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Buying Guide For The Best Electric Tooth Brush In India [Reviews & Buying Guide]

This article is all about electric Toothbrush. Choose the best electric toothbrush and remove all bacteria from your mouth. Make your teeth stronger and healthier

Select the best quality Electric Toothbrush now!

An electric toothbrush is a very useful and most demanding product in India. If you brush with an electric toothbrush every day, it helps keep your gums and teeth healthy and clean. Lots of people in India are currently using these electric toothbrushes to keep their teeth bright and nice. Dentists recommended these electric toothbrushes because it makes your teeth completely clean and free from plaque. It also protects your gums from bad germs. But always remember, if you will buy any cheap electric toothbrush and expect great results it won’t work out. Before you buy an electric toothbrush, there are certain factors you have to check. The electric toothbrush has several features. This type of electric toothbrushes are good for sensitive teeth, whitening, and gum massage. There are some toothbrushes which have a pressure sensor. Some other types of toothbrushes also offer a toothbrush holder and charger etc. You can choose any type of electric toothbrushes as per your need and requirement. If you are looking for the best quality electric toothbrush, then first check the website. Check website and customer reviews and then proceed.  If you are looking for a great discount, you should buy the product online. You will get an attractive offer and discounts easily.

Product Buying Guide:

Product Name

Product Image

Product Buy Link

Caresmith SPARK Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

Oral B CrossAction Battery Powered Toothbrush

Oral B Vitality 100 White Criss Cross Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush

JSB HF127 Electric Power Toothbrush

Benefits of Electric Toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes with rotating or vibrate can help you remove any type of plaque buildup from your teeth. It’s completely vibrating. The more the toothbrush will vibrate, the more it will do micro movement across your teeth.

An electric toothbrush helps to remove plaque: Electric toothbrushes help to remove plaque and gingivitis from teeth and gum. Research proves that after three months of use, a plaque was reduced by 21% completely. And gingivitis reduces by 11% completely.

It has limited mobility: Electric toothbrushes are the best option. This product is maybe the best one with limited mobility—people who have carpal tunnel, development disabilities, and arthritis.

It requires less waste: If you are looking for a new toothbrush, then an electric toothbrush is the best option in many cases. This is maybe less wasteful, then throwing a full toothbrush. In the future, you may replace the entire toothbrush anytime.

Improvement while brushing: Once you use an electric brush, you will be able to focus more on brushing than other things.  This will provide you overall experience, and you will realize how good your teeth become.

This offer fun for kids: Kids don’t love to do brushing teeth. But if you have an electric toothbrush, your kids will love to brush their teeth’ own.

An electric toothbrush is safe for gums: Electric toothbrush never hurts your gums, and it will also provide overall good oral health.

Why is an electric Toothbrush essential?

Electric toothbrushes are more effective than manual toothbrushes. An electric toothbrush is expensive as well. And it is a costly product. You can get within Rs.500 to Rs.1500 per brush. You can also get new replacement brushes. You will also find from online, totally disposable electric toothbrushes. The cost of the product is less than the others. Selecting the proper brush may not always be simple and easy. Electric brushes you will not find at any local shop. And you have to choose the correct brand as well. You may purchase them online or offline as well.  Before purchasing the product, you have to check online stores and then choose the best one.  An electric toothbrush is always essential because it removes germs from inside the mouth and makes your mouth fresh.

Types of an electric toothbrush

There are different types of toothbrushes available in the market, and you have to choose the best one as per your need and requirement. 

Timer Toothbrush – If you love to brush constantly without any reason, you should choose Timer toothbrush. They have a sensor system, so whenever you brush for long, they will notify you or automatically power off. Through the timer, you will also identify that you don’t need to brush quickly, and you can set proper time.

Smart Toothbrush – You can also buy a smart toothbrush with an electric connection. This type of toothbrush includes Bluetooth connectivity. You can connect the Bluetooth on the phone. Using this smart toothbrush, you will record each data regarding your teeth you cleaned, and the report will also show the pressure you applied.

Sonic Toothbrushes – This is one of the best products approved by Dental experts; this is called sonic toothbrushes. This is the most inexpensive option, as well. A sonic electric toothbrush will remove all types of germs from your teeth and gums within a reasonable price rate.  

Ultrasonic toothbrush – Ultrasonic and sonic both design the same almost. But sonic toothbrushes oscillate in the thousands for every minute, whereas ultrasonic toothbrushes oscillate in the millions. And they are more expensive than sonic toothbrushes.

