Best Kitchen Organization Ideas

Tired of the way your kitchen looks? 

This blog brings to you methods to organize your kitchen in an aesthetically pleasing way. The aim of organization is to make everything easily feasible and neat.

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How to organize utensils?

The standard way to organize utensils is to put them in racks, shelves or cabinets. The possibilities are endless since these days people have kitchens with inbuilt cabinets and racks. 

Your main mantra should be – to keep similar utensils together as a family so that it’s easier to organize them.
Keep your dishes classy and simple.

The dishes or utensils are the ultimate need for a kitchen. Their condition speaks a lot about the kitchen. Investing in some good dishes can always be helpful.

The best tip we can give you is, instead of focusing on how to make them look appealing, shift your focus on sorting their spaces out. The kitchen will look best organized only when all the utensils are in the right place. Keep all the mugs, glasses, plates, and bowls in sorted and assigned places. Their homes can be racks or cabinets.
Keep the fancy dishes tucked in a safe space.

Store utensils categorically. Keep baking items in one cabinet and daily use plates in another.

The creativity and style are all yours, have fun with how you organize them! 
There are more details on with and without cabinet organizing below.

How to organize pantry?

Pantry is a small space where surpluses of kitchen supplies are kept like crockery, groceries, etc.

Now organizing a pantry is tricky. All the surplus needs to be in order. The main motive of organization is to make everything easily reachable. 

You can choose a cupboard or a bunch of shelves or if you need smaller space, even a larder will do.

The pictures alone will give a nice idea for sure.

You may keep the boxes of groceries as it is, but since we’re organizing, it’s best to keep them in jars or baskets or some sort of similar containers to give it a very cool vibe.

Make Khloe Kardashian’s pantry your inspiration. In this YouTube video, she gives us a tour of her pantry which is beautifully organized.

Just like she says, it’s pleasing when all the things have a certain flow to them!

How to organize Appliances?

Appliances that are in-built in the kitchen always portray a modern and classy aura. When the oven and the dishwasher are slid able into the cabinets, the clean and sleek look says it all.

You may get your oven/ microwave attached to the wall, here are some other ideas.

It’s best to have a separate cabinet to shove all the appliances into (like the mixer grinder, etc). The appliances which are least frequently used need to go there.

Keep the most required appliances within your reach. You can assign such appliances a special spot in the kitchen if you’re not going for the in-built look.

One very important appliance is the fridge. It requires its own organization. Obviously, Khloe Kardashian had us covered here also.
But an organized fridge can be such a turn on.
Keep similar items together and rest can be seen from the video.


Shelf storage

One life hack

If your shelves always end up getting messy, cover them up!

If you’re looking for a DIY option, just cover them with some curtain that matches your kitchen.

Otherwise, you could always get shutting doors attached.

Pantry storage

Always know about the quality before choosing your storage containers. Is it airtight? What material is it made of? How long will it last?

Above that, you need to know what stuff goes in what container.
Storage is needed mostly for the pantry, but just like we described at the beginning of the blog, the most frequently used ones need to be in sight.

Buying a set of storage containers is not a difficult job, just chose the one that matches your priorities to you most.
Containers are a must for things that are loose, like pulses, grains, even cereal.

In fact, containers are needed for packed items too, for the paradigm to work. We don’t need to explain this much since the pantry section says it all.

What to store in what

Snacks like cookies, biscuits, nankeens need to be kept in air tight containers. They get soggy in moisture, especially monsoon season.

Spices, pulses, sugar, jaggery, don’t need air tight containers.


All the aprons, baking gloves and kitchen cleaning clothes require a special and cute place in your kitchen; do not snatch their rights from them.

Without Cabinets

For whatever reasons, if you don’t want a cabinet, don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

In such a case, racks and shelves are your best friends. Find the right ones and show off your utensils.

You can invest in a good piece of furniture. You can go for drawers if necessary.

With Cabinets

Cabinets can be very classy and visually appealing, provided that you chose them wisely.

The slide-in cabinets that come built in with the kitchen have next level grace.

Arrange the cabinets categorically. For e.g. Spice, baking ingredients, pulses, miscellaneous, etc.

You can add racks inside cabinets too, to use up vertical space.

Another modification can be adding shelves. It makes more room for smaller items.

How to organize Sink?

Try to keep the sink closest to the dishwasher since the two of them need to provide similar services. The best place to keep a dustbin is considered to be under the sink.

How to organize Dustbin?

It’s best to keep them under the sink. You are free to choose other places also.

Prefer dustbins which come with plastic bag holders in the sense that you arrange a plastic bag in them and then later while taking out the trash, simple pull out the plastic bag and dispose it.

You can kick your game to the next level by installing two dustbins- blue and green, by doing this you will be helping the environment. The green dustbin will contain bio-degradable waste; you can use it for your own too – by composting it.

Blue dustbins contain non-biodegradable waste.

This small step will not only bring you happiness, it will educate others around you too to manage waste responsibly.

