Best Motherboard For I7 In India

When you are purchasing a processor, the first thing that you need to do is find a suitable motherboard that will be perfect for your requirement. When selecting a motherboard for i7 Processor, certain things need to be considered. Understanding the processor and the motherboard features will make the purchase easier.

When you are building a personal computer, the first thing that you have to analyze and purchase is the processor and a suitable motherboard for it. One important point that needs to be noted here is that the processor should be selected first before finalizing on the motherboard. This is essential because, without a proper processor, you cannot purchase a motherboard that has sockets related to the processor. But along with the processor, there are certain features that you have to look into while purchasing a motherboard. When you are trying to build a CPU based upon a Core i7 Processor,, there are multiple motherboards available in the market that will suit your requirement. But before purchasing the motherboard, there are certain things that you need to take into account, especially for i7 Processors. So to buy a suitable motherboard, you have to initially understand in detail the i7 processor.

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CONSISTENT Intel H55 CHIPSET Motherboard

HIS H61-C/H61-M LGA 1155 Socket Motherboard

InfCloud MSI H81M-P33 Motherboard

What is Intel Core i7 Processor?

Before the year 2006, Intel usually released models like Pentium, gold, and Celeron. To make a huge difference in computers, Intel later released the initial Core processor called Intel Core Duo. It was later followed by the I3, i5, and I7 processors. Recently they have also released the I 9 processor that has been gaining huge power in the market because of its high-speed processing and efficiency. When the core duo was introduced, the performance speed was increased by 40% compared to the previous model. They came along with multiple core technology, which is essential for the increased inefficiency. The core models allowed the processor to perform multiple programs simultaneously without any e interruption in the middle. 

If you are looking for the best model in the core processor, the i7 is the go-to option for most people. It is not just a simple processor, but they are the best model available for gaming and educational purposes. Most of the IT companies in the country use this processor for their programming purposes. They offer good performance for gaming devices along with other features like video editing and designing. If you are looking for a suitable process that will be perfect for gaming, then i7 is the best option. The cheaper version of this particular model is the i5 processor, which is also suitable for gaming. 

Buying a suitable socket

So one of the things you have to look for while purchasing a motherboard for an i7 Processor is having a suitable socket. For example, when you are purchasing an AMD processor, it will accept only a certain set of sockets suitable for a certain set of models. Even in the i7 processor, there are multiple models available, including the generations. The socket size might vary depending upon the generation and hymns when you are choosing a motherboard to make sure that the socket is compatible with the generation you are looking for. Most of the models contain sockets in sizes LGA. There are several other sizes available in the market, but LG is the only model suitable for the Intel core processors. Even in LG, there are multiple models available with the bearing series numbers, and you have to choose them depending upon your requirement.

CPU size

Another important thing you have to do while purchasing a motherboard is to check the CPU documentation and choose a board according to its size. For example, if your CPU has a small build, then going for a larger motherboard will not be compatible with that. If you want to purchase a suitable motherboard without knowing the CPU’s size, then the micro ATM model motherboard will be suitable since it is compatible with most of the sizes. It so depended upon purchasing a suitable motherboard that is compatible with both the CPU size and the processor. 

Random Access Memory

While the previous models had multiple connectivity types, most of the current models have a direct connection with the motherboard. Similarly, the RAM also directly connects with the CPU, which allows proper access between the programs and the RAM. So the instructions can be directly passed between them. When you are purchasing a motherboard, make sure that it has a proper number of slots for the RAM to be fitted within them. For example, when you purchase a motherboard with a storage capacity of 16GB but has only one slot, you will have no other option. But having multiple slots will allow you to use 8GB RAM in one slot and fix another 8GB when required for the future. Having multiple panels or slots will be a good option while purchasing a motherboard, and the storage capacity should also be larger to ensure future usage.


The next important thing that you need to take care of while purchasing a motherboard is the chipset’s quality. That is present in the motherboard and responsible for or proper Communications between the CPU and other storage devices. This is specifically useful for controlling the hubs and buses on the motherboard while the communication happens between the CPU and RAM, PCI, and other expansion slots. When you are purchasing a chipset with high quality, you can be confident about the number of slots and ports available in the model because they will have the ability to provide proper connectivity and communication between them. Even for an upgrade in the future, a good quality high-end chipset will be suitable to have the proper strength to manage the system. Available in multiple series, including Z, H, and B – series. 

