Best Weight Machines For Home In India [Reviews & Buying Guide]

There are various weighing machines available in the market that can be used for home purposes. If you are interested in purchasing one of them, you have to understand their details before making a final choice. Let us now see about them, including their types and features, for a better understanding.

With the increase in dieting and health consciousness, people are shifting towards a healthy lifestyle. Most people require a perfect weight machine in their home for continually checking their weights, especially when they are dieting. Under such situations, you will have the necessity to search the entire market for the most suitable design. But when it comes to a weight machine concept, there are certain things you need to consider. For example, there are a variety of models available in the weight machines category. So before making a final choice, you have to select what type of weight machine you need and then go into the designs and certain other features involved. Since the weight machine is a thing that will be used by most of the people in your home, it should be perfect and have the ability to withstand the pressure from them. 

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Hoffen HO-18 Digital Electronic LCD Personal Body Fitness Weighing Scale (Black)

AGARO WS 502 Ultra-Lite Digital Personal Body Weighing Scale 

HealthSense Dura-Glass PS 115 Digital Personal Body Weighing Scale

Analog weight machine

This model is one of the oldest and commonly used weight machines that have been in existence for the past 30 years. This weight machine has proven to be more reliable and uses a unique spring mechanism for checking the weight. Because of this particular mechanism, it can cause specific errors when constantly used