Best Mixer Grinder Under 2000Rs

Are you looking to buy best mixer grinder under 2000Rs? We have researched various reviews and came up with the best mixer grinders in this blog.

The mixer grinder is a piece of inevitable equipment that is used to grind things for cooking applications. It is used in the preparation of many essential ingredients used for cooking our favorite dishes, such as grinding cereals, pulses, coconut, garlic, etc. Even when you plan to make a tasty chutney, you may use the small grinder to make the perfect ground coconut. They can even be used to make flours or masala powders for curry preparation. Indian cuisine has many such things that are to be added into the dish once it is ground to a paste form. Hence mixer grinder performs an irreplaceable role in every Indian home. Not only it aids in making dishes, they can also be used for making juices, milkshakes, protein drinks, etc. 

The mixer operated at medium speed will save time for stirring. Overall, the machine thus saves a considerable amount of time when it comes to cooking. The efforts spent on the manual grinding and mixing are uprooted with the revolutionary equipment that will make you execute things with the least efforts or time. We will now have a look at the basic features available in the chosen price range of the gadget.

Product Buyingb Guide:

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Lifelong Power Pro 500-Watt Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars (White/Grey)

Bajaj Rex 500-Watt Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars (White)

Maharaja Whiteline MG Livo MX-151 500-Watt Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars (Red)

Eveready Glowy 500-Watt Mixer Grinder (White and Blue)

Why a mixer grinder?

The Indian style of cooking is rich with many kinds of masalas and pastes that adds up the taste of the dishes. In today’s scenario, it is tough to invest much time in manual grinding and mixing. So to cope up with the household activities, it is essential to have a mixer grinder that would grind and mix things at the expense of a simple button press. A few mixer grinders also offer kneading tasks that will help you deal with the flour for chapattis or flour dishes.

Types of Mixer grinder


Mixers will help you to mix things into a liquid or semi-liquid form. They are of two major types stand mixer and Normal mixer. A stand mixer is of higher strength, and they deal with hard to mix substances like flour, dough, etc. whereas ordinary mixer is used to deal with fewer volumes such as egg beating, etc.


It’s an essential part of any mixer grinder combo. Grinder section has a more powerful motor that helps it grind cereals, nuts, etc. within less amount of time. They have blades of higher strength.

Mixer grinder

This type of equipment combines both the function of mixer and grinders. They are of two types of wet mixers for dealing wet or liquid products and dry mixtures used for grinding dry kinds of stuff.


Juicers are additional equipment that can be availed or sometimes available with a mixer grinder. Juicers will help you quickly prepare juice milkshakes and a variety of drinks. All you need to do is feed the juicer with chopped fruits. It will grind and give you the juice separating the pulp.

The properties to be looked for when you purchase a mixer grinder.


The wattage value is an indication of the power consumption and the efficiency of the motor. Usually, the wattage value will be in the range of 400 W and above. A higher amount of wattage will increase power consumption. It is always advised to count for optimum wattage value to make the power consumed and the efficiency in line.


The RPM or Rotations Per Minute of a mixer grinder will be in the range of 5000 to 20000. However, a value above 17000 will be termed as the better RPM for superfast grinding and mixing operations 

The no of jars

Usually, the availability of pots varies from two to three. The average mixer grinder will have at least three jars. The jars are for wet and dry grinding purposes. The smallest jar can be used for chutney grinding and coconut grinding for milk. The dry grinding jars will have excellent blades as it deals with superior grinding needs. The stainless steel of grade 304 and 302 are the regular blades available in jars.


Another matter that must be kept in mind while purchasing the mixer grinder is its robust design. Look for insulator handles and insulator lining to cope up with any chances of shock. The rubber lining in the interior of the jar will let the jar remain intact without creating any possibility of the opening while milling or grinding. Some brands even offer silent functioning. The feature is, in turn, an advantageous as it gives away the tiring noisy operation.


A decent warranty period of 2 years and above are available for regular mixers and grinders. In the warranty period, any complaint the consumer boards will be addressed promptly, and free service will be offered. Any complaints except the physical damage will be addressed with great care.


It must always be kept in mind that a better spent will gain you the best features. Purchasing everything within the budget with the least features will make you lump with too many drudgeries further when you go on using it for your day to day needs. A right branded item will always offer you a quality service and the best in market replacement policies. Before going for a purchase, it is always urged to have detailed reviews on the features needed and the features available in the mixer grinder for which you invest 

Happy purchase!