Expansion Slots

When you purchase a motherboard, you are not buying it just for connecting the storage devices and the processor. The correct computers can connect with external devices, including external storage devices through the USB ports. To achieve such connectivities, you need a perfect PCI expansion slot within them. It is nothing but a high-speed serial integrated within the CPU and the motherboard to ensure proper communication. Having a good PC will allow you to enjoy multiple features like a graphic card, state drive, network adapter, and various other controller cards, along with audio capacitors. So when you are purchasing a motherboard and make sure that it comes with multiple data lanes like x1 to x16.

Having a 16 lane PCI will allow you to enjoy the longest Lane and multiple features that are not available in most computers right now. So choose the lane according to your wish and enjoy the features for faster performance. When you select PCI, there is another feature like expansion devices, including M.2 and U.2 technology. Both these devices have multiple keys and gold connections to reduce the motherboard’s heat and provide connectivity in the form of interfaces. They are relatively small and offer proper space for improving the Storage Area of the motherboard. 

SATA Cable

SATA cable is the older form of bus connectivity that is usually used for connecting the hard drive and other types of disk drives, including the optical drive, with the computer. They are responsible for running the DVDs and Blu-ray. Even though they are slightly slower than the PCI models, they are still under usage and commonly available as the SATA 3.0 model. Technology allows it to run faster than the PCI model, but various types of external connectivity also exist. 

BIOS is an important feature that is responsible for connecting the input and output devices during the start-up. When you are purchasing the motherboard, make sure that it has a good BIOS to ensure proper speed. They are often available in the form of unified extensible interfaces or UEFI. This process will make booting easier. 

When you are purchasing a motherboard,, all the above things should be taken into account. Along with that,, make sure that it has a proper set of audio capacitors to ensure proper audio sound. Having a motherboard that allows a good audio connection will be useful for entertainment and gaming purposes. Along with these features, make sure that the motherboard brand you are choosing is a well-known brand for quality and efficiency. The motherboard’s entire configuration is important because, without proper configuration,, it will be impossible for you to expand or alter in the future. Ensure that it has good quality expansion slots, and the motherboard’s price should also be reasonable. Given below are some of the commonly available designs in the market that are found to be useful for an i7 Processor. If you are interested, you can make the purchase and finalize them.

CONSISTENT Intel H55 CHIPSET Motherboard Support Intel I3/I5/I7 Series Processor LGA 1156 Socket 1ST Generation

Multiple brands in the market have gained huge popularity in recent times because of their product range. Consistent is one such brand that has gained popularity because of its high-quality products, especially regarding the motherboard. Most of the assembled computers have been using the consistent brand for their motherboard requirement. The company is famous for the motherboard and well known for manufacturing a wide range of other products. Every single model designed by them is finalized after proper testing. The design process also happens with proper consideration by taking the current requirements into account. They have introduced a variety of motherboards into the market, and among them, one has gained more popularity. Buy the CONSISTENT Intel H55 CHIPSET Motherboard Support Intel I3/I5/I7 Series Processor LGA 1156 Socket 1ST Generation model for i7 processor. 

This motherboard is devised to suit the requirements of the i7 processor since it is a requirement from most professional people nowadays. This latest technology, the Intel Core processor, has created a huge revolution in the market and is why most motherboards are designed to support it. These features are also certain other features in this motherboard that supports the storage devices and other forms of devices to a certain extent.


This particular motherboard is completely suitable for the i7 processor, and they also accept other forms of Intel Core I3 and I5 processor. Even if you are not interested in using the i7 processor,, you can still purchase this motherboard to convert it to i5 and i3 processor according to your wish. The processor can be easily fixed, and changing them is also a simple option. It supports the fixation of graphic cards that allows you to create a perfect display, and if the graphic card embedded within the processor is not enough. The processor also has some extra features that can be used for creating a perfect environment for running multiple applications at the same time with the help of the quad-core technology.


 this particular motherboard supports all types of first-generation processors, and they have better durability than other normal motherboards. The configuration is simple, and hence you can easily install the processor within a short period. This particular motherboard has a storage capacity of DDR3 Ram Technology with a maximum of 16GB. They support all processes and use a special lithium-ion battery that consumes a low amount of power, making it economical.

This particular motherboard uses an LGA 1156 type of socket essential for proper functioning with high-quality material that can last forever. You can purchase this processor from a website like Amazon or go for the direct shop based purchase. 

