Best Face Wash For Men With Oily Skin

The market is full of face-wash products, especially for oily skin, but choosing ‘the’ one among all the others available in the market remains a question mark. This article guides you in finding ‘The best face wash for men with oily skin’

The  oily and greasy face often leads to irritation and dull days. We know how disappointing it feels to have an oily face, especially at events and celebrations; we understand splashing water now and then does not help, so we have spent a good time studying what can help. An oily face captures the dust and dirt from the environment making a face unclean. Oily skin is prone to pimples, blackheads, and burst outs. It is not a one-day process in which oily skin can become better. It takes consistent face wash, with a good face wash after which one sees themselves with an oil-free face. 

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What causes oily skin?

  • Pollution:  Men are prone to be exposed to pollution and dust. Atmospheric dust molecules settle in their tiny pores on the face, eventually get clogged with dust fat molecules (In other words, whiteheads and blackheads). 
  • Environment and climate: If the environment one lives in is near to the equator and is humid, people naturally tend to be oily and sweaty. It is due to the high temperature that skin becomes excessively moist and oily.
  • Genetics and lifestyleOily skin is also a result of genetic and lifestyle factors. Consumption of fatty products also leads to oily skin and pimples on the skin.  
  • Age factor: Apart from all the above factors, there is a chance that people tend to experience oily skin during adolescence and puberty and the least at old age.

Consider these points before buying a face wash product for men oily skin

  • Organic products: The more organic a product is, the better. Using chemicals on the skin especially in temperate regions like the face, over time, is harmful and can turn dangerous. Natural cleansers like coconut, aloe; natural scrubbers like charcoal are better. Oils like tea tree oil are also suggestible.  
  • Acne control: Often, oily skin causes pimples and oil bursts. An effective face wash should be able to cleanse the dust, clear the pores and control acne.
  • Scrubbing and foaming: Scrubbing and foaming are two essential features of a good face wash that controls and balances oil. Scrubbing goes deeply into the skin and pulls out the fatty molecules that cause oily and greasy skin.
  • Mild fragrance: Face wash might not need a strong fragrance. Mild and refreshing odor will do.
  • pH value: pH value is significant, especially for products used for the face. Cleansers and other face washes can have pH values between 4.5 and 7.

Things to avoid in a face wash for men

  • Parabens: Parabens are used as preservatives; they increase the shelf-life of the face wash. They are harmful for human skin and body in the long run. They may result in cancers.
  • Fragrance: buyers often give priority to the fragrance of a product. but one must always try to avoid fragrance in face wash and other products to prevent themselves from allergies and skin diseases.
  • Lead: lead is another toxic material that is often included in beauty products and face washes; it is very harmful and causes allergies in the long run.