Best Organic Shampoo for Men’s Hair Loss

When you are purchasing a hair oil the first thing you need is the quality. The organic products have been quite promising in this category and it allows you to grow thick and bouncy hair regardless of the external conditions. Read the passage below to understand the features and choose wisely.

People nowadays are commonly dwelling on the concept of using organic materials for their daily requirements. From their food items to the shampoos, everything they use is made up of organic materials rather than chemicals. If you are interested in purchasing such a unique product for your hair, then there are a wide range of choices available. For example, there are multiple organic products and brands in the market that you can choose from when it comes to shampoo. So among those products, the final choices should be made after a lot of discussions and thought. If you are interested in purchasing a natural shampoo, certain features need to be considered. When you buy a shampoo, remember that it is not just for your hair but also for the scalp. This is important because the scalp plays an important role in holding the hair, and it is the part where the roots are located. When you make a trip to the local organic store or retailer, you can always see a wide selection of products that will improve your volume or revitalize the hair with a different composition in each bottle.

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Things to consider

Products type

When you are purchasing a shampoo that treats hair loss there are multiple models available in the market and among them, there are only certain tags that might be suitable for you.

Hair fall control shampoo

The shampoo will come with the facility to control the hair fall to a greater extent. For example, these shampoos have ingredients like hibiscus and onion extracts that might improve the strength of the root and prevent hair fall altogether. These shampoos are also filled with the ability to fight the multiple signs of damage to avoid hair fall in the future. 

Hair fall control and regrowth shampoo

When you are purchasing a hair growth shampoo you have to understand it will not just grow your hair but also prevent the hair fall from occurring. So technically these shampoos are more powerful and they come along with the ability to improve the growth in the bald spots. Shampoos with chemicals like onion extracts can work fine. 


When you are purchasing a shampoo, the first thing that you need to know is the brand since most of the organic brands are not properly authenticated. Nearly 70 percent of the organic products are not authenticated by the required authorities and available only in the local shops. Unless it is a well-known brand that you are comfortable with, do not purchase a new organic shampoo since it might result in heavy hair loss. You have to remember that most of the ingredients will be added in the raw state when you are purchasing a shampoo in the organic form. So unless they are not properly processed, it would be impossible for you to obtain the shampoo’s complete power and be sure that it is safe. For example, when you add lime or certain other ingredients in each raw form without processing, they might result in intensive hair fall for scalp damage which can be repaired only through chemists. So while purchasing a shampoo, make sure that it is taken from a good organic brand that has been successful in the local or international market. Some of the products like Patanjali and Ayush have yielded promising results with natural ingredients on their side. So if interested, you can go for such products at the end. Even the Himalayas is considered to be a natural shampoo. They still have certain chemicals embedded within them, and if you want a fusion of organic and modern techniques, such brands will be a suitable option.

Hair type

It does not matter whether you have straight hair, a curly mop, wavy locks, fine strands, coloured mane, and so on. The most important theme you need to consider while purchasing an organic shampoo is the type of hair you have and how the product will go well. For example, using an organic shampoo filled with aloe vera will not be suitable for oily hair since it already has moisture content. When you are using a shampoo for straight hair, it should have the ability to keep it perfect for a long time. Similarly, shampoo for curly hair should make the locks more bouncy and voluminous. 

The shampoo you are purchasing should also take care of hair issues like oily hair, dandruff dry hair, and hair fall problems. So technically, the shampoo you are selecting should go well along with their type and also solve the issues present within the scalp. Always remember that the scalp and hair are not separate entities. While the scalp is responsible for holding the roots in a tight fit, the hairs maintain the chemicals. Some of the common points that you need to keep in mind while purchasing a shampoo based upon your hair type include,

  • Similarly, if you have normal hair, the shampoo you will use should have a balancing effect at the end. It should not have the ability to remove the natural oils present within the hair and be gentle on the scalp.
  • Similarly, when you have oily hair, the shampoo should have the ability to remove the unwanted oil from the scalp to an extreme extent. 
  • In case of a dry hair problem, the shampoo used should have the ability to improve the moisture content and make it more voluminous. Remember, in such conditions, the person with curly and straight hair should have a softness to their hair to look bouncy and lively. 

Whatever you decide to purchase, always remember that it is important to understand the hair’s need and purchase the product accordingly. This exact need identification will allow you to purchase suitable shampoo. Even in the organic market, multiple shampoos increase the volume, reduce dandruff, and improve root management. For example, if you are using excess hair products for a long time, it is necessary to use a shampoo that supports the hair product, including the colouring agents and makes the hair look more bouncy.

