Best Men’s Hair Shampoo For Thick Curly Hair

When you are purchasing a shampoo for curly hair, there might be certain challenges you will face since every pattern requires a different shampoo. Understanding this, we have described what products you need to buy and how to purchase them.

When you meet a person with the perfect curls on their head, then the first question that pops into your head is the quality of the products that they are using. Every Curly hair man will inform you that a particular texture requires a different set of products and techniques than the normal straight hair person. This is essential because the hair follicles are available in an asymmetrical manner, making it not suitable for using symmetrical straight hair products. Technically when you have curly hair, there are different types of colors available, and hence the product you are choosing should not just suit your hair type but also make your curls look beautiful rather than dry and Shaggy. So when you are choosing this product, you need to consider certain features, and below we have given what those features are and how you should consider them in detail, along with certain product recommendations that might be useful for your future. 


You might think that there is nothing different in these features but every single point matters when you are choosing for your hair. Let us now see these different points in detail and choose criteria that will go well with your beautiful hair. Don’t worry about straightening those hands because even calls can be shown beautifully with the products available in the current market. 

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Things to consider

Product type

Shampoo with conditioner

This particular product allows you to improve your hair quality as it is made up of thick curls. These thick curls need proper conditioners to soften them. Using shampoos with natural ingredients like the Aloe vera and Hydralysed minerals can improve the hair’s moisture content and make the curls bouncy. 

Deep clean shampoo

Along with conditioning, the shampoo you are purchasing should also come with deep clean technology. This technology will make the scalp cleanser and is essential since thick curly hairs are tough to penetrate. Using shampoos with amla and a bit of like can help the cleansing process. 

The thickness of the hair

When you are purchasing a shampoo for curly hair, make sure it is fine hair or thick hair. For example, there are people with soft curls, but certain curls are thicker, making it difficult for the conditioner to improve their volume and show them as softer and finest strands. So the thickness of the hair plays an important role in such requirements. For example, a fine hair person can go for a shampoo with low moisture content despite having curls. Similarly, a thick hair person can go for a shampoo with a heavy moisturizer since the volume of the curls will already be heavy on the head. So choose the moisture content depending upon your head’s thickness, and going for a hydrolyzed moisture-based shampoo will be useful since it prevents the contents from staying on the head and being heavy. 

Protein content

When you purchase a shampoo, you might have heard about the concepts like collagen and keratin-based shampoo models. Generally, this is nothing but naturally extracted proteins that have the ability to improve the thickness of the hair and make it look more voluminous. Regardless of the hair being curly, there is also the chance to have different bonds between the keratin present within the hair shaft. This has the ability to affect the pattern of the hair you will end up with. So depending upon the shampoo you are using and the amount of protein content it has, you have the power to change the pattern of your hair to a certain extent but not completely. You will have the power to make your hair more obedient. So when you choose a shampoo always, 

  • Look for the amount of Keratin content present within them. 
  • Take a look if the protein present within them is natural or chemical-based. 
  • It is always good to go for Organic-based keratin shampoo rather than the chemical models available in the market as they are slow but Highly Effective. 

Some shampoos like Indulekha and Himalayas offer natural extracts which might be suitable for your beautiful curls. The proteins will also improve your hair’s strength and, hence, be careful about choosing the correct shampoo in the future. 


Whether it is fine hair or thick hair, it is necessary to have a proper set of moisturizers within the shampoo. This is because even when soft curly hair requires an extra set of moisturizing content, this cat will not have the proper strength to provide the moisture for its entire length. For example, there are certain men with long curly hair, and for them, this moisturizer is essential despite having fine hair. When you have a dry scalp and another issue having a moisture content is essential within your shampoo. Select the model that has a moisture content that suits your hair type. Some of the natural products like coconut oil and other oil extracts will improve your hair’s moisturizing content. If you are not satisfied with this product, you can go for hydrolyzed-based moisturizers since they cannot weigh on your hair and remove the unwanted Chemicals present on the scalp. 

