Best Shampoo For Hair Fall For Men In India

There are a variety of hair products available for men, especially when it comes to shampoos. But the real truth is that only half of them are valuable. So the best option is to choose a shampoo that goes well with their hair using the features mentioned below.

With the current climatic condition and the existing issues of getting a hair fall is quite common. The increasing amount of stress factors has forced users nowadays to appear older than they are capable of. Men nowadays are experiencing baldness at a young age of their life from the age of 25 due to increased hair fall. The only option available for preventing the hard from external factors is using high-quality e shampoos available in the market. Some shampoos can reduce these exposures’ aftereffect, while certain shampoos act before the damage and protect the hair from getting damaged when exposed by forming a protective layer. Similarly, you can purchase a good shampoo that will prevent hair fall conditions in the upcoming future. The only good options available in the market are some of the well-known products that are specifically designed for reducing hair fall due to damage, dandruff, weak hair, and so on. So technically, before purchasing a hair product, you need to understand the requirement and make a suitable purchase for the future. Let us now see about these products and how to choose without affecting the quality of your hair efficiently. 

For choosing a high-quality shampoo product, certain things need to be considered since they have a good effect when chosen properly. The best option for choosing a hair product is by understanding the basic concept where the shampoo is for your scalp and hair as a combination. For example, shampoo does not simply clean the scalp but is also responsible for making your hair look fine and soft with high quality.

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Things to consider

Product types available

There are multiple products available in the market. But only certain products can be used for reducing hair fall. Here we have mentioned them below. 

Hair fall control shampoo

These shampoos contain high-quality proteins like collagen and keratin and other natural extracts like aloe vera and hibiscus to strengthen the roots and prevent the hair from falling. 

Hair damage control shampoo

These shampoos can protect the hair from further damages and also repair the already damaged shampoo. These shampoos can be quite powerful and suitable for preventing hair fall. Remember, these shampoos can be used only if the hair fall is due to damages. 

Nature of the hair

The first feature that needs to be taken into account while purchasing a shampoo is the hair’s nature. For example, when you have thin hair, then the shampoo you are purchasing should have the ability to improve the thickness for preventing hair fall and make it look more voluminous as an added advantage. Similarly, when you have curly hair, the shampoo you are purchasing should be suitable for maintaining the Curls and preventing hair fall. Simply purchasing a product just for the hang of it will not improve your requirement. So when you purchase a shampoo, do not just look for the basic requirement you are purchasing, like controlling dandruff or improving the hair’s growth. Make sure that it also has features that will enhance the hair’s current condition and are suitable for your constant usage. Depending upon the nature of the hair, you can choose a model that will be a better option for your requirement. 


When you are purchasing a product, the brand should be highly qualified to enter your scalp. Only certain brands in the world have been certified by the medical council and ISO-based upon the ingredients used with them. Purchasing any other brand without certifications might reduce quality and an inability to be sure about the ingredients used within the shampoo. So if you are interested in purchasing a shampoo, the best option is to go for brands like Dove, Head and shoulders, and Garnier. A good brand can prevent the hair fall while a poor brand can increase it. So try to choose a brand that will not affect the quality of the hair at the end. 

Organic or normal

This is one of the most common questions that has been bugging most of the users for a long time. Both of them have equally effective products, but choosing them perfectly will be the correct option for people. For example, both the organic and normal shampoos have their own set of good products and worst products that are not properly prepared and approved. So, either way, you have to make an effective choice that will not affect the product’s quality to a greater extent. But before selecting organic or a normal product understanding their benefits will be useful. 

Organic product – When you select an organic shampoo, organic shampoo remembers that all the ingredients present within the bottle are made up of natural extracts. None of the chemicals are used within them for preservation. So when you buy organic shampoo, it is essential to use them within a short period rather than keeping it for a year. So the brand you are choosing should be perfect with all the ingredients mentioned on the label and freshly prepared before a week or month. When you are using organic shampoo, the concentration level of the extracts are added within them will be a bit higher, which might improve the pH level of the scalp, so make sure that your scalp can withstand such an increase.

Chemical product – when you purchase a chemical shampoo or a normal shampoo preferred by most people nowadays, make sure that he does not have any hostel added to give an immediate after effect. They should be safer to use, and the price range of this product should also be decent. The price range of organic shampoos is much higher since they require a lot of work and efficiency from the manufacturer for a decent product. The verb product you choose makes sure that it suits your hair type and does not increase the hair fall rather than decrease it. 

