Best Pressure Cookers in India

A pressure cooker is a suitable kitchen apparatus to decrease cooking time, particularly on the off chance that you are a working mother. Aside from sparing time, pressure cookers have different advantages like – requires less water to cook than other regular cooking types. In this way, the food preparing in it will hold more minerals and nutrients. As the food won’t be presented to air while cooking, supplements won’t get oxidized. Even though it is a straightforward cooking apparatus, you need to think about not many elements while buying a pressure cooker.

Limit – Most of the pressure cookers in India come in extend between 0.5 L to 9 L. 3 Liters limit is adequate for a family with 3 to 4 individuals. 5 Litres limit is sufficient to prepare nourishment for 5 to 7 individuals. Thus, pick as indicated by your family size.

Material – Stainless steel, aluminium and anodized aluminium are usually utilised materials. Hardened steel and Hard anodised, and tempered steel is a superior decision as they don’t respond with any corrosive discharged during the cooking process.

External Lid or Inner Lid – Both these choices are useful for direct vessel cooking. Be that as it may, in the event that you are utilising separators or idli stand, at that point external cover is the correct decision.

Our Top Pick Pressure Cookers in India

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Hawkins Multipurpose Pressure Cooker

Elgi Ultra Stainless Steel Diet Cooker

Butterfly hardened steel Pressure Cooker

Pristin Pressure steel cooker

Hawkins Contura Hard Anodised Aluminum Pressure Cooker

Buying Guide for a pressure cooker

Indians are sufficiently intelligent to realia how to utilize the pressure cooker. They don’t require any direction in this issue. In any case, this purchasing aide will assist them in picking the ideal pressure cooker for the home. Remember these focuses when you mean to buy your pressure cooker. 

Size is basic: The size of the cooker relies upon the size of the family. pressure cookers come in different sizes going from 2 litres to even 10 litres. You have little cookers for preparing child food. Such stoves have a limit of 1 litre to 1.5 litres. A standard Indian group of three to four people would require a pressure cooker in the scope of 3 to 5 litres. A more fabulous family or a joint family needs a stove in the range of 5 to 8 litres. The limit of the cooker is crucial because a littler size will compel you to cook on numerous occasions bringing about wastage of time and fuel. Then again, a more significant pressure cooker needs more fuel and cleaning exertion. In this way, be cautious with the size of the pressure cooker. 

Various sorts of pressure cookers: You can group pressure cookers into two essential classifications, the burner pressure cookers, and the electric pressure cookers. The electronic pressure cookers are otherwise called rice cookers. It is on the grounds that individuals utilize these electric cookers for cooking rice alone. We will focus on the burner pressure cookers as they are the most normal cooking machines you find in any Indian kitchen. 


We will group these pressure cookers relying upon the materials utilised in the assembling of these cookers. 

  • Hard-Anodized Pressure Cookers.
  • Treated Steel Pressure Cookers
  • Aluminum Pressure Cooker 

Strength: You don’t accept pressure cookers consistently. When you get them, you anticipate that they should keep going long. Consequently, strength is an essential viewpoint. The hard anodised and tempered steel pressure cookers are sturdy machines. They don’t lose the sparkle and are produced using safe consumption materials.

Heath factor: Indians utilize a great deal of acidic substance and salt in their cooking. Your cooker ought to be with the end goal that the materials used in the assembling ought not to respond to these acids. Aluminium pressure cookers are helpless in such a manner as they react to different acidic fixings. The tempered steel and anodised pressure cookers are better in such a way. 

Similarity with the Induction Stove: These days, individuals use acceptance ovens rather than the LPG gas ovens. In this way, you ought to pick the pressure cooker that is perfect for use on the acceptance oven. The standard pressure cookers accessible are not suitable for use with the acceptance ovens. The makers of the best pressure cookers for enlistment cook-tops should refer to the way that the stove is perfect with the acceptance oven. For the most part, you discover words like ‘With Induction Bottom’ in the item portrayal. 

