Best Conditioner For Men’s Hair Loss

Hair loss is nothing but a bad nightmare, and you can’t even sleep because of this. Seeing yourself bald can be devastating for many of us. There can be many reasons for losing hair, hormonal, chemical or environmental too. But if we take care of our hair regularly by using the best conditioner for men’s hair loss, your hair loss can be stopped. 

Conditioners may help protect your weak strands not to lose them while combing or shampooing. Many doctors recommend the combination of shampoo and conditioner to protect you from chronic hair loss.

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Garnier Ultra Blends Soy Milk and Almonds Conditioner

Pantene Total Damage Care Conditioner

Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner

What is hair loss?

Losing approximately 50 to 100 strands per day is normal for a healthy scalp, and this hair loss is not noticeable as your lost hair strands will be replaced by the new roots. But if you are losing 100 strands per day or more  and new hair is not growing, this will be a problem. This situation is called “Hair Loss”, and you will find your hair everywhere in the shower, in the comb and on your clothes. This condition will require proper attention and good treatment. In men, this type of hair loss can be permanent, which can be irreversible. 

Causes of hair loss

Many factors may involve in the hair loss condition, as our diet and hormones play a vital role in hair health. In some cases, hair fall can be hereditary and may depend on age too. If you are under stress, then this may also trigger your hair loss. 

Hair loss may trigger because of excess use of styling gels and many other chemical products. These bad styling practices induce hair loss in men. Medical conditions can also contribute to starting the hair fall in men. In men, infection in the scalp is the main reason for hair loss, and it may result in baldness if left untreated.

Things to know before you buy a hair conditioner for hair loss

Conditioners are sometimes underestimated by men in their daily routine of hair care. But the fact is good hair conditioner will reduce the frizz and damage to your hair and will make your hair lustrous. Before you buy the best hair conditioner for men hair loss, you need to know the following things-

  • Type of the hair

Always select the conditioner as per your hair type; if your hair is oily, choose a water-based conditioner. If your strands are dry or frizzy, then select an oil-based conditioner. In case your hair is normal, then you can choose any of the hair conditioners. The types of conditioners are rinsed off, leave on and hair pack. You can select the conditioner as per your need.

  • Type of ingredients

Ingredients are the essential part of any hair care regime, including conditioner. Many conditioners are developed with vitamins helpful in repairing damage and the hair shaft to provide you strength. Essential oils are also widely used to create good quality conditioner. Oils like olive, jojoba and argon are the most commonly used oils.

  • What does it treat?

Always look for the treatment your conditioner is giving. Before you select the conditioner, check the specification and then buy the product accordingly. Some conditioner is developed for a specific purpose like hair fall control, frizz control and keratin treatment.

Different types of hair conditioners and their work

If you want to explore the hair conditioners in the market, you must know that it comes in different varieties. You can consider the following type of conditioners:

  • Deep conditioner: The conditioner has intensive treatments. The conditioner has intensive treatment, and just as the name implies, deep conditioners work to get into the root of your hair follicle and provide much richer results. 
  • Leave-in conditioner: The product is applied after you get out of the shower and the primary focus of this product is to condition your hair,
  •  and it helps to detangle it well.
  • Rinse-out conditioners: This is one of the most common conditioners and is used while you are in the shower. The conditioner must be applied after you have finished washing your hair or simply got wet.

Type of conditioner you can use

Conditioner is used as an after-shampoo treatment, making your hair smoother, cleaner and gorgeous. If you apply a conditioner, it helps remove the limestone residue that remains on the hair after you rinse off your shampoo.

Many conditioners help rehydrate the hair and prevent them from drying as long as you use the right one for you. Hair conditioner depends on the kind of hair type, and here are some of the various hair conditioners:

  • Classic Conditioner: The conditioner is suited for normal hair, and it has the right conditioner which contains the right ingredients to nurture and protect your hair.
  • Nurturing Conditioner: The conditioner has oils, nutrients and hair softening properties to soothe your hair keep it hydrated.
  • Colour protection conditioner: People who want to protect their hair colour can go for this conditioner. There is some need to protect your hair with a highly protective and smooth conditioner.
  • Balancing conditioner: The balance conditioner is perfect for hair between greasy and oily, and this conditioner helps remove the excess oil. At the same time, you bring the right nutrients to it.
  • Anti-dandruff conditioner: It helps remove the excess sebum without damaging your hair and preserving its natural look. 
  • Rinse-free conditioners are top-rated these days, and the rinse-free conditioners do not require water to be removed. These kind of conditioners are practical if you travel and have normal to dry hair.
  • Hair masks: If you have super-fry or dehydrated hair, you can apply a hair mask; it is a deep root treatment than a traditional hair conditioner. Hair masks can be left on the hair for up to 15 minutes, and you can wash and enjoy the natural beauty back in your hair.
  • Sage, scalp, oil treatments: It can help you rebalance the hair in case of intense dryness or dandruff, and you can choose among your favourite brands.

Garnier Ultra Blends Soy Milk and Almonds Conditioner

It is one of the best hair conditioners for rough, dry hair in India. The conditioner is rich in soy and almond proteins. It has natural ingredients that make your hair lively and smooth. It is a protein-rich conditioner that makes your hair incredibly beautiful. You can repair the hair damage and also protect them from heat damage and UV. 

Pantene Total Damage Care Conditioner

The dryness, damage and roughness you have in your hair are some of the best options for damage control. The conditioner cares for the dry tresses and helps to make them softer. The conditioner gives out the radiant shine, and it gives you a fantastic view. Many people are loyal users of Pantene, and the brand indeed lives up to those expectations. The product is accessible on the budget and can be bought from anywhere. 

Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner

For the people who are worried about lifeless hair, a conditioner can help in boosting life. The conditioner is living up to most of its claims. It also has an oxygen-rich formula that makes your hair super bouncier. It is not much moisturizing as you can see, and this is not for dry hair. It is the best hair conditioner in India for both boys and girls.

Always make sure that whenever you use the conditioner, do not put it on your scalp. It makes the scalp and roots look greasier, weighing the hair down and letting your hair look flat from the root.