Best Shampoo For Hair Fall For Women In India

There is a variety of herbal shampoo available in the market. Before selecting a hair fall shampoo, you need to decide based upon the ingredients available within the shampoo.

For some people hair, fall might be a simple issue. But most people try to stop their hair fall-related issues at the start, especially when it comes to women. Usually, many hormonal factors are taken into consideration when there is a hair fall problem for a woman. But regardless of the internal factors, other external issues may cause a breakdown of the hair. As per the research conducted by  American Academy of dermatologists it is normal  to loose 50-100 strands per day. Moreover  it has been established that women lose more strands than men. It is a very sensitive object in your body that needs to be maintained. For  maintenance, the first and foremost thing you have to do is use a proper shampoo that will reduce the disturbances and improve the hair’s health. But before selecting a shampoo, there are certain conditions that you need to consider. For example, there are multiple solutions available in the market with products like shampoos and oil. But not all the products are suitable for your hair. Sometimes choosing the wrong product might increase hair fall rather than decreasing it. 

So before purchasing a product, you have to understand the qualities and match up with your hair for the future. This is not something that you can do on a trial and error basis because even a single error might result in a lot of damage that will take years to repair. So read the passage below carefully and selectively shampoo based upon the techniques that had been given for your hair fall-related issues.

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Things to consider

Know your Hair type

When you are purchasing certain shampoo things, they need to be taken into account. The first thing that you have to consider is to analyze your hair type. Depending upon the type of hair you have, like dry hair or curly hair, the shampoo should be selected. Let us now learn about the various types of hair available in the market and how to use them. When you are purchasing a hair shampoo, make sure it is according to your hair. This will allow you to strengthen the hair to a certain extent. .


Based upon the density, the hair type is divided into thin, thick, and medium hair. People with thin hair might have the problem of losing hair easily due to thin cuticles. Protein is a natural component that is responsible for hair thickening. So if you have thin hair, then purchasing a shampoo that comes with an increased protein like keratin and collagen is essential. Similarly for high hair density you can purchase a shampoo that will maintain the density and improve softness. It is essential to have protein in your shampoo despite the thickness and have hydrolyzed moisturiser combined with it to make it more flexible. So now with this technique you can feel free even with your thick hair. 

Oil content

Based upon the Oil content, the hair is divided into naturally oily hair, dry hair, and combination hair. You have to remember that naturally, oily hair can increase the hair fall ratio despite the enriched Oil content present within them. So purchase the shampoo that has the ability to reduce oil content to a measured amount.  Shampoos with clay and charcoal have the ability to clean the scalp, absorb the unwanted oil content and maintain a good look.


Elasticity refers to the ability of the have to extend when pulled. Highly elastic hair is considered unhealthy, and only the ones with medium elasticity are considered to be more healthy and lustrous. So purchase a shampoo that has an improved moisture content like natural oil extracts and hydration. Remember the shampoo should not make your head feel heavy. So go for a minimal combination. Usage of hydrolyzed and fiber active conditioners can also improve the elasticity of your hair.


The porosity of the hair is directly proportional to the moisture content of the hair. There are hairs with moisture content like light, medium, and heavy ones. The shampoo you are purchasing should have the ability to improve and maintain the normal porosity level through natural oil extracts and active moisture content. Extracted oil based shampoos with content like coconut oil, almonds and olives can improve the porosity level and make your hair bouncy again. If you choose a chemical based shampoos go for shampoos with proactive conditioners. 

These features might seem like a simple concept, but they should be taken into account while purchasing a shampoo. Combining all these features, you can select a shampoo that suits your hair type because if it doesn’t, then purchasing a hair fall shampoo will not be efficient. Choosing a model that does not match your hair requirement will result in more hair fall than necessary rather than solving the problem.

Materials and concern

The next thing you have to consider while purchasing a hair fall shampoo is that there is a hair fall in your head. For example, some people might lose their hair because of excessive Oil content, while others might lose their hair because of dandruff. Depending upon your hair type, you have to choose a shampoo that resolves the problem rather than increasing it. Every single issue should be met with a proper set of chemicals, and using an alternative shampoo or an everyday hair fall protection shampoo might fail of the purpose. Some of the shared content and how to use them are mentioned below. 

Clogged impurities

 When you have excessive contaminants in the hair, the best thing you can do is go for a shampoo that has activated charcoal for salicylic acid in it to remove the clogged pores. This treatment will be more effective and powerful than a regular hair fall shampoo. Activated charcoal has been gaining more popularity during recent years, and it is widely used for removing impurities at a more incredible speed.