Dishwasher similarity: So also, they should refer to the pressure cooker as alright for use in a dishwasher machine. The hard anodised pressure cookers are not dishwasher safe. However, the hardened steel and aluminium cookers are. Thus, pay unique mind to the words, ‘Dishwasher safe’ in the item depictions. 

Internal Lid Cookers and Outer Lid Cookers : pressure cookers come in two models, one with an internal top, and the other with the external spread. In the inward cover models, the head of the top goes inside the pressure cooker. The liter size pressure cookers, as a rule, accompany the inside covers though the bigger ones have their spreads outwardly. The internal top pressure cookers are more secure when contrasted with the external high sorts as a result of the extra bolting component to hold the structure up of the additional pressure. 

Guarantee: For the most part, the top pressure cooker brands in India offer service agreements on their items. Select the pressure cooker brand that gives the most extreme guarantee. This purchasing guide and the going with audits should make your activity of purchasing the best pressure cooker simple.

Handles-Hot and Heavy? 

A handle is commonly dismissed while purchasing a pressure cooker, yet it isn’t something to be ignored by any means. The metal pressure is the principal factor you have to consider; however, the heaviness of the cooker after food is really in it is one more significant thought. A cooker, for the most part, turns out to be very substantial after the food is prepared and not to be overlooked. Likewise, it turns out to be incredibly hot, which makes it extremely hard to catch or hold with uncovered hands. You have to check the deal with and guarantee its length and toughness. This is to be sure that it will have the option to hold the cooker after the food is prepared and long enough not to pass the warmth in your grasp. The best thought is to go for a model which has two handles at both the sides of the cooker to hold the cooker and move places effortlessly. 

Inward Lid versus External Lid-Why is the Difference? 

Since we would think about the top, you have to realia that cookers are of two models and the premise of the distinction here is in the “top”. There are the top internal models and the external top models, which makes another significant factor of thought while purchasing a pressure cooker. To the extent the instrument is thought of, the top inward models have tops that go inside the cooker when it is shut. Unexpectedly, the external top models have heads that avoid the cooker premises. The cookers which have more prominent limits have covers that stay nearby at the external piece of the cookers or the top external sorts, though, the models with lesser limits have the tops installed within them or the top internal kinds. Presently, on the off chance that you wish to know which one is a superior choice, we suggest the internal tops ones. This is on the grounds that they add on to the additional pressure of the cookers and are more secure as they are shut with the lock component of a cooker. 

Dishwasher Compatible-Will You Use a Dishwasher? 

The following component is for individuals who use Dishwasher Machines to clean kitchen apparatuses and utensils of various types. All the cooking things can’t be placed into a dishwasher machine as some of them carefully restrict it. So is the situation for a pressure cooker. Presently, how would you know which of the models are dishwasher safe? You have to approach, or you have to search for “dishwasher safe” referenced in the item subtleties before really putting it in the machine. For apparent reasons, we have done the schoolwork for you. The hard anodised pressure cookers are the ones which are not for the most part dishwasher safe. However, the aluminium and hardened steel ones are dishwasher safe. In any case, it will be more secure on the off chance that you keep an eye out for words like “dishwasher safe” or “dishwasher good” before making the buy. 

Sturdiness Have you considered it?

Pressure cookers are much the same as major long haul speculations that you need to use for some time. They are not something you will purchase year after another, and consequently, you should be sure you take advantage of the speculation. Along these lines, toughness is the thing that you should be searching for in a pressure cooker. Pose inquiries and do some examination on the models and sort of pressure cookers you have been thinking about purchasing and check the one which has a guarantee on it. The hard anodised and tempered steel pressure cookers are the ones which are profoundly tough while the aluminium ones are not all that solid. The anodised and the tempered steel ones are composed of safe consumption materials, and they don’t will, in general, lose their sparkle any sooner. 

Well-being factor-Are you Aware of it? 

