicer Machine

Here's why you must drink only homemade carrot juice:

  • You are sure of the optimum quality of the juice when you make the juice with the carrot juice maker at home.
  • You get the maximum benefit of quality with the carrot juice maker with minimum price. 
  •  Carrot juicer machine is one of the best investments for you as it is for your health and well-being.
  • Carrot juice mixer prices are not very high, and you can easily get one for yourselves. 
  • Carrot juicer small kitchen appliances are an asset to your kitchen. 

So now you know why you must bring the best juicers for the money to your place. But when you buy a carrot juice maker machine, you have to take care of many things. There are many different types of carrot juicer small kitchen appliances available in India for juicing carrots. Here is the list of different kinds of carrot juicer machines that you can buy. 

Centrifugal Juicers: These kinds of carrot juicer machines are cheap and durable. The carrot juice mixer price of centrifugal juicers is very low, and they extract the juice by pulverizing the carrots. You can get this carrot juice maker machine is you want the best juicers for the money you spend on it.

Horizontal Masticating Juicers: Juicing carrots can make a bit more time in these kinds of machines. The carrot juice mixer price of horizontal machines is also relatively low, and they bring high-quality results. 

Vertical Masticating Juicer: Another common kind of machine used for juicing carrots is the Vertical Masticating Juicer. In this carrot juicer small kitchen appliance, the quality of the juice is excellent. It takes high time to bring out the juice and basically works like horizontal juicers only. The carrot juice mixer price of horizontal juicer is a bit high compared to other kinds of carrot juice maker machine. 

Twin Gear Juicer: The Twin Gear Juicer machine uses two gears that assist in crushing and grinding the carrots or other fruits and vegetables. It can extract juice out of almost all kinds of vegetables and fruits. You can make use of this type of machine for multiple purposes and get the best juicers for the money you pay. 

So, the list, as mentioned above, includes different kinds of carrot juicer machines present in the market. Once you get aware of the different kinds of carrot juicer small kitchen appliances, you must see which one is best for you. Below listed are some Do’s and Don’ts to get the maximum benefit and the best juicers for the money. So there are a variety of facts that need to be noted by purchasing a juicer. Let us see about these features in detail. 

Pulp ejector

Even though juices are healthy, it is also essential to have a proper taste so that you can enjoy your food. While crushing a carrot, there will be a lot of pulp that will not taste good when mixed with your juice. So to prevent the mixing of pulp with the juice, it is essential to have a separate pulp cup with a proper filter. The filter should be good enough to separate the Pulp and store them in a separate pulp container that can be thrown away later. But separating the pulp is not alone decisive. The separation should be done effectively in such a way that the nutrients of the juice remain intact and only very few amounts of pulp is discarded. 

Effective motor

The next essential requirement has a capable motor. Unlike other fruits like apple or mango, it is not easy to crush carrots and extract the juice. So the only way to achieve them is by having a powerful motor that will cut the carrot into tiny pieces in an excellent way. This design will allow them to enjoy the complete nutrition of the fruit. Sometimes there are also other problems like the breaking down of the motor due to the thickness of the carrot. So the blades should be sharp enough to break down the particles and extract the juice out of them. 

Powerful blades

The next most important requirement has a powerful blade that will cut the carrot effectively in a single slice. Carrots are thick, and they are not juicy like the oranges. So having a strong blade is essential for extracting the juice. Try to purchase a blade made up of stainless steel as they are healthy and can last for a long time. Purchasing an iron or other blade will result in tiny cracks for rusting, which is not healthy during the long run. Some juices come along with a blades that can be removed and using such blades will be wiser as they can be easily cleaned. The blades should be of high quality to withstand pressure and cut them quickly.

Multiple speed

While purchasing a juicer, make sure that it has at least two or three-speed variations that will allow you to use them according to your requirement. Using heavy speed, when the carrot is already broken down into pieces will result in the mixing of pulp and creation of foam on the top. So the best option is to purchase a juicer that has a good set of low, medium and high speed. This structure will allow you to enjoy a tasty juice and a free option to change the mode when necessary. Also, remember not to purchase a juicer with 5 or 6 modes which might be overbearing and not useful. 

Feeder tube

The feeder tubes are tubes through which the pieces are passed to break them down into small particles. There are a variety of feeder tubes available in the market. But one thing that needs to be taken into account is that they should be wide enough so that it would be easier for you to part the carrots directly through the tube rather than cutting them into pieces and passing them. If you are trying to prepare a bulk amount of juice, then a wide feeder would be more useful and efficient for you. They will also save a lot of time when compared to other small feeders.

