How To Make Hair Serum At Home With Coconut Oil?

Women have been struggling to get a salon-like look at home. This passage gives the easiest way to prepare a serum at home with results similar to the chemical serums.

“Oh, your hair just looks so perfect” is one of the compliments any woman would love to hear. Hair changes the entire appearance of a woman. A woman whose hair looks shiny, thick, and strong has a magnetic aura that automatically makes all eyes turn towards her wherever she goes.

Even if you don’t have the best outfit, by just having the perfect hair, you can rock any kind of look.

Hair goes through lots of changes in a span of time, and hence haircare seems to be very crucial. Hair fall, dandruff, split ends, dry hair, frizzy hair, oily hair, insufficient hair growth, weak hair, etc. Almost every woman faces several hair problems. As there are changes in the body, it also affects hair growth and its appearance as well. 

At times the hair gets damaged due to medications as well. There are several reasons for unhealthy hair growth, which include; improper hair care, no hygiene, irregular washing of hair, medications, and eating habits as well.

Not only women but also men go through these problems as well because they tend to be negligent about hair care. 


In today’s world where the pollution is increasing to no end, getting the perfect hair has become quite difficult. Women spend thousands of rupees getting the ideal kind of hair by spending on keratin treatments, smoothening, ozone treatment, etc. Our hair needs the right kind of care and pampering in all the seasons of the year as hair reacts differently every season. 

In winters, it kind of becomes frizzy, and opposite to this, in summers, it suffers from getting an oily appearance that spoils the person’s entire look. In both seasons, the only common thing that happens is hair fall which needs to be avoided at any cost.

In India, people prefer using home remedies for skincare and hair care rather than the market’s cosmetics. Using natural products gives no side effects but only benefits.

It is much more economical and risk-free to make your products using home remedies as it is safe and trustable.

Hair serum is one of the products which acts as an instant salon treatment for your hair. But the best quality hair serums are quite expensive, and all of them vary in their contents. So selecting the right kind of hair serum is another challenge. As it may not be compulsory that every hair serum will suit your hair type and give it a look you desired. 

Before hair serums, the only trusted product for hair has been coconut oil for ages. There are no reactions caused by using coconut oil as it is completely safe for all kinds of hair. Hence making coconut oil a core ingredient for your hair serum may prove to be very beneficial.

So here is a method by which you can make hair serum at home using coconut oil and aloe Vera, which will naturally make your hair look picture perfect and even strengthen it from the roots. 

Hair serum can be made using a few products which are available at home.


Aloe Vera gel:

The hair serum contains aloe Vera gel. Aloe Vera has numerous benefits for the entire body, including hair. It locks the moisture in the hair and keeps it hydrated. Aloe Vera has a pH of about 4.5, which closes the hair cuticles and prevents hair damage. It nourishes the entire hair and gives it a voluminous look. It also helps in keeping dandruff away by making the scalp healthy.

Coconut oil:

Coconut oil is considered to be a solution for every other hair problem in India. It prevents hair fall, split ends, dandruff and ensures healthy hair growth. It has been used for hair care in India for ages. From grandmas to modern-day moms, everyone believes that coconut oil is highly beneficial for the hair of people of all ages.


The Rosewater acts like an astringent. The basic role of an astringent is to minimize the production of excess oil, which in turn prevents problems like dandruff and an unhealthy scalp. It has anti-inflammatory properties which help in preventing skin diseases or skin problems like psoriasis. It has been found that rose water acts as an excellent frizz control ingredient for curly and wavy hair, and hence rose water acts as the catalyst for a hair serum to give a frizz-free look.

Vitamin E capsule:

The vitamin E capsule is one of the most effective core ingredients used as it acts as an antioxidant and helps in promoting hair growth.

The use of these tablets releases the oxidative stress in the human scalp, and hence the roots get strengthened, and hair grows stronger. People with long hair need this a lot since their hair tends to become weaker as the length keeps growing. Chemical products, smoke, dirt pollution tend to destroy the natural shine of your hair. The extract of these Vitamin E capsules replenishes the shine. 

Here are the steps for making the natural hair serum:

  1. Take the Aloe Vera gel in an ample amount in a spray bottle.
  2. Add 10-15 drops of coconut oil
  3. Slit open the vitamin e capsule (Evion) and empty the extract into the mixture
  4. Add 10-15 drops of rose water
  5. Fill about half of the bottle with clean water.

Shake this mixture well enough till there are no sediments left and all the contents are mixed up well.

Your hair serum is ready to be used.

The Hair type

This hair serum is completely natural and hence suitable for all types of hair. It gives the benefits accordingly because all the contents work for the overall improvement of the quality of the hair. 


The serum should be used immediately after hair washes for visible results. Hair usually starts looking very messy and dry after a wash. Using this serum by applying it over wet hair gives a fantastic look to the hair.  

It can also be applied before straightening your hair to prevent hair damage due to the excessive heat it is exposed to.

It can be applied just before you leave your home for work so as to give your hair a fantastic look and protect it from dust and heat. 


The serum, when applied, tends to reflect the light and makes your hair look lustrous and attractive. It ensures that that hair doesn’t get entangled when exposed to the wind. It strengthens the root, ensuring no hair fall. It locks the moisture in the scalp preventing dandruff, and gives a stronger hair growth.


Hence the above serum has proven to be beneficial to many people. It is the most affordable way to get the perfect look without spending a whopping amount of money in the parlor.

It is completely safe and can be used regularly as it only keeps nourishing the hair with every use.