Cooking is significantly progressively associated with well-being, and you have to ensure you get the majority of the supplements that happen to have in the fixings utilised for cooking. Eating well is what everybody leans towards right? What’s more, what is the causation of such a method of cooking, which lacks the ability to hold the imperative supplements? Likewise, the manner in which we Indians cook has a consideration of a lot of acidic things. Thus, the cooker should be non-receptive. You should ensure the cooker doesn’t respond to the acids present in the cooking fixings. As referenced before, aluminium cookers are the most noticeably awful of the materials as they are profoundly responsive to the acidic things. It is in every case better to consider the anodised and the hardened steel pressure cookers as they are non-responsive to acids. 

Non-stick covering Why “No”? 

You should seriously mull over a non-stick thing for everything, except when pressure cookers are in concern, the non-stick covering is a major no. You need to maintain a strategic distance from the cookers which have a non-stick covering on them, at any expense. The materials in themselves are an extraordinary method of cooking, and on the off chance that you need to have the cooker for quite a while, you have to check on the off chance that they are liberated from any sort of non-stick covering. This is on the grounds that the non-stick covering, for the most part, wears off indeed soon and it doesn’t last, which is the reason the machine will not, at this point, be gainful. It is possible that you should put more in it, or you have to purchase another one. It is consistently prudent on the off chance that you maintain a strategic distance from this factor in any case. 

Enlistment oven similarity Do You Plan to Use one? 

Enlistment ovens have gotten a vehicle of cooking and individuals have been embracing it to an incredible extent. LPG gas ovens are being outfoxed by the acceptance ovens. Be that as it may, you can’t utilize any of the standard or ordinary utensils to cook in the acceptance oven. There must be utensils that are perfect with enlistment cooking to have the option to utilize them.

It is essential you keep an eye on the cookers which are suitable to cook in an enlistment oven on the off chance that you happen to utilize one. Even though the standard ones are not good, and you have to locate the ones which are. The producers, nonetheless, make the clients mindful of it with the assistance of an image that peruses with an acceptance base and you should search for that. 

Security is a Priority for Home and Kitchen Appliances: Security is a need for each home and kitchen apparatus; thus does it start things out when cooking is being referred to. Cooking includes a ton of warmth, fire, pressure, and so on, which may prompt issues if not done cautiously. In the event that a cooker is sheltered, it will keep you from confronting any sort of mishaps and miss-happenings. In any case, how might you know which cooker is more secure when contrasted with different coolers out there? 

An image finds your solution and subsequently you have to search for an ISI blemish on your pressure cooker, as it is the affirmation which expresses that the item is sheltered to devour. ISI is a characteristic of greatness which is given after a point by point review, and measures check to confirm the item. 

Cost Should be Worth the Performance: A typical error is that costlier the item, the better the administrations as is it expected for a pressure cooker that a costlier cooker would have the most extreme comfort. This ought to be exceptionally stayed away from as you ought not to bargain the presentation with the cost or cost of the item. You can without much of a stretch discover an item evaluated at the range which would be reasonable for you, in addition to it will have all the highlights and capacity to use your cooking experience. 


Cookers all things considered and goes are accessible in the market, and it’s anything but a difficult task to locate the one which would address your issues, without really begging to be spent. This is the thing that you will be searching for. Ensure you are withstanding your financial plan and purchase the item which would have everything. There is positively no compelling reason to overspend for highlights that are not helpful for you.

Importance of pressure cooker

You realia you can prepare food of any kind without a pressure cooker so for what reason would you need to purchase a pressure cooker? All things considered, the pressure cooker originally came into the market in the seventeenth century, and from that point forward, it remained in the market while never losing its notoriety. Why are such vast numbers of individuals fixated on a pressure cooker? Here is a portion of the advantages 

It cooks quicker: This is the primary motivation behind why you would need to put resources into a pressure cooker. It is quicker than some other cooking technique. While it takes 30 to 50 minutes to cook a pot of doused grains, a pressure cooker does likewise work in under 10 minutes. 

