Best Memory Card for Smartphones

When it comes to saving your kinds of stuff and contents, we have lots of places to store them, we can either store them on our memory card, cloud storage, laptops or others, A memory card place a major role in our devices today, without memory cards we can not carry out the needed activities that are needed, we cannot save the files that we wish to, we cannot save the files that are needed with merely our phone inbuilt storage, this is true because phone storages alone cannot guarantee big space, I use a Samsung J5 PRO which comes with an inbuilt 16GB but to shock you that space is not just enough, I have to keep on deleting to create space for my new work and projects. The more I keep deleting the more I need more space! It’s never enough, tho I have a 2GB external memory card but that cannot do anything, I am thinking of getting another higher GB memory card to boost my work.

The importance of memory card can’t be overrated they are needed for every device, they are most needed for people who do a lot of projects, they are varieties and types of memory card in the market today but we are going to be learning about Sandisk U1 A1 98Mbps 16GB Ultra MicroSDHC (MicroSD) Memory Card, this memory card is specially designed and built for good use, this memory card is originally designed, it may shock you to know that they are existing fake memory card (MicroSD) in the market today, I have been a victim, this memory card appeared to have a 2GB description on it but storing things inside is not more than 500KB, how can one avoid not buying a fake memory card?.

Importance of SD Cards:

  • It helps in saving videos, pictures and files: in our every day we download a lot of things, it might just be a picture that you saw online that you love and would love to download, an individual like me I work in so many areas, I am into auto dealing, that means I always Download pictures of Cars. Like I said earlier my phone inbuilt storage of 16GB is not enough I need another 16GB or 32GB or even 400GB if you work a lot you will know the importance of assistant storage.
  • No matter the space that comes with your phone, it could never be enough. A good micro SD card is needed for every good phone.
  • The MicroSD card comes Handy when your phone crashes, they are some phones that crash unexpectedly which could leave you stranded if you store your files in it, but with a MicroSD card, you can save your files and always find them when you need them.
  • Gives you Additional space: like I mentioned earlier phone storages are not always enough, MicroSD cards are needed.

Step 1: Try to test memory cards that are very cheap before purchase, how do you test ? By copying all your data to the supposed memory card, it will successfully transfer when it is a good product.

Step 2: Try buying from verified sellers like Amazon.

Sandisk U1 A1 98Mbps 16GB Ultra MicroSDHC (MicroSD) Memory Card:

  • Sandisk U1 A1 98Mbps 16GB Ultra MicroSDHC (MicroSD) Memory Card is a good memory card to store your things on,
  • It is totally safe and reliable.
  • It helps you capture more and store, even more, you can store hours of your favourite HD movies without hassles or worry about space. This Sandisk U1 A1 98Mbps 16GB Ultra MicroSDHC (MicroSD) Memory Card is ideal.

Key Features:

Feature Description

Transfer speed is up to 100MB/s [3]

This means that you can transfer files quicker and better, with this memory card you can transfer up to 1200 photos in 60seconds.

Ideal for smartphone users and others

Sandisk U1 A1 98Mbps 16GB Ultra MicroSDHC (MicroSD) Memory Card is good for smartphones users and tablets. This memory card is compatible with the devices you use every day.

Loads Apps Faster with A1 Rated Performance

This Sandisk U1 A1 98Mbps 16GB Ultra MicroSDHC (MicroSD) Memory Card is rated A1, the ultra 400GB SanDisk microSD is optimised for applications, it delivers faster application launch and performance that provides a suitable smartphone experience. This simply means you can launch your apps faster and better, no need to worry about phone stalling to launch an app.

Full HD Video Capture

Capture and save HD videos with Sandisk U1 A1 98Mbps 16GB Ultra MicroSDHC (MicroSD) Memory Card is fitted with class 10 speed which allows you shoot a full HD video and take high-quality photos. Quality is needed in this our day, if you present something with the low quality it's not going to be accepted, but not with Sandisk U1 A1 98Mbps 16GB Ultra MicroSDHC (MicroSD) Memory Card, this MicroSD enables you to capture good and quality shoots that ensures lasting impacts. This product no doubt is specially designed for best practices.

Designed to Withstand Harsh Conditions

Sandisk U1 A1 98Mbps 16GB Ultra MicroSDHC (MicroSD) Memory Card is designed in such a way that it can withstand harsh conditions, Sandisk U1 A1 98Mbps 16GB Ultra MicroSDHC (MicroSD) Memory Card is waterproof, temperature proof, shock proof and x-ray proof. With this ability, you are sure of your files safe when you mistakenly drop your phone on water

SanDisk Memory Zone Application Easy File Management

SanDisk Memory Zone Application Easy File Management enables you to access, view and back up your files to one location, with this app you can do various things.

Product Details:

  • Manufacturer: SanDisk.
  • Model: SDSQUAR-016G-GN6MA.
  • RAM Size: 16 GB.
  • Memory Storage Capacity: 16 GB.
  • Model Year: 2017.
  • Product Dimensions: 0.1 x 1.5 x 1.1cm.
  • Digital Storage Capacity: 16 GB.
  • Hardware Interface: MicroSD.
  • Wireless Type: of 802.11.a.
  • Data Transfer Rate: 16 megabits per second.
  • Photos (13.75 megapixel, JPEG/AVG, file size 3.5MB): 600 Photos.
  • Transfer speed: 98MB/s.
  • Albums (12 3.5-min MP3 songs): 80 Albums.
  • Full HD video (1920x21080p) in minutes: 160 mins full HD video.
  • SD adapter dimensions: 31.75 x 23.88×2.03mm.
  • MicroSD card dimensions: 14.99 x 10.92×1.02mm.
  • Storage temperature: 40 to 85°degrees Celsius.
  • Operating temperature: 25 to 85 degrees° Celsius.
  • Warranty: 10 years.


  • Download and installation are required.
  • On 4.1GB transfer of photos Av g. file 3.5MB) With a USB 3.0 cable. Results may vary base on the file attributes of the host device, file attributes and other factors.
  • 100MB/s read speed, write speed lower. Based on testing, performance may be lower, depending on the interface, host device, usage conditions & other factors. (1MB= 1,000,000 bytes).
  • (1GB=1,000,000,000) bytes, Actual user storage is less.
  • The full meaning of an SD is (Secure Digital) this might be the very first time you are knowing lol. 
  • Motorola E398 was the first ever mobile phone to carry a TransFlash (microSD).  Toshiba, SanDisk, Matsushita, and came to an agreement to create and market Secure Digital otherwise known as SD, Memory Card. A card which derived from MultiMedia Card (MMC).




Let’s spend money on what we give us pleasure and not headache, we all deserve a good product every now and then, quality products is very essential, fake products are many in the market, we cannot afford to fall victim to unverified sellers, one thing I have come to learn is good things are expensive and long lasting but cheap things are not expensive, they are very affordable but not long lasting and reliable, Sandisk U1 A1 98Mbps 16GB Ultra MicroSDHC (MicroSD) Memory Card is expensive but good and durable. Go for Sandisk U1 A1 98Mbps 16GB Ultra MicroSDHC (MicroSD) Memory Card today.