How to organize bar?

If you’re one interested in having a bar in your home, minibars are for you. Select the place most suitable to you (near the party area)

Your bar can be just a wooden/ marble shelf and you can arrange your alcohol there. Or you can go full on and buy something that looks like this. They have the perfect lighting including these upside down glass shelves which enhance the whole vibe.

If you’re not looking for a permanent bar, we still have your back. You can buy a portable bar. They have wheels under them so that they can be used whenever needed.

Best Storage Ideas

This picture above, shows fantastic use of shelves with pop of color. You may also get creative with the colors and styles.

One hidden treasure is the kitchen island, it hides enormous storage possibilities. I once watched this video where the kitchen island was a secret entrance to the wine cellar. Such a beautiful idea that is! Other than that, the island can always have large cabinets with huge storage capabilities underneath.

Never keep hoarding on to junk, If you don’t need it, get rid of it. Cleaning definitely includes throwing away expired items.

Keep a stand for the handy utensils like tablespoons, spoons, stirring spoons, etc

Best Storage Ideas on a budget

  • As stated above, you can cover the shelves with a DIY curtain if the shelves are not organized and are spoiling the look.
  • Another alternative is to turn those shelves into cabinets.
  • Baskets and containers need not be expensive. You can always buy them at very cheap rates at Amazon. Refer to Khloe Kardashian’s video in the pantry section.
  • If you already have a kitchen and the appliances and cabinets are not inbuilt, worry not.
    Have fun with your racks and shelves. We can’t emphasize enough on the use of similar jars or containers. They give an amazingly organized look and they’re the best way to give your kitchen a makeover.
    Appliances too can be fun to work with. Obviously, your arrangement depends on where the electrical outlets are available.
    Appliances like dishwashers come with covers these days. To keep them cleaner and safer, you can always attach a cover to them.
    For kitchens with lesser space. Shove the smaller appliances like toaster, hand mixer, etc into some cupboard instead of keeping them for show. The choice may vary on how often you need to use it.
  • Before getting on the fancy parts, the first thing is that everything should be shining clean. If the walls have dirty marks and paint, clean them. Hide them if cleaning is not an option. The organization is always the second step. The first step is cleaning. The curry spots will always spoil the look.
    Not only walls, the appliances, stove, racks, but cupboards must also be spotless
  • If you have large drawers, you can buy drawer partitions. They’re very easy to install and they provide you partitions even in drawers, so you can further categorize the items you were putting in them. For e.g. Spoons and cutlery can be differentiated on the basis of sizes and use.
  • If you don’t arrange cutlery in drawers, invest in a good piece of cutlery holder. It can go on your Kitchen Island or dining table.
  • Invest in a good crockery box if you’re not ready to have a pantry.
    The crockery box can come with drawers and cabinets which can perfectly store your groceries and cutlery.
  • Glass cupboards are a great choice when it comes to building a showcase which displays crockery.
  • For a bar under a budget, just a classy shelf or table would do the trick. You can have this quarter of a circle – a table which settles in the corner.
  • However, if you have the knack for it, you can make an unpainted- brick wall look far more stylish than a regular painted wall.
  • You absolutely cannot skip on neatness. Even dissimilar containers can steal the show if they have a neat cut to them.
  • DIYs are your best friends. We have linked many videos below in DIY section, you may consult those.there are DIY baskets, boxes, hanging utensils, etc

Organizing a small kitchen

Small spaces can be cozy and warm. By just keeping the right things in the right places, you can have a win-win situation.

For small kitchens, hidden storages and multi-functional furniture are the only option. Cabinets under the working tops, will be of great help. You can have ovens and dishwasher attached. For the non attached appliances, we suggest you store them out of the kitchen to create more space. It will be an intelligent choice to store the fancy crockery (and pantry) also in the dining room and let the kitchen have only the most necessary items.

Make it well lit, and try to go either completely light colors or completely dark colors so that it looks bigger.

De-cluttering is the key to a more organized kitchen.

Stack racks on racks to make dishes more manageable.

Invest in a good crockery box which can go in your dining room to work as a pantry.

If your kitchen’s shelved don’t look pretty, as stated above, cover them with DIY curtains or get them made into a larder.

The kitchen island is one to rescue you. You can have underground space around the kitchen island and obviously, in it too.

like in this picture, the kitchen island harbors a sink and so many cabinets.

You can get shelves installed in you cabinets to make more use of vertical space. Even racks are available these days, that fit inside your cabinet and utilize vertical space perfectly.

If you don’t have the space and still want to somehow manage a bar, you can get bars which have attached wheels which make them portable. So you can magically pull it out when hosting a party!

Make full use of hanging spaces. The walls shouldn’t be left empty. Creatively hang utensils by putting nails in the walls.

Underground cabinets can have a mysterious and classy impact. You can have your own hidden place without having to worry about storage issues.


Add a dash of your personal style and sprinkle our tips on top!