Weak hair

having weak hair is a common problem, and it is mainly due to loss of strength within your body. For such conditions, the best solution is to use a shampoo with solution chemicals like zinc, rice protein, biotin, and various other chemicals. Even though these chemicals are essential for strengthening your scalp directly through the application, it is also essential for you to improve your body’s internal strength by consuming healthy foods. Using shampoos with natural proteins like keratin and collagen can also be useful.


 if you have increased hair fall due to dandruff-related issues, then the best option is to go for a shampoo that comes along with ketoconazole. But one thing you have to remember is that this particular chemical can make your hair dry after several applications. Under such conditions, purchase a ketoconazole shampoo with adequate conditioning capacity or purchase a conditioner along with that. Using anti-dandruff shampoos without a good conditioner will not be effective.

Low blood

People normally have hair loss because of reduced blood circulation. Naturally, to improve the scalp’s blood circulation, people prefer going for hair massage and other treatments. But along with that choice, a shampoo that comes with ginger and mint can be added advantage as it can improve the blood circulation of the hair.


low moisture is a major issue when you have a hair fall due to dry hair. During such conditions, the best option is to go for a shampoo that comes with moisture content like keratin that helps you lock the hair’s moisture content. Otherwise, the next best option is the shampoo that comes with cocoa or shea butter, as they can moisturize the hair. Keeping the hair moisturized and hydrated is efficient for a healthy appearance. 

Along with these, you can also go for shampoos that come along with certain chemicals that promote hair growth. 

Ph value of the shampoo

When you are purchasing a shampoo, the Ph value should be reasonable, and it should allow you to maintain the alkaline content on the top of the head. Every scalp can retain the acidic content to a certain extent. But sometimes, using the wrong hair shampoo might result in the removal of these contents. So the best option is to go for a shampoo that comes with a good PH value that matches your hair’s pH value. Even though this is a simple concept, it is always a better option to check your scalp’s average pH value and then purchase a model that goes well along with it. Every single skull has a unique PH value depending upon its Oil content and other levels. So check them and purchase a suitable model.  


The next important feature that you need to consider while purchasing a hair fall protection shampoo is the brand. Using the wrong brand might fail your shampoo quality because most of the brands are not approved by respected authorities. So while purchasing a shampoo, make sure that it is from a good brand and the quality of the product added within them is perfect. Sometimes purchasing a product from a perfect brand like Garnier and Dove might result in a hefty price, but the final product will be of high quality. Think of it this way, instead of purchasing a cheap product, which might result in the future amount to be spent on the doctor for treatment, and the best option is to go for a high-priced product.

Antioxidants and vitamins


Most hair fall treatment shampoo comes with various chemicals like keratin and products that can be used for treating hair fall. But the major issue is that along with hair fall conditions, and it is also essential for you to maintain the quality of the like moisture content and the radical count necessary for a good texture. To make the hair softer and textures, the best option is to go for the models that come with vitamins and antioxidants. When you are purchasing an antioxidant that should have the ability to oxidize the hair and maintain the natural texture to it, it should also contain natural extracts that will protect the hair’s quality by offering the necessary vitamins like B3 and biotin.

Things to avoid while purchasing

When you are purchasing a shampoo, always keep in mind that certain Chemicals should not be commonly present.


Ensure that the shampoo you are purchasing does not have paraben since it increases the radicals of the hair resulting in breakage and hair fall.


Purchase a model that has a low amount of lather since they will have increased sulfate content. The sulfate content is also harmful to the hair, and avoiding it will make your shampoo more authentic and prevent your hair from getting exposed to more damage.

These Harsh Chemicals can make your hair thin and make the scalp feel more vulnerable to external factors. Remember, your shampoo should reduce hair fall and improve your hair’s strength, not reduce it. This, in turn, will reduce the power of your hair and solve the issue temporarily. Always look for a shampoo that comes with natural active ingredients rather than those with alcohols and other Harsh chemicals. 

Along with all the features mentioned above, you also have the requirement to consider certain other features like moisture content and proteins. Normally any shampoo that has been used for anti-hair fall will come along with a bit of protein content but make sure it is in a higher range to ensure the quality. The shampoo scent also plays a major role since it is essential if you are a person who constantly moves out. Similarly, if you have the habit of oiling your hair, then a perfectly scented shampoo will remove the unwanted smell and make your hair more Puffy and lustrous. Every hair product you are using should have the ability to remove the oil perfectly on a good level. It should not rob the natural oiliness but also should remove the unwanted dirt and oil. Given below are some of the products that we found would be suitable for preventing your hair fall. People can choose from this directly or go for a product that has the above features.