Cause of hair fall

When you are having an issue with hair fall, then there must be some reason behind it. Analyzing the reason will improve the problem at hand through efficient techniques. The main reason for hair fall will be factors like dandruff, weak roots, and other conditions. When removed, they can reduce the hair fall and make it more perfect and allow Regrowth of men’s hair. 

Dandruff – Dandruff is a basic infection that happens in the dry scalp and extremely oily scalp due to fungus’s growth at an increased rate. Using a shampoo with ketoconazole will resolve the issue, but this product will result in the hair’s dryness. So when you are purchasing an anti-dandruff shampoo for reducing your hair fall, for purchasing hair fall control shampoo with dandruff action embedded within it, make sure that it has an inbuilt conditioner. Else it is necessary to purchase an external conditioner for regular usage after shampooing. 

Weak hair – when you are having a hair fall due to the roots’ weakness or thinning of hair, the first thing we have to do is purchase a shampoo with protein content. The protein content present within the shampoo will improve the hair’s growth and increase the thickness, thereby making the root fixed and nutritious. Along with the natural proteins like collagen and keratin, you can also expect the shampoo to have natural extracts rich in vitamins and bio-nutrients to improve the root’s strength for the long term. Some products like Garnier and indulekha are such unique extracts that can reduce hair fall by improving the hair’s strength and roots. 

Dry and thin hair – having dry and thin hair is a deadly combination as they are not just breakable but can also so easily be crushed. Having well-moisturized hair will prevent the hair from breakage, and by improving the thickness, the point of breakage will also be difficult in comparison. So the best option for such a requirement is to purchase a shampoo that can improve the hair’s thickness. Purchasing a shampoo that comes along with extracted nutrients like biotin and multiple vitamins will be your useful choice for such requirements. Try to purchase a shampoo that has hydrolyzed products to improve the moisture content of the hair. 

Hair damage – Hair damage is a normal issue that constantly arises when the hand is exposed to external dust and climatic changes like heavy sunlight and cold temperatures. Modern fashion has also forced men to use various products on the hair like hair gel and hair colors that will affect the hair’s quality to a greater extent. So when you are purchasing a shampoo, make sure that it has an ingredient like amino acids and biotin to improve the hair’s growth by repairing the hair damage. 

Fruit extracts and natural oils

When searching for a natural product or a chemical-based product, the concept of extracted oils and fruit extracts will be a common topic that might be discussed. Most people love using such natural products with some extracts to enrich their roots rather than chemical altogether. So technically, when you are searching for a hair growth shampoo, certain natural ingredients like Amla, Bhringaraj, shikakai, and aloe vera can improve the hair’s growth naturally along with the Chemicals mixed with them. This will allow you to maintain your hair using powerful fusion components. Even while using natural products, check your scalp’s pH level before applying anything because sometimes even natural products might backfire.

Things to avoid

Harsh chemicals

A good hair growth shampoo should not have any unwanted ingredients like sulfate, paraben, and silicone. Avoiding these nasty chemicals will protect your hair from further damage. Remember, these chemicals can damage naturally good and well-maintained hair to a certain extent. So applying them on a damaged hair or poor scalp condition might result in further damage. So avoid using shampoos that have these Chemicals, and remember most of the certified shampoo bottles do not have these Chemicals since they are not approved. So when you are going for a non-certified product, there is a risk of searching for hidden Chemicals without being mentioned on the ingredients list.  

Sulfate – This increases the irritation in your scalp, and some shampoos have them in excess. Choose a sulfate-free product, or go for a product that has the permitted amount. 

Silicone – This chemical has the ability to make your hair feel heavy. They are not useful and mostly avoided in the current products. 

Dye ingredients – Certain shampoos use dyeing agents to improve hair’s look that might harm your hair. So choose a model that is perfect without dye ingredients. 

All these natural products have been a boon to shampoo uses, and the fusion techniques make it more suitable for common people who do not have enough time to pamper their hair with oil massage or any other ingredients. Make sure to purchase the product with the following features mentioned above for a good result. If you are still confused about the quality, you can go for the products mentioned below. Some of the best hair fall reduction shampoos present in the market and available for a decent price range. We have personally analyzed their features and tabulated them for your usage.