Best Hair Conditioner For Men In India

If you are looking for the best hair conditioner for men in India then this guide is surely helpful for you. You can read this guide and find the best hair conditioner as per your specifications and preferences.

If your hair looks dry and frizzy, that means you have dry hair. Dry hair gets tangled and makes your daily life hell as you need to spend a lot of time de-tangle them. In India, most Indian men and women face dry hair condition due to bad weather conditions. Due to bad humidity and high temperature, the moisture of hair gets lost. Dryness of hair can be caused because of the no scalp nourishment. It can also be increased because of more heat and styling products. To nourish your hair, you need to use the best hair conditioner for dry hair. These dry hair conditioners will not only nourish your hair, but they will make them silky and smooth. So, from the next time, you don’t have to spend hours to de-tangle your hair.

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WOW Coconut & Avocado Oil No Parabens & Sulphate Hair Conditioner

Mama earth Argan & Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Conditioner for Dry & Frizzy Hair

TRESemme Smooth & Shine Conditioner

How your hair become dry?

Our scalp produces the oil from the oil glands to nourish the hair strands, but due to some genetical reasons or environmental reasons, this oil production may get affected. This condition makes your hair strand dry and frizzy and prone to break. Sometimes styling your hair may also cause dehydration in your hair. Some chemical and styling gels can also affect hair health and will leave your hair dry. Here are the few common reasons-

  • Environmental reasons- 

In India, the climate is also responsible for making your hair dry. Humidity and hot weather generate more sweat in your scalp, which results in blocking oil glands with dust and dirt. This blocks the oil production process in your scalp and results in dry and frizzy hair.

  • Use of styling products

If you are habitual of using styling gel or serums every alternate day, then be ready to face dry hair. These chemical-based products will take away the natural moisture of your hair. Avoid using such products regularly to protect your hair from any damage.

  • Wrong hair product selection

It is seen that we sometimes ignore the needs of our hair and follow the regimes which are not suitable for our hair type. If your shampoo is harsh, then it is really going to make your hair super dry. Always use the recommended quantity to wash your hair, do not over rinse your hair.

  • Water can be responsible too

If you live in such an area where the water is either hard or chlorine mixed, then be ready for frizzy hair. Choline is a bleaching agent, and the water mixed with it will surely damage your hair. Try to use water softeners devices to avoid any such condition. 

Types of hair conditioners for dry hair

As we know, every hair type is different, and it needs special attention. Same as for dry hair, conditioners enriched with natural essential oils and herbal ingredients will be an excellent choice for your hair. To select the best hair conditioner for dry hair, check the list of ingredients next time.Many types of hair conditioners are available in the market, like oil-based, water-based and hair packs.

  • Oil-based conditioners

These conditioners are designed with the goodness of essential oils like coconut oil, jojoba oil or olive oil. Conditioners with Moroccan olive oil are the best in class. To reduce the frizzy-ness of your hair, you must select the conditioner which has the goodness of any of these oils.

  • Water-based conditioners

These conditioners are developed with water as a base. These are also called hair hydrants. These conditioners are used to reduce the acute dryness of hair and maintain good scalp health. If your scalp skin is reactive to oil-based products, then you can use water-based conditioners.

  • Hair Mask

Hair masks are great for deep conditioning of dry and frizzy hair.  Hair packs and masks made with natural ingredients can be the best choice for your weak and dry strands. These masks not only nourish the complete strands but also enhance the radiance of your hair.

Product review

The market is full of many conditioners for dry hair, but you need to select the best hair conditioner for dry hair based on your needs. We have added the top three hair conditioners for dry hair.

WOW Coconut & Avocado Oil No Parabens & Sulphate Hair Conditioner

Wow skin science works for premium quality and healthy personal hair care product development. This hair conditioner is enriched with natural organic virgin coconut oil and avocado oil. This hair conditioner is free from all kind of paraben and SLS. This hair conditioner is free from animal-derived components. Wow hair conditioner incorporates certified bio-actives like wheat protein, sweet almond oil and jojoba oil. This hair conditioner also contains castor oil and argan oil, which provide strength to weak strands. This hair conditioner is the best for all kind of dry hair. This conditioner is suitable for split ends and hair fall too. The best part of this shampoo is the no sulphate formula, which keeps your hair safe from dryness. 

Mama earth Argan & Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Conditioner for Dry & Frizzy Hair

Mama earth Argan & Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Conditioner for Dry & Frizzy Hair is the best conditioner to reduce frizz. Mamaearth conditioner contains all-natural ingredients which provide intense moisture to your hair. This hair conditioner also reduces the split ends. To keep your hair nourished and moisturized, this conditioner has used all-natural actives. 

Mamaearth conditioner also contains argon oil which penetrates very deep in the scalp and keeps your hair nourished. This hair conditioner is dermatologically tested and does not contain any harsh chemical or parabens. 

TRESemme Smooth & Shine Conditioner

TRESemme Smooth & Shine Conditioner is developed with smooth and shine vitamin         H and silk protein. If you are looking for saloon-like silky smooth hair, this hair conditioner is the best choice.

This hair conditioner contains Moroccan argon oil, which gives extra nourishment to hair and makes your strands smoother. This hair conditioner is specially formulated for the Indian hair type. You can combine this conditioner with any oil treatment too. 

All the dry hair conditioners are formulated with specific ingredients so that your hair can feel moisturized and healthy. To choose the best hair conditioner for dry hair, you need to look for the hair type and used ingredients.