HIS H61-C/H61-M LGA 1155 Socket Motherboard for Intel 2nd and 3rd Gen Processors in i7, i5, i3, Pentium with HDMI port

HIS company was established in 1987. They have manufactured a wide range of products, including graphics cards and motherboards. One of the most famous products that have created a revolution in the market is the high-quality graphics card. Since they have existed for more than two decades, they understand the people’s requirements and have successfully adapted themselves according to these requirements. If you are interested in purchasing this product motherboard, you can be confident about its quality since every piece is designed carefully. The company has a separate research team for designing such products which are more famous. One of the recent models that have gained huge popularity in the market is the HIS H61-C/H61-M LGA 1155 Socket Motherboard for Intel 2nd and 3rd Gen Processors in i7, i5, i3, Pentium with HDMI port.

This particular motherboard has a special place for installing the processor. They support a wide range of processes with multiple other ports that can be used for connectivity with other digital devices. They also have other special features that have increased their popularity. This model is durable and can be used for a long time without affecting performance. 


this motherboard is compatible with a wide range of Intel Core processes, including Pentium processors. Along with that, you can also expand the motherboard to use them for i3, i5, and i7 processors. They also have a special HDMI port that allows you to create HD quality video from the processor. The HDMI port is essential for creating graphics and for animation developers. If you are also purchasing the laptop for gaming and other entertainment purposes, this particular HDMI port will deliver high-quality images or videos. The special socket of LGA 1155 accepts only 2nd and 3rd, Generation processors. 

This particular processor comes along with a special USB port connection that allows you to connect external digital devices like hard disk and pen drive to the computer. There are nearly four USB ports at the backside and two USB ports on the front side. If you are interested in purchasing this motherboard, then you can experience a wide range of features that comes along with that. This motherboard can be combined with a high-quality Intel processor for good performance. You are combining it with a Random Access Memory with a storage capacity of up to 16 GB. It also comes with three different memory slots that allow you to insert multiple storage devices, including a hard disk drive and solid-state drive.

Along with these features, this particular motherboard has certain other features like audio ports that allows the motherboard to be connected to high-quality audio devices. You can also connect the motherboard to other external devices using the special ports and aux cable present. They also have a special heat reduction fan that allows the computer to run for a long time without affecting performance. This product can be purchased for a low price from online websites like Amazon and directly from the shops.

Infcloud MSI H81M-P33 Motherboard for 4th and 4th Refresh/5th Generation Intel i3/i5/i7 Processors (OEM with IO Shield only)

Infcloud is a company that is well known for manufacturing a wide range of digital products related to computers and their accessories. The company has manufactured a wide range of products, including the motherboard that is suitable for various processors. The motherboard configuration is perfect, and they also provide proper spacing for expansion that can be continued in the future. People prefer this particular brand because of its quality and ability to produce many products. If you are interested in purchasing a motherboard, then the InfCloud MSI H81M-P33 Motherboard for 4th and 4th Refresh/5th Generation Intel i3/i5/i7 Processors (OEM with IO Shield only) will be a suitable choice. 

This particular processor is used by people worldwide because of its features and ability to be expanded for future devices. They support a wide range of processes necessary for continuous working and reusing the motherboard again and again when required.


This particular motherboard allows 4th and 5th Generation Intel Core processors, including I3, I5, and I7 models. The motherboard uses a special powerful socket for permitting these processors. These processors are constantly used for improving the quality of the computer. They also allow a variety of other features to be present within the motherboard. Some of them include the special input-output Shield essential for protecting the connectivity between the components and motherboards. The storage used within the motherboard should be of high quality. This particular motherboard comes with an improved storage system of Random Access Memory that allows nearly 16GB to be present. They have three different memory slots for inserting different types of storage devices. The motherboard also has special connectors, including Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth connection, USB ports for hard drive connection, and audio ports. 

The protective Shield prevents the motherboard from getting affected by the external shock, and other disturbances fully stop the connectivity concept existing between the motherboard and other computer components are perfect because of the high-quality sockets available. It has a frequency range of 1600 Gigahertz, which is sufficient for a good processor. They are suitable for Ultra low latency gaming processes and used for various other professional applications.

This particular motherboard can be easily purchased from online websites like Amazon, and you can also purchase directly from the shop. This motherboard will be a suitable choice for an assembled computer, especially if you are looking for a professionally assembled item. The warranty period of this product is also good since the company is well known the quality will also be exceptional compared to other products in the market.