Themed electric toothbrushes- There are several electric toothbrushes available in the market for kids with theme-based. Yes, they can brush with their favorite cartoon character now! The price of the toothbrush is also reasonable.  If your kids use this electric toothbrush, they will get healthy hygiene for kids.

Disposable Toothbrushes – If you forget to take your costly electric toothbrush during traveling, you can go for the cheap option. There are some cheap electric toothbrushes available in the market which have very less amount. But they are disposable means once you use, you have to dispose of the toothbrush. 

Buying guide of an electric toothbrush

There is some important factor you have to consider for electric toothbrushes. Some of the important but factor you should consider while purchasing like –

Timer option – It will be better to get a timer option. Your brush can start automatically anytime.  But once you set a timer, after a long brushing season, once timer time will be over, the timer will notify you. So, you will know how much time you will invest every day for brushing. 

Quadpacer – Check whether an electric toothbrush has any quad pacer or not. You have to buy a quadpacer related product anytime. 

Pressure sensor – Once you buy an electric toothbrush, you should choose a pressure sensor-related product. A sensor will help to operate the brush in the mouth smoothly. So, you should choose the best quality pressure sensor product.

Choose the proper brand – Brand always plays an important role. If you buy a reputed brand that has good reviews, then it will last long. So, try to buy a brand with good market value, customer reviews, and a website.  

Check the price – There are different types of price electric toothbrushes available in the market. You have to choose an electric toothbrush as per your need and requirement. As per your budget, you should choose a product. 

Brush handle size, shape, and color – Choose the best brush size, handle, and color as per your need and requirement. As per your hand size, age, and desire, you should choose the best product now.  

Bluetooth – Check whether your electric toothbrush has Bluetooth option or not. If your toothbrush has Bluetooth option, then you can set timer anytime using your phone. Check the brand and then proceed.

Charging stand – Check whether you are getting charging stand with your product or not! Choose the best electric toothbrush now!

Automatic power-off – Check whether an Electric toothbrush has an automatic power-off option or not. You have to choose a toothbrush which has a power off option.

Caresmith SPARK Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

If you are looking for the best quality rechargeable electric toothbrush, then you should choose Caresmoth SPARK. This is a complete rechargeable electric toothbrush. The price of the product is a little costly. If you buy from online, you will get an attractive offer and discounts as well.  The design of the toothbrush is also awesome.  It also offers superior quality cleaning services.


Best design: This care smith SPARK offers rechargeable electric Toothbrush. It has a slim and beautiful design. It also has contoured Bristles for comfort. Using this brush, you will be able to get natural, beautifully shaped teeth and the best brushing experience.   It has a super slim design so that you may handle the brush smoothly. 

Waterproof electric toothbrush: This entire toothbrush is completely waterproof. So, during brushing, when you will use water, it does not create any bad impact. It also offers a covered charging point. This will also prevent your toothbrush from any type of damages. You can use this toothbrush even in the shower.

Reduce inflammation from teeth: This electric toothbrush has the potential to reverse gingivitis, and it will also shrink periodontal pockets. So, it reduces the inflammation problem. This will also increase whiteness in the teeth. It will also remove from the teeth tea, coffee, tobacco stains very simply.

Set your timer: It also has a beautiful sensor and timer setting. So, you can set a timer during the brush and find out how long you are brushing. This habit is good for your teeth as well.




Yes, Caresmith SPARK offers a complete rechargeable toothbrush.  

This product has a complete six operational modes.

You can run this brush constantly up to 4 hours. So, as per brushing timing, it may last up to 20 days.

Oral B CrossAction Battery Powered Toothbrush

If you are looking for the best branded electric toothbrush for brushing, you may choose this Oral B cross action powered toothbrush. This is a battery-operated toothbrush. The price of the product is much lower than other types of brushes. The product will reach safely in the mouth. Using this electric toothbrush, you will be able to make your teeth fresh and remove all types of gum problem completely. You have to use it daily twice. If you use a power toothbrush daily, it will remove bad smell, gas, plaque, and bacteria from the mouth and always make your mouth fresh.


Rotating powerhead: It has a rotating powerhead, which helps to remove all types of plaque from the inside surface. It will also help to remove bacteria from the backside of the teeth.

Criss cross Bristles: Oral B Cross Action Toothbrush has criss-cross bristles. It has multi-angled in opposing directions that reach between teeth smoothly. It helps to lift out plaque and sweep it away.

Its handle is superb: This Oral B electric toothbrush also has a soft handle. This handle offers outstanding comfort and control over grip and complete rubberized products.

