Best Kitchen Sinks in India

There are several types of kitchen sinks in India to choose from and pick your favorite and best kitchen sinks in India. Purchasing the stainless steel kitchen sink in India according to your budget can be extremely helpful while considering the space for getting the sink for the kitchen in India is essential as well.

The kitchen is the heart of a house — it is the kitchen that provides everyday meals for the entire family. And so it’s incredibly critical that the kitchen should be hygienic and fitted with the latest amenities. The sink, after the stovetop, is the essential feature in a kitchen. In a kitchen sink, one can do several things, such as washing hands and vegetables, cleaning And soaking pans and pots, etc. When loaded with these features, kitchen sinks in India can also act as a drying station and chopping board. A healthy, practical, and sizable kitchen sink is essential to preserve food hygiene and accelerate the cooking process.

What is a Kitchen Sink?

Kitchen sinks are sinks used to wash plates quickly in the kitchen. The use of kitchen sinks dates back to the 1990s and comes with a faucet that usually comes with cold and hot water to make it easier to clean. Such sinks usually come together with drains through which water passes. The drains also have some kind of blockage that can be replaced. The types of kitchen sinks in India may be either cast iron, ceramics or stainless steel kitchen sink India. Using a sink in your home makes the house more modern and less dirty. Many kitchen sinks in India come with individual, double or triple bowls. And choosing one that will soothe your kitchen is up to you.

Each sink varies according to characteristics, weight, size, and material. And so, when purchasing it, detailed information and proper comparison are a must. Another thing you should bear in mind is the installation process. For example, under-mounted or wall-mounted models require a great deal of installation effort. In comparison, sinks on drop-in or apron are more straightforward and easier to install. You should choose the one kitchen sink size in India that suits your needs.

Our Top Pick Kitchen Sinks in India

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KAFF Stainless Steel Single Bowl Sink

10x Luxury Kitchen Sink

Jindal Kitchen Sink Stainless Steel Sink

Types of Kitchen Sinks:

Ceramics: Being traditional, this type of kitchen sink fits in some way in the kitchen. The heat strength it’s been through helps it to stand firm. It’s very robust, as well. Like some other kind, the ceramic kitchen sink is generally indestructible because even the slamming of pots or plates on it does not damage it.

Composite: Many composite sinks in the kitchen are costly due to their high scratch resistance. This product gives you a new look to your kitchen, and it doesn’t stain easily, either. While being very weighty, it stays shiny after use and stands steady.

Caste iron: This durable product, in comparison to others, is one of the oldest products. The cast iron sink is more costly than stainless steel and appeals to most people who enjoy coloring. This comes in a variety of colors. It’s an outstanding product, and it doesn’t scratch, and it’s robust too. The cast iron is essential for keeping clean and remains good even after many years.

Stainless steel: Stainless steel kitchen sinks are split into two; steel with lower gage and steel with a higher gauge. The steel of the lower gauge is heavier, while the steel of the higher gauge is lighter. While most of the time it’s cheap, compared to other sinks it makes a lot of noise. It has a high heat resistance and also doesn’t stain easily. Its efficiency is noteworthy.

Top 3 Kitchen Sinks:

If you’re looking for the best sink that’s perfect for your kitchen, you’re in the right place, totally. Below listed are the five best kitchen sinks available in India so you can get the best online kitchen sink in India. A purchasing guide has also been included so that you get to know what features to look for in a kitchen sink and kitchen sink price in India when you buy it.

KAFF Stainless Steel Single Bowl Sink:

The KAFF Stainless Steel Single Bowl Sink is the perfect option for you if you are searching for the perfect bowl kitchen sink, which will solve your dishwashing problem. It comes with a reasonably large 24 x 18-inch size. This sink for kitchen in India comes with a depth of 228 mm, to the specifications. And even though you’re piling 3-4 kitchen utensils on the sink, there’s plenty of room for more washing.


  •  Has soft, easy to clean corners.
  • Can bear heavy weights without getting cracked
  • Durable, ultra-hard stuff, which is non-porous as well.
  • This comes with long-lasting anti-condensation coating. This coating reduces the risk of corrosion.


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Warranty: 7 Years
  • Size: 24 x 18-inch
  • Comes with 228 mm depth



10x Luxury Kitchen Sink:

As the very names imply, this sink is a 10x house luxury item. It comes with several additional attachments such as drainer, stopper, fruit basket, and drainage hose, which can also be used to drain utensils after washing. This is the most beautiful sink on this list for soundproofing, with extra-thick rubber mats. This sink is made of stainless steel coated durable material with a satin finish. It has a pre-punched hole where a faucet or soap dispenser is placed. The reason we put it on the 4th slot, though, is due to its sharp edges, and steeper price. You’ll need to give some extra time to keep the edges and keep it clean. This kitchen fixture is resistant to rust, stain, crack, and corrosion and provides a five-year warranty. It has a dimension of 24×18. This 10x product is 1.2 mm long and weighs 7kgs. Scientifically it is built on its base with gentle slopes for simple and quick water drainage. It is best if you install it as a top-mount model because of its pre-designated location for the faucet.