Cleaning Technology

One of the most essential features that need to be noted while purchasing a juicer is the ability to clean them. So if you are purchasing a juicer, make sure that it has multiple parts that can be easily removed and cleaned. Certain juicers have some fixed parts that are difficult to clean, and sometimes people might miss a spot resulting in some serious issues like food poisoning in the future. The parts like blades, sieve and the pulp extractor should be free enough to be removed easily and cleaned without any trace.

Less heat

When you purchase, a juicer makes sure that it produces less heat while crushing the carrot. This condition is because recently the scientists have found out that when the juice is exposed to excess heat, they start to lose their nutrients. So if you are interested in retaining your nutrients, purchase a juicer with cold crushing technology. In reality, this juicer takes more time than necessary to prepare the juice without emitting heat. Studies have shown that juices prepared using this technique have more nutrients than others. So if you are health conscious then purchase these cold Crush juicers rather than purchasing a normal heat emitting juicer.

Collector cup

The next most important feature while purchasing a juicer is its juice collecting cup. This cap should be large enough to hold a large quantity of juice so that it will be comfortable for you to make a mass amount of juice without worrying about changing the cup or emptying them frequently. The collector cup you are purchasing should have the capacity to hold at least 1 – 2 litres of juice. This design will allow you to be free with your choices. They are also easy to wash.


Some companies to attract customers have released several juicers that are made up of plastic. Using plastic is not good for health, and they can cause cancer. So while preparing the juice, the heat will react with plastic, and it is not good for health. So always purchase a stainless steel juicer for maintaining your health. These steel-based juicers are more powerful, and they can last for a lifetime, unlike the other juicers. These steel-based juicers are common and popular in the market. While purchasing the juicer, make sure that it has a beautiful and stylish design that will go well along with the decor of the house. They should be made up of high-quality materials like steel. Try to avoid plastic as they are harmful for consumption. The juicer should have good durability, and they should be provided along with a good warranty. The brand and price also play a major role in purchasing a juicer. Try to purchase a branded product as they can last longer and maintain quality. The juicer that produces the healthiest juice is more important than the price, but they should also be taken into account. Never settle down for a juicer with poor features. Compare the price and features of the brands in the market before finalising the product you need to purchase. Given below are some of the products available in the market that have been preferred most by the people. It is not necessary to purchase it, but you can buy a product that has similar features.

How to properly handle your carrot juicer machine?

  • Do not wash the juicer with hot water ever: Most of the carrot juice maker machines available nowadays have different parts of plastic. If you wash the machine with hot water, the plastic parts can get deformities. Even a slight deformity in any parts can create a massive problem in the functioning of the juicer. 
  • Take care of the capacity of your juicer: You always have to ensure that you do not overfill the juicer. Take care that you will juicer only up to the rated volume. Otherwise, the machine will have to overwork, and it will reduce the lifespan of the machine. If you want to produce juice in a high amount, then check the size of the juicer before you buy it. 
  • Do not use sharp objects to push in the fruits/vegetables: One common mistake that most of the carrot juicer machine owners do is use knives to push in the fruits. You must not do this if you want your carrot juicer machine to last for a long time. Otherwise, you may damage the feeder or pusher of the carrot juice maker machine. 
  • Cleaning: You must take care of the juicer while cleaning the carrot juice maker. Improper cleaning can make your juice contaminated and affect your health adversely. Improper cleaning of the machine will also damage the insides of the juicer and create issues with its proper functioning.    

Benefits of buying carrot juicer and advantages of making carrot juice at home for you:

  • Maximum quality: When you produce juice at home, it is ensured that you have the most excellent quality of juice that is fresh and healthy. 
  • Boosts metabolism: Carrot juice is known for boosting metabolism, and it helps in creating bile juices.
  • Enhanced vision:  Fresh and clean carrot juice will help to increase your vision, and it is perfect for your eye health 
  • Immune system: Carrot juice helps in improving the immune system and helps the body fight against viruses and bacteria.
  • Lowering cholesterol: Fresh juice of carrot is also good for your heart as it lowers the cholesterol levels and maintains it at the right level. 


Investing in a carrot juice maker machine is not only a cost-effective method for drinking juice every day, but also provides several health benefits. The best juicer will serve all your juicing needs and give high-quality juice. You can boost your health by drinking healthy and fresh carrot juice every day. You will not have to leave your house, and you will not have to spend money every day to drink high-quality fresh juice.