Includes healthy benefit: Pressure cooker includes a shut and quick-cooking strategy. The tops stay shut idea the cooking procedure is done. Pots and skillet which take longer time in cooking dissipate the dampness from the impoverishment, and the supplements lose its worth. While a pressure cooker with shut covers traps all the dampness in and furthermore protects the supplements and nutrients of the food things. 

No wreck: Pressure cookers are commonly very simple to tidy up in light of the fact that they cook being shut staying away from all the splatters, spills, and pieces which an ordinary container would leave on the oven’s surface. 

No loss of flavour: The pressure cooker utilizes the fluids from the pot, and it remains in, which doesn’t let any of the things vanish or remove the flavour regardless. In the face, your food would taste better in light of the fact that the kinds of food remain, alongside the nutrients. 

Safe to utilize: In the event that you fear a pressure cooker breaking out of high pressure, at that point have confidence as it has become an old story now. With more up to date, innovation and advancements producers are including increasingly more well-being highlights to the pressure cookers. These make them totally safe even the most secure choice to cook your preferred dishes.

Tips for Using a Pressure Cooker Correctly

  • Taking a gander at a pressure cooker, one may feel it is confounding and troublesome simultaneously; however, with a couple of steps, you can figure out how to utilize a pressure cooker. Here are the accompanying advances 
  • As a matter of first importance, read the pressure cooker manual cautiously. Regardless of whether you feel like its child’s activity, don’t skip steps. 
  • Continuously ensure everything is set up before you put the fixings in the cooker. Check the tops and ensure they are perfect and put in position. Ensure that the elastic gasket is adaptable; if not, supplant it ASAP. 
  • Add your fixings to the cooker. Try not to fill more than two-third. Fill half for food which foam, for example, beans or grains. 
  • Lock the top in its place. Put the pressure discharge valve in a shut position and guarantee it twice. 
  • Put the cooker on high temperature. When it accomplishes high temperature, bring down the warmth or, more than likely, the food may get overcooked. 
  • When the cooking is over-discharge the pressure and afterwards open the cover. 
  • Open the top the other way of your face to stay away from the steam hitting straightforwardly into your face.

Issues with Pressure Cookers

Like each other gear, a pressure cooker additionally experiences a few issues which could clearly affect the nature of the prepared food or the time required to cook a specific kind of food. You can go after the guidance manual at such occasions yet for most clients, and such record isn’t generally accessible. In this way, we have incorporated a rundown of most normal pressure cooker issues. Give it a light read, and it will set you up to manage such issues; 

Steam Leaking and Preventing the Pressure Build-up: The fundamental standard of cooking with a pressure cooker is the development of steam. That steam assists in preparing the food without breaking a sweat. In this way, the spillage of steam considers the most widely known pressure cooker issue. In the event that such spillage has shown up, it will take more time to prepare food, and regardless of whether it arrives at your ideal temperature, the pressure cooker won’t have the option to hold that temperature for long. 

Harmed Gasket or Rusty Valve: A harmed Gasket additionally considers the most well-known pressure cooker issue if the apparatus is old. Because of delayed use, the Gasket or Valve loses its productivity, even the viability. This issue brings about fluctuating pressure develop inside the pressure cooker. 

Cooking takes Longer: Any sort of issue or harmed system or even a harmed part could diminish the effectiveness of the pressure cooker. It will take substantially longer to develop the pressure which will bring about longer cooking time. Necessarily, such an issue will legitimately influence the nature of the prepared food and preparing time too. 

In the event that You See Vapors Along the Rim or Oozing out Water: On the off chance that you see water overflowing out of the edge of the pressure cooker, you may believe that it is nothing. In any case, it is a typical pressure cooker issue, which could legitimately influence the nature of the food. Fundamentally, what happens is that, when the pressure develops; you will see water dribbling out of the pressure cooker. The pressure disappears like water. This issue is, for the most part, evident with the pressures cookers that are outfitted with pressure directing loads. Yet, on the off chance that you are utilising an alternate model of the pressure cooker yet having a similar issue, at that point you can be confident that food bits have aggregated inside the venting pipe, which is reflecting the said issue. 

Confronting Difficulty While Opening the Lid: Considerably subsequent to killing the warmth, on the off chance that the top despite everything stays stuck for a lot of time, at that point, you have a significant issue on your hands. This specific issue is brought about by the centre pressure of the pressure cooker. Basically, the discharged pressure was lacking to the point that it jams up the top. This is a troublesome issue fix yet this although everything falls among the most well-known issues of utilising a pressure cooker.


Hawkins Multipurpose Pressure Cooker

Hawkins has been serving premium quality cookers to the Indian white collar class since 1959. The Hawkins Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker which comes in (2,3,4,5,6,8 &10) Liters limit. This cooker has been tried and ensured by the Underwriters Laboratories Inc, the US for its strength and well-being. (Endorsement No. SA5984). The Hawkins Pressure-Locked Safety has a one of a kind security highlight to secure in the cover. Not at all like typical pressure cookers which burst open when there is an excess of pressure inside, the Hawkins stays bolted. This ensures more noteworthy well-being while at the same time utilising it. This steel pressure cooker takes a shot at a conventional gas oven, however, is intended to chip away at acceptance, electric, earthenware and even halogen cook-tops. With a new thick base of 5.8 mm, the cooker is made out of 100% Food-Grade tempered steel. The base can remain level, even and not give problem areas in disconnected locales like most cookers. Thus you can expect uniformly warmed and cooked dishes quicker than at any other time. Its bent base makes it perfect for pressure cooking as well as for blending and fricasseeing as well. Conventional pressure cookers have an elastic gasket which should be supplanted from time to time. The Hawkins accompanies a more drawn out enduring gasket which is available inside the cooker. The life span is because of the way that it doesn’t every now and again get scoured when opening and shutting the cooker. It additionally has no space to respond to any acidic organic products/vegetables cooked in the vessel. You have a programmed security valve present in the cooker which diverts the steam spouting out of the cooker downwards. Free from any potential harm cooking. The handles are ergonomic and are neat in any event, when the cooker is warmed in high temperatures. Aside from the 5-year maker’s guarantee, the cooker even accompanies a cookbook. This likewise incorporates a lot of tried plans for you to try different things with.


  • It was inwards bolting highlight for better well-being. 
  • Long-life Rubber Gaskets 
  • Programmed well-being Valves 
  • Outwardly Appealing plan 
  • Level base so no problem areas for lopsided cooking 
  • Free Recipe Book 
  • 5 Years of producer’s guarantee.

Elgi Ultra Stainless Steel Diet Cooker

Elgi Ultra is a treated steel cooker that may resemble your some other conventional cooker yet it separates itself from others with its enlistment base. This base guides in warming up the cooker quicker by retaining more warmth from the oven and subsequently helps in decreasing the fuel causation. Also, the AISI 304 Stainless Steel material has heat-safe Bakelite handles. They, in turn, have twin screws this offers more extended life. Additionally, the base of the cooker, as referenced, is acceptance in nature and is had out of high effect strong base.  Aside from the counter charring uniform cooking property, the reinforced base likewise helps in too quick in the activity. The holder ensures that the food prepared inside remains warm for an extremely prolonged stretch of time as much as 2 hours. The starch stainer that accompanies the cooker helps in the expulsion of starch from the rice, quinoa or millets or anything that you cook by bubbling. Expulsion of starch from your rice would help in lessening as much as 30 calories in each supper. Glossy silk finish in general, this non-stick and superior pressure cooker accompanies a multi-year maker’s guarantee for any assembling absconds during the residency of the guarantee. Note that this guarantee doesn’t cover the starch stainer.


  • Comes in 5.5 and 3-litre variations 
  • Made out of top-notch AISI 304 Stainless Steel material 
  • Warmth safe Bakelite handles with twin screws for longer life. 
  • Hostile to the fortified charging base 
  • Keeps food warm for more than 2 hours 
  • Starch sifter to strain starch 
  • Ten years producer’s guarantee

Butterfly hardened steel Pressure Cooker

Similar to Prestige, Butterfly is likewise a setup brand with regards to home appliances, and the Butterfly Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker is its leader item. Butterfly pressure cookers are well known for their delicate structure and execution. With a limit of 5 litres, you will have the option to prepare nourishment for around 4-7 individuals in this manner making it perfect for enormous families too. Butterfly likewise has a 3-litre variation for a similar model of the cooker. Perfect to work both on acceptance cook-tops and standard ovens as well, the work of the cooker is unrivalled. The base resembles a thick container which withstands high warmth which abstains from the consumption of food. This pressure cooker is quick inactivity on account of its thick and striking base. This base is non-stick from within and hence doesn’t support any consumption in that capacity. It is likewise outfitted with a unique uni-lock instrument. Lock once dread not of the cooker opening unintentionally or because of the extreme pressure. The gasket vent accompanies a security valve for expelling over the top pressure if the first pressure valve neglects to work at the time because of blockage along these lines guaranteeing you of more prominent well-being. Simple to clean, the cooker is strip confirmation and is enlistment cook-top perfect. You are allowed a five years producer’s guarantee for the cooker.


  • Gasket discharge framework which fills in as an extra security include 
  • High toughness to last more. 
  • Straightforward to deal with and clean 
  • Tasteful Design for excellent warmth conduction 
  • The 5 year guarantee period 
  • ISO confirmed to guarantee quality and well-being

Pristin Pressure steel cooker

Finally, we have the Pristine cookware acceptance treated steel cooker. This is one of the most moderate and convenient pressure cookers in the whole rundown. In spite of the fact that not known to many, Pristine’s items remunerate their prevalence with their exhibition. This pressure cooker accompanies an apple cut structure which conveys the warmth from the sides. In this manner, it helps in keeping your food hot for a long time after cooking. It is additionally furnished with a sandwich based Induction base. The entirety of the materials utilised in it helps in the better conduction of warmth and will help in preparing the food quicker. This is reasonable both to use on an Induction cook-top and oven on typical Gas ovens too. There is no side handle, so you’ll be taking care of the cooker just by its conclusion handles. Be cautious while holding and taking care of it consistently As its ability is just 2 litres, you can prepare nourishment for 2-3 individuals on a normal. As the cooker is small and it can be cleaned without any problem. In spite of the fact that there is no ISI blemish on the item, Pristine gives you a not too bad two years maker’s guarantee which makes this little cooker a purchase for people searching for a prompt arrangement.


  • Little and smaller 
  • Plan for uniform warmth appropriation 
  • Simple to clean 
  • Perfect locking 
  • Two years guarantee period for quality confirmation.

Hawkins Contura Hard Anodised Aluminum Pressure Cooker

Hawkins is an Indian Company, situated in Mumbai and produces pressure cooker and cookware. They showcase their items with the brand names of Hawkins, Futura, Contura, Hevibase, Big Boy and Ventura. On the off chance that you are searching for a pressure cooker which utilities less water to set up your feast, by protecting the nutritious estimation of the food then Hawkins Contura hard anodised aluminium pressure cooker is the ideal choice. This cooker is structured with expansive opening and planned with the bent body which makes mixing simple, and it accompanies dark hard anodised aluminium and including with food-grade hardened steel. The robust dark completion given by 60 microns causes the compel cooker to assimilate heat quicker by making it more vitality productive.


This cooker accompanies five years guarantee 


  • It can serve 3 to 4 people effectively as it has 3liters limit. 
  • It utilities less water to plan dinners by saving nutritious estimation of food. 
  • Perfect to use on a gas stove