  • It has extra thick matting effects for sound deadening
  • This sink is robust and is 1.2 mm long
  • The product weighs 7 kilograms, and its interior dimensions are 16x22x9 inches
  • This is resistant to rust, corrosion and the dent
  • The box contains a fruit basket that extends to 22.5 inches.


  • Material: High-Grade stainless steel
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Size: 22 x 16-inch
  • Depth: 9 inches



Jindal Kitchen Sink Stainless Steel Sink

Thanks to its 16 X 18 X 8 Inch dimensions, the Jindal Kitchen Sink Stainless Steel Sink is one of the best lightweight single bowl kitchen sinks. The Jindal kitchen sink model is made of 204 stainless steel, which is a fine, if not the best, version. It weighs only 2.4kgs and is 0.9 mm long. The product carries a 20-year warranty and is highly popular with online buyers. This product is the least expensive on this list on the price scale. It holds the 5th position on our list due to its smaller dimension and lack of pre-designated location for the faucet installation. The finish of this sink is shiny, and beneath the bowl, it has a rubber coating for corrosion and soundproofing. It also comes with leakage or manufacturing trouble repair guarantee. This sink has a depth of 8-inch and is suitable for light work. Since the body is compact, the weight is light too. Stainless Steel provides vibration and noise-reduction shields.


  • This dishwasher is lightweight and easy to handle
  • You can install it either as an under-mount or top-mount configuration
  • It has a single bowl, eight inches wide
  • This sink comes in a compact build for quick cleaning with soft edges


  • Material: Stainless Steel Sink
  • Size: 16 X 18 X 8 Inches
  • Type: Single Bowl
  • Warranty: 20 Years
  • Depth: 8 inches



Buying Guide: What factors to look for in a Kitchen Sink?

It can be a challenging task to buy a kitchen sink in India, with so many variables available on the market. Yet if you are aware of all the relevant factors before making a decision, it won’t be a big deal. To remove all the confusion, below are a few critical parameters based on which you can make your purchasing decision regarding the best kitchen sink for your home. Here’s a purchasing guide to tell you the features you should look at when you’re purchasing a kitchen sink.


It is very important to find the appropriate size when buying a kitchen sink. Basically, all the dual-compartment sinks are all of the same sizes, and when it comes to single-bowl sinks, you can get variable sizes. It is important to have an appropriate size of the sink to suit both the layout and the kitchen interior. So make sure you know the size of a countertop before you buy a sink.


To nearly every Indian kitchen, the traditional and long-term option is the smoothly curved rectangular or square-shaped kitchen sink. Other options, such as the round, oval, and triangular kitchen sinks, are available. Nonetheless, triangular ones are the least favored because of the dishwashing difficulties due to the edges and corners.


Think of how you would like your sink to look? Porcelain and stainless steel are the two most popular types of material used for cooking sinks. There are, however, other content options on the market. We suggest you go for the option of stainless steel kitchen sink in India because it is more durable and sturdy than porcelain and will give your kitchen countertop also a classy look.

A number of bowls

Typically there would be either one bowl, or two bowls separated that may be of the same or different sizes. In larger families, however, a dual bowl is recommended because it can be helpful in storing the dirty dishes on one side and washing the eatables on the other.


The kitchen in every home is close to our hearts and is not something that we always change. And you must be very well aware of the commodity when spending your hard-earned money. Investing in good kitchen sink brands in India is not a good idea, because they are not always the best. Instead, choose a product from a reputable company is recommended. In this situation, it’s better to pay a little more, because you get the premium price. Usually, not the cheaper ones last long.


The budget is the last but incredibly important aspect to remember. Setting a budget and not spending more than you can afford is always a great idea. Place your budget and schedule accordingly, instead of binging on credit cards.


Kitchen sinks are sinks for quick washing of plates in the kitchen. Going all the way back to the 90s, the use of kitchen sinks comes with a faucet that generally comes with cold and hot water for quick rinsing. Such sinks usually come in with drains through which water passes. The drains also have a kind of blockage that can be replaced. Ideally, at the time of building houses, people build the sink in the kitchen. But there are times when the kitchen sink for the kitchen in India becomes obsolete and needs to be upgraded. Besides this, most people have also started to make modular kitchens in India. When someone turns their ordinary kitchen into a modular one, they certainly need to modernize everything that involves the sin of the kitchen. But now you don’t have to worry, because we have the list of best kitchen sinks to buy in India. You can pick your choicest set from these kitchen sink designs in India and have smooth kitchen experience.