How To Use Streax Hair Serum?

Streaks has been the most well-known and trusted brand since a long time. It is the first choice of every Indian consumer and professional stylists. Streak provides a wide range of hair care products such as highlighting, hair color, shampoo, conditioner and the hair serum. The most famous amongst this is the streax hair serum which is used and trusted by several users across India as well as other countries. This passage enlightens you about the proper method to use your streax hair serum.

Hair serum is the secret to every hair which is shining and is tangle free. If you are looking for a perfect hair serum it’s time to buy yourself a streak hair serum. As it has been the one which is widely used by women throughout the globe. The streax hair serum has been one of the most trusted brands by every other girl as it is not only affordable but also highly effective without any side effects. May it be normal, highlighted, dyed, or coloured hair, streax hair serum protects all kinds of hair from damage, dust, pollution and other problems.


There are two types of serums available in the market,


Contents: The serum contains, Cyclomethicone, Dimethiconol, light liquid paraffin, octyl methoxycinnamate, isopropyl myristate, perfume, Vitamin E, almond oil.


Contents: Cyclomethicone, cyclopentasiloxane and Dimethiconol, light liquid paraffin, octyl methoxycinnamate, vitamin e, almond oil, walnut oil.



This is one of the serums which is preferred by most of the professionals at the salon. It makes your hair highly glossy. It gives your hair a silky smooth finish. The contents include vitamin rich oil and vitamin e which nourishes the hair completelyIt works for frizzy hair and gives them a smooth and glossy look.

This serum should be preferably used when you are styling your hair as it is long lasting and will keep your hair styled for a considerable amount of time. Applying it while going out can be very beneficial for your hair as it protects the hair from harmful UVB rays and keeps the hair healthy and dust free. It gives an amazing aroma after applying hence making it the serum you should prefer if you are going out for a party or an event.


This serum is preferred for everyday use. This serum nourishes the hair and enhances its smoothness keeping the hair shiny and manageable all day. It polishes the hair making it soft and silky so if your hair structure is dry or frizzy this serum is highly recommended as the walnut oil content present in it repairs the damaged hair and keeps your hair tidy and presentable for the entire day. It is recommended only for simple hair without any highlights or colour on it, as this serum may lighten your highlights.


  • The streax hair serum vitalized with walnut oil (100 ml) costs you Rs 210
  • The streax professional vitarich gloss hair serum (100 ml) costs you Rs 230

As we see the pro gloss serum is slightly expensive then the walnut oil serum and hence it is not preferred for daily use. 

Furthermore both the serums seem to be in budget and can be purchased without any hesitation as they last for many months even if we use them on a daily basis.


1) The serum turns dull and rough hair to shiny and silky

2) Completely light weighted 

3) Polishes the hair.

4) Softens the hair.

5) Helps reduce hair loss.

6) Controls the frizz of your hair

7) Reduces the tangles in your hair.

8) Protects hair from environmental damage



Both the serums should be applied after a hair wash and before going out. It is highly recommended to apply it on fresh and damp hair for effective results. It glazes the hair and gives you a salon ready look after a wash.


The streax hair serum shouldn’t be over applied, as it may cause the hair to look very oily. Only a pea sized amount should be taken, and allowed to stand for a few seconds on the palm (30 seconds max) so that the consistency becomes liquidy and then it can be more then enough for your hair.


Take a few drops of the streax serum on your hands, rub them between your palms, and run your hands through your wet or damp hair.

The Serum should mainly be applied on the ends of the hair and not on the scalp

Never rub your hands through your scalp while applying serum as it may have a reverse effect and make your scalp more oily leading to dandruff and other hair problems.

Once the serum is applied, you can then blow dry your hair or just leave it like that to naturally dry. After the hair is completely dried, you then comb it and hence you might observe a visible difference in the texture of your hair, as it becomes tangle free, smooth and glossy.

DOs and DONTs while application

The DO’s

1)Wash your hair properly before the application of the serum, as serum works the best on moist hair.

2)Do use it before any heating or ironing treatment. As we all know exposing the hair to excessive heat can cause hair damage hence it is highly recommended to protect your hair with a layer of hair serum so that your natural hair isn’t damaged.

3)Do ensure that your scalp and hair is clean before application. If you apply the serum on your hair despite it being oily and sticky, the serum adds on to its oiliness and the hair tends to start looking ugly.

The DON’Ts

1) Don’t apply excessive serum over fine hair. Application of hair serum over very thin hair makes it look voluminous but applying excessive serum can make it limp and greasy.

2)Never apply the hair serum over the scalp. It makes the scalp secret more of oil causing various hair problems.

3) Always know the texture of your hair before selecting the serum. As if you have oily hair there are different serums available for your hair as it has different contents than the other regular serums.



  • Both the serums are in budget and last for almost five to six months
  • It protects the hair from damage while blow drying, straightening or curling. It maintains the hairstyle done for a long time and hence is a must use while going out for parties.
  • It detangles the messy hair making it smooth and silky.
  • As the bottle has a pump dispenser it is easy to control the amount of serum to be used.
  • It keeps the hair healthy and frizz free even though the hair is treated with colours or excessive heat treatments like ironing and straightening.


  • The availability of the product may be an issue at times because of its high demand.
  • The prolonged and excessive use might lead to hair breakage. 


Hence streax hair serum is the perfect choice for your hair as it gives you a very attractive look at hardly any cost. It not only nourishes and makes your hair healthy but also adds volume to the hair hence enhancing your look so that you can step out of the house with the confidence that you look great.  It is one of the highly effective serums at a comparatively low price then the other serums available in the market. Once you get the knack of using the serums in the right way you don’t need to spend extra bucks at the parlour for getting your hair treated. Hence if you are looking out for a highly effective and affordable hair serum, i strongly recommend to use the streax hair serum as you will never be disappointed once you start using it. 


No, serum should be used regularly and not on a daily basis as excess use of anything always tends to be harmful.

Hair serum has various chemicals formulated specially for the hair shafts and not the hair roots, therefore prolonged use can cause the hair to break from the between. Hence it is always recommended to use the hair serum in a certain limit.

yes, it is considered very beneficial for hair as it not only adds nourishment to the hair but also gives you a presentable look all day long.