Natural ingredients

As we have seen about most people, organic shampoos are the modern advanced shampoos with natural extracts present in them. For such requirements, the best option is to choose a model with certain ingredients like almonds, avocado, amla, hibiscus, lemon, aloe vera, and other ingredients that might improve the texture of the hair and also make it look richer looking. Nowadays, even chemical-based shampoos have at least 70% of their content made up of high-quality natural ingredients to improve the basic look and gain people’s trust. They are more suitable for the management of the hair. Using a completely organic product or completely chemical product can be quite tedious for a person with curly hair. So the best option is to go for a product that is a perfect fusion with hydrolyzed ingredients. 

If you are interested in the usage of natural ingredients, read the points below that will allow you to understand the property of each ingredient that is commonly available in the market. 


A product like an aloe vera can clean the unwanted dust on the hair and provide immunity against the harmful radiations that the hair will be exposed to in the future. They will define your curls and make them look more glossy e in a natural way. 

A product like avocado can improve the oil content of the head and remove the harsh Chemicals residing on the scalp due to coloring and other treatments you are exposing your beautiful hair to. For example, you might have exposed your hair to a hot curling iron, hair straightener, hair coloring, harmful weather conditions, temporary coloring, and other types of gel to set the hair. Avocado and almond combination will remove these unwanted Chemicals and make your hair more natural. Similar to the ingredients as mentioned above there are also other designs that you can use in the future for maintaining your hair structure. 

PH level

This is the most important factor for any type of shampoo because, without the proper level of PH value, the shampoo has the danger of becoming highly inappropriate for your hair. For example, when you are purchasing a shampoo that increases your scalp’s pH level, then there is a chance of the hair becoming rough and lifeless in the future. So always go for a model that decreases the hair’s pH value and makes it more lifelike with the best possible outcomes. Certain components like sulfates, parabens, and other chemicals have the ability to increase the pH value of the shampoo and hence be aware of them. 

Brand and price

There are certain models from heavy brands with a price range that will cost you more than a simple earring. So if you have enough money, it is a better option to go for such options, but with a decent amount of money on the table, the best option is to go for good brands like Garnier and other natural brands Himalayas. Even though these brands are not as popular as the other countertop labels, they can still be trusted and used for your curly hair. If you have any special conditions on your hair, you can always go for products that the doctors and the medical board medically approved. For example, products with ketoconazole and other chemicals will remove dandruff and condition your hair to improve hair growth in the future. So the brand and price should be reasonable for maintaining your hair as it is a long-term purchase that you need to do until 60 or 70 years old. 


Also, make sure that the branch you are purchasing from has proper recognition from the required labels to ensure its quality. This is because most of the brands do not list their complete set of ingredients, but when certified by labels like a CEO and Indian Medical Association, they should have proper approval for using and displaying the ingredients. So it is always a safe option to go for the best brands in the market regardless of the minute difference in the prices.

Things to avoid

Harsh chemicals

As we have mentioned, the components like sulfates, silicon, parabens, Harsh ingredients, and preservatives can affect the quality of the hair and make it look more lifeless at the end. 

Sulfates – These sulfates are essentially to make the shampoo foamier. But they also result in scalp irritation when used in large amounts. So limit the usage or avoid them. 


Silicons – They make the game shinier. But these chemicals can reduce the thickness of the hair and weigh them down. 


Parabens – Even though this chemical won’t affect the hair, they still can reduce the hair quality by weighing them down. 

When you are purchasing a shampoo, go for a model that does not have any of these harsh chemicals since they will make it more difficult for you to maintain curly hair. This might be suitable for a straight hair person but not in your case. Avoid them as much as possible, and go for natural conditioners that will make your hair look more closely and beautiful. Some people always use only shampoos and avoid conditioners, but this case cannot be happening for a person with curly hair. If you are not comfortable using a separate conditioner, certain models in the market come along with mixed-in conditioners that can be used.

All these products can improve the structure of your head and make your curly hair more beautiful. Men do not need any straightener to boast of their hair as they are more soft and beautiful. Given below are some products that we would personally recommend for your requirements. If you are not satisfied with them you can go for the models we have mentioned above.