Buying Guide For Table Top Wet Grinders In India

Looking for how to use table wet grinder? Well, the best table top wet grinder in India can be used for various things.

A tabletop wet grinder is one of the most used kitchen items that can be used in several different ways, and it can replace many other types of kitchen equipment and can serve you for years to come. However, as there are many models and brands available, you need to choose the perfect table top wet grinder for yourself and use it effectively to make most of this equipment. 

Today, in this article, we’ll be talking about the various uses of the tabletop grinder, so that you can get the most of your purchase.  So, read this full article, and if you haven’t bought this fantastic kitchen equipment till now, we would recommend you to buy a tabletop wet grinder for your home right and make your food more delicious.

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Different ways you can use a tabletop wet grinder

Well, all know that the tabletop wet grinder’s primary function is to grind and mix all the ingredients to cook the delicious meal. But the tabletop’s wet grinder is not only restricted to this, but there are several different ways one can use it, and there’s no doubt that this is the essential appliance in your kitchen. So, let’s get started with different uses of tabletop wet grinder.

Can effectively do tasks of many other appliances

As already said, a table top wet grinder is a multipurpose appliance in the kitchen. It comes with well-designed jars for different purposes, which increases its versatility.

You can do many different tasks such as you can attach a compatible juicer attachment with the tabletop wet grinder and make juice. You can also prepare a spice mix in the jar. You can use table top wet grinder’s jars according to your needs. So, choose the attachments jars carefully, and you can enhance the usability of the appliance. 

Easy to maintain and use

If you have a juicer, mixer, and grinder as separate appliances, it would require more time and budget to maintain and clean them properly. However, if you use once appliances for all these needs, you can easily save some time and even money. So, going for a tabletop wet grinder is the best choice for the people who’re looking to save some money and time without interrupting their kitchen needs. A tabletop wet grinder needs less space to store. It will be easier to manage and store a table top wet grinder rather than a separate juicer, mixer, and grinder.


It's reliable and has all the necessary functions

Having a tabletop wet grinder instead of separate appliances is much more reliable. If you go for a tabletop wet grinder that fulfills all your requirements, then you’ll find that it provides much better productivity compared to different individual appliances. 

Time Saver

Another amazing thing about the tabletop wet grinder is that it’s a great time saver. By having multipurpose kitchen equipment that can be used for most of your kitchen requirements. You can easily save time that would be wasted to set up different appliances for different tasks. 

Available in a wide range

A tabletop wet grinder is a large category of kitchen appliances. And this provides the buyers to choose the perfect Table Top wet grinder that fits in their budget. It has more than enough features that are needed in the kitchen, and it’s a worthy purchase for the kitchen. So, go for a feature-rich and power table top wet grinder that can easily solve your purpose of buying a tabletop wet grinder. 


Number of attachments to make things easier

Mostly, all the tabletop grinder comes with a set of accessories that are designed for different tasks. Also, there are different sizes of jars, which makes it easier for people to prepare food without worrying about the number of ingredients. 

So, make sure that you buy a perfect table top wet grinder with all the attachments that you will use daily. By doing so, you can ensure that the product you’re getting can be used for multiple kitchen needs.  

These were the six different ways that a table top wet grinder comes in handy and if you’re planning to go for a good quality table top wet grinder for your home that you can use for different tasks. Then you should go for a tabletop wet grinder that has enough power and all the necessary accessories that you will use on a daily basis. 

Buying Guide for table Wet Grinder

Table Top wet grinders are simply time savers when it comes to the initial prep of the cooking process. So, it’s undoubtedly designed not only for Indian homemakers but also for beginners who have just started cooking. It’s an excellent choice for bachelors or people who don’t have time to cook their meals. But the idea of buying the best table top wet grinder in India comes with several problems. And the biggest challenge that people face is they don’t know how to choose the best table top wet grinder in India. Today, we’ll tell you things to look for in the best table top wet grinder in India.

The first thing in our table Wet Grinders Buying Guide, is why do you need a tabletop Wet Grinder?

Saves Time

The initial preparation time while cooking meals will decrease significantly with the help of a tabletop wet grinder! The most important benefit is that you can cook your meal quickly without any hassle. Because of the powerful built-in motor, you can grind any ingredient into a paste in minutes.

Saves energy and efforts

With the help of a tabletop wet grinder, you’ll be able to save your energy and efforts because you don’t have to go the manual route of pounding ingredients that can be tiring. All you need to do is put all the ingredients into the grinder and sit back and relax

Better paste

Table Top wet grinders make better paste as compared to the manual grinders.