Natural ingredients

One of the best parts of purchasing organic shampoo is using natural ingredients to make it more efficient. So when you are purchasing an organic shampoo, make sure that it has a proper set of natural ingredients to suit your requirements. For example, purchasing a shampoo that comes along with lemon and amla will reduce the dandruff content. The presence of aloe vera will improve the moisture content in the hair. Some of the most common natural ingredients present in the shampoo include honey, plant oils, chamomile, olive, coconut oil, aloe vera, root extracts, essential oils, lemon, amla, hibiscus, fruit extracts, and so on. Most of these natural ingredients have a gentle effect on the hair, and they do not affect the cuticles when cleansing. They also can improve the hydration of the hair to a greater extent. Most shampoos have chemical content that can remove the hair’s oil, which is not possible in organic shampoo.

Biotin, proteins, and others

Protein-Protein is an important part, and having an organic shampoo containing natural proteins will improve the hair’s shining look. For example, when you are purchasing a natural shampoo, it will have elements like essential oils and natural protein contents present within them that can improve the root strength and develop the hair’s growth. If your main aim is to improve your hair’s thickness and allow growth at a faster rate, the best option is to choose a concentrated protein shampoo. So protein is an essential quality that you need to maintain in an organic shampoo. 

Biotin- Biotin is a component of the vitamin B family that can improve the hair’s growth. When you are purchasing a shampoo in organic, make sure that it has substances that induce the biotin content. Even though there is a common belief that biotin cannot be absorbed by the scalp, it has been proven that the results of biotin-based shampoos are more powerful and shinier when compared to non-biotin shampoos. 

Niacin: Niacin is a vitamin B3 compound responsible for improving the nutrients present with the hair follicles and increases hair growth. This particular component is also used in various topical skin ointments because of their ability to reduce the infection rate and allergy to the skin. Using an organic shampoo with Niacin content within them will be useful for growth and fullness. 

Glycerin – glycerine is also a natural component that is widely available in most cosmetic products. When you are purchasing inorganic shampoo form, make sure that it has natural glycerine to improve the heart’s moisture rising content and reduce the frizziness to produce more defined curly hair. Having glycerine in your hair will improve the shiny feeling that you get at the end. 

Similarly, other studies have proven that usage of lavender and peppermint oil will improve the growth rate of the hair, but they have not yet been proven properly. The presence of amino acid within the shampoo will reduce the copper content present within the hair and protect the follicles from damages due to UV-A and UV-b radiation. Organic shampoos can also contain extracted seed oils that will make them more useful and powerful. People with straight hair can also use other products like coconut oil, almond, sunflower oil, soyBean, and other vitamin extracts for improving the strength of the hair as a whole.

pH value and moisture content

The next important feature that you need to consider while purchasing an organic shampoo is the pH value. Every human head has a particular PH value that needs to be respected and maintained to improve the hair’s growth rate. When it comes to pH values, certain organic shampoos with natural materials might increase or decrease the level of the pH in the scalp. It’s not just the pH value, but the hair’s moisture content should also be improved for future usage. Despite being used for oily hair, every shampoo should have a basic moisture content and excess when preparing it for dry hair. Maintaining the pH value and the hair’s moisture content will reduce the fungal infection available in the head as dandruff. But to remove it on a deeper level, the best option is the fungicides like ketoconazole. When you go for organic shampoo, products like hibiscus, amla, and lemon can reduce the fungal attacks on your head.

Things to avoid

These shampoos can improve your hair growth. But one thing that you need to avoid common with all types of shampoos and conditioners is the presence of certain harsh chemicals. These chemicals are purposely added to improve the effects of the shampoo but on long term usage, they will damage the hair. Some of the commonly found harsh chemicals that might help your hair damage includes, 

Sulphate – These chemicals are used to improve the foaming effect. But when added in excess they might result in irritation of the scalp and dryness. So the best option is to avoid this particular chemical. 

Paraben – This is a very powerful preservative that is used in shampoos for making them last for years. But they might cause heaviness on hair and result in damage. 

So while purchasing a shampoo make sure to avoid both these chemicals along with other chemicals like silicon and chemical dye. They are added to provide a perfect look after shampoo, but in the long term, you might lose more hair. 

Most of these shampoos are widely available in the market. Even in organic shampoo, there are multiple sets of differentiation available, and hence you can choose that will suit your requirement to a greater extent. When purchasing a shampoo, remember that the quality is more important than the price range and the products. Given below is a list of organic shampoos that men can constantly use. If interested, you can go along with these designs. Else the best option will be to choose a design like the features mentioned above.