Durable battery system: It also offers a strong battery backup. Once you charge, you can clean your mouth two times easily. It also has rotating power, which takes more charge than anything else.

Remove bacteria from the mouth: Its advanced technology, rotating power, and cleaning system help remove all types of plaque from this mouth and make your mouth fresh and awesome.




Yes, this product has a rotating powerhead and using that, you can remove bacteria from the surface and back teeth.

No, there is no manufacturing warranty.

No, the price of the product is pocket friendly.

Oral B Vitality 100 White Criss Cross Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes are comfortable and save your time. You don’t need to force yourself in your teeth with toothbrushes and remove all bacteria. If you have a bad smell problem or bad breathing problem, you should use this electric toothbrush. You don’t need to force anything. Every day, set a timer and start brushing.  After a certain time, your toothbrush will automatically provide a signal to stop. Just use freshwater and wash your mouth. Within a few minutes, your mouth will be fresh. If you buy from online, you will get an attractive offer and discounts to get a superb deal. Check its specifications and then buy.


Clean inside the mouth: Use this Oral B Vitality 100 White Criss Cross Electric toothbrush and remove all types of bacteria from the teeth. It also has 2D cleaning technology. It rotates the head and removes all types of Plaque than the normal one. If you use it daily, it will remove all types of germs and bacteria from the mouth.

Easy maintenance: Though its power or battery-operated toothbrush, you can wash it using water easily. There is no problem with a battery or charger. The charging position will be cover, so it never provides any sort of circuit problem. You can use this product safely. Maintenance is very low for this product. After brushing, wash it properly and keep it.

Set timer: Yes, Oral B electric brush also offers a timer system. Using this timer, you will be able to brush with proper timing. Once you cross normal timing, which is not good for the gums, this toothbrush provides you signals.  So, you will understand that you cross the normal time, and you stop brushing.

Unique design: The design of the product is also unique. The header portion is thin, whereas the body becomes thick. You can easily grab the item and brush it without any problem. Rubber handle so good for the grab. You will never feel uncomfortable.

Set timer: Yes, you may set a timer and then brush. Some people brush a long time, but that’s not needed. So, whenever you set timer and brush, after time pass, it will show indication sound, so you will realize that your brushing time end and you have to now wash the teeth. You can set any time as a timer for brushing.




Yes, this product has a manufacturing warranty for two years.

No, you don’t need to charge every day. Using this brush 

Yes, a little bit costly.

JSB HF127 Electric Power Toothbrush

This JSB HF127 Electric Power Toothbrush is completely rechargeable. This is waterproof as well. You can get the white and blue color as well. The product’s price is a little high, but it will offer you superior quality services at the best price. It also has a long-life rechargeable battery. It helps to clean the entire mouth, gums, and teeth properly. It helps to remove plaque from the surface and make your teeth awesome. It offers complete, efficient cleaning as well. It also has two auto brushing mode which offers sensitize and clean brushing experience.


Unique design: JSBHF-127 Oscillatory Electric also offers superior quality design. The header site includes slick design, whereas bottom side floppy type—this offers a unique design that you may not get from another site. You can grab this product easily. The handle is smooth and rubbery.

2 Auto brushing mode: This product also has two auto brushing modes, which help you clean the entire teeth, tongue, and gum. You can get fresh breath. It helps to remove bad smell from mouth and make your mouth fresh and smooth.

Timer: It also has 2 minutes auto-timer. You can set a timer and brush smoothly. After the time is over, they will provide a signal, and you will stop brushing. This is hassle-free, awesome electric equipment for your teeth. You can set 2 minutes 30 seconds timer timing maximum.

High tech panel: Yes, this product also has high tech hidden panels. And it also has an LED indicator. It also has a rechargeable battery, so every 2-3 days are gaping, you have to charge to run this product smoothly.

Charging point: This JSB HF127 Electric Power Toothbrush has a covered charging point. And this product is completely waterproof. So, during brush, whenever water will touch, it does not create any problem. It also has a clear charging port, and they will also offer to charge wear as well. 

Rechargeable battery: Yes, it includes a rechargeable battery. So, you can recharge the battery anytime. Whenever the recharge finishes, it will not work. So you have to recharge the battery again to start it. It has a Nimh battery system, which helps to rotate the brush 8800 times per minute.




Yes, this product offers a two-year manufacturing warranty.

Yes, you can set the timer as per your brushing time. And once it over, the product will indicate.

It may run 10-15 days without charging if you set 2 minutes 30 seconds brushing time daily.