Safe and hygienic

It’s safer to use, plus extremely hygienic as it’s effortless to clean, maintain, and reuse. 

Things to look for in best wet grinder in India

The capacity

Capacity is one of the most important aspects that everyone should consider before going for a tabletop wet grinder. Usually, it’s measured in litres, and the capacity could vary from 5/10 litres to 1 litre depending on the usage and brand. You should also check whether the articular capacity is good enough for your family size. 

A 2-litre capacity table top wet grinder should be good enough for most of the Indian families. However, if you need bigger than that, then go for a high-end grinder model that comes within your budget range.


Most of the high-quality table top wet grinders are built using Drum material. Drum material is the inner surface material of the grinder, and it ranges from stone material to stainless steel material. 

Table Top wet grinder with stainless steel material is rust-proof, and therefore it doesn’t form any stain or rust on the drum. Whereas stone material is prone is scrapping and isn’t suitable for long term use. For the long term use, stainless steel is best because it comes with a detachable option so you can easily separate the batter. This makes the cleaning process more comfortable.

Overload Protection

This is a significant feature that could prevent damage or burning of the Table Top wet grinder’s motor. These safety features make sure that the grinder’s motor stops working in case of overload.


The motor is the most important part of a tabletop wet grinder. People often overlook the motor specification while buying a tabletop wet grinder. However, this feature is essential as it is responsible for the performance of the machine. For a faster and better-performing table top wet grinder, you’ll need a motor with high wattage. Good wattage and motor are essential if you’re looking to grind many different types of food ingredients, including spices, pulses, and other efficiently. A tabletop wet grinder with 750Watts should be good enough for any grinding job. 

Speed Settings

Before you go for a tabletop wet grinder, it’s better to check if it has a speed setting. The best table top wet grinder in India should come with both slow and fast speed options. Slow speed setting is very important for grinding batters smoothly, healthy and tasty. While purchasing, ensure that the machine you go for should have at least three-speed options.

Easy to Use

Just like any other electrical device, a table top wet grinder you buy should come with user-friendly operating options and should be easy to use. User-friendliness of a wet grinder can be easily judged by its features like operations, assembling, controls, and others. Some modern tabletop wet grinders also come with smart features like an LED display that show errors like if the jar is not closed correctly, display temperature, and other relevant information. 


While using any electrical device, safety, and security, are crucial factors to keep in mind. In some situations, an electrical device can lead to hazardous reactions. That’s why go for a tabletop wet grinder that has a proper earthing and cutout. Most of the modern table top wet grinder models feature built-in systems that provide safety from passing electric current, overheating, and others. Some of them also have a unique feature that ensures the device will not work if the jar is not placed correctly.

Customer Service and Warranty

Like any other product, before buying a tabletop wet grinder, you have to know the warranty period and what it covers. It’s best to go for a product that comes with a more extended warranty period, just to be on the safer side. Table Top wet grinder manufacturers give different warranty options on products and motor. Some of them can be 10 years warranty or 4 years warranty on the motor. But most manufacturers don’t cover plastic parts in the device warranty. 

Energy Efficient

Table Top wet grinders eat up a lot of power while operating or handling the grinding task. This will not only increase your electricity bill but will also harm the environment. So, before buying a tabletop wet grinder, make sure the device you go for has any extra power saving or energy efficiency feature. 

Extra Attachments with the Tabletop Wet Grinder

With the advancement in technology, everything has changed to make our life better and simple with smart options. Tabletop wet grinders come with intelligent options like the buzzer, digital timer, and attachments – dough kneader, spatula, transparent lid, measuring cup, and a coconut scraper. We have defined each function of the attachment below.

Dough kneader

It’s an essential accessory that is needed to mix all the ingredients in the grinder.

Spatula: It is kitchen equipment made up of wood, steel, plastic, and is used for different tasks like mixing. 

Transparent lid

 A transparent lid is very important, it’s located on the top of the appliance, and it protects the paste from spillage or overflow.

Coconut scraper

 It is used to create both wide or long coconut shreds, which are later used to prepare curries or chutneys. 


A buzzer is an alarm, which makes sounds when the grinding of the ingredients is finished. 

Batter cleaner

 It’s a small tool used to clean thick paste after finishing the grinding process.

Digital Timer

This function on the appliance will let you set the grinding time as per your comfort or convenience. 

Final Words

In all, a table top wet grinder is one of the most versatile appliances for the kitchen that can be used in several ways according to the user’s needs and skills. So, know your wet grinder well and use it effectively to improve the taste of your food.