How To Use keratin Hair Mask At Home?

Keratin is a natural protein that maintains our skin, nails and hair. It basically functions to strengthen working. With the pollution, overuse of hair curling or straightening or dying products the natural system of keratin is damaged. This results in damage of hair, split ends and hair loss. So to repair the damaged system of natural keratin maintenance one can opt keratin masks and treatments.

Who should use a keratin mask?

Those whose scalp has lost its natural keratin content and are facing issues  with damaged hair can bring home a keratin mask and use it. 

Benefits of using a keratin hair masks

  1. Hair becomes more shiny, strong and smooth 
  2. Moist and healthier scalp
  3. Repairs split ends and hair damage
  4. Helps in reducing the frizz in hair
  5. stronger hair
  6. Causes less damage to the environment.

Note: Keratin mask is strictly a no to pregnant women.

How to use a keratin hair mask at home?

Follow these steps to use a keratin hair mask at home for healthy scalp and hair:

  • Hair wash : 

Use a Shampoo to wash your hair. Using a good keratin rich shampoo can give increased results. If your hair type is straight hair, wash your hair for at least twice and If your hair type is straight curly consider washing hair thrice or more for better results. Rinse your hair thoroughly and see that you don’t use conditioners. 

  • Dry your hair: 

take time and dry your hair. Use a towel to dry your hair. Let it be a little moist though not wet. That way your mask sits on your hair. This gives good results. 

  • Apply your mask: 

Use a good keratin mask, check out the ingredients list it has, read the reviews by the users before buying it. Check twice whether it is safely manufactured and packed or not. Apply the mask carefully on the strands and ends of your hair keeping it away from your eyes. Apply until the scalp and avoid the scalp. Later use a comb with wide brussels and comb your hair gently without locks.

  • Wait: 

Wait for around thirty minutes, let your hair absorb the content of your mask. 

  • Rinse gently:

 rinse your hair gently. Do not use any shampoo or conditioner that will wash the mask away nullifying the effect. Also see that the contents of the mask does not remain on your hair after, it may lead to itching or dandruff.

  • Dry your hair:

 Use blow dry to dry your hair thoroughly. Separate your hair into sections and dry each and every section with special care.  Use can also iron your hair. When you iron your hair the keratin sits on your hair and improves results. 

  • Give a gap: 

Leave your hair dry for 2 to 3 days. After applying the keratin mask, don’t wash or apply heavy hair products for two days. Later after two day wash your hair again with a shampoo that is rich in keratin.


  • Cover your eyes. Keep yourself safe.
  • Keep it away from children and pets.


The keratin mask is for you if you are facing hair damage due to keratin loss.  You can both buy or make a keratin hair mask for yourself. When you are buying a keratin mask be extra careful. See that the product you are buying has good keratin content and does not have a lot of harmful chemicals like parabens in high content.  The keratin mask makes hair strong, smooth, shiny and beautiful. But overuse of Keratin masks is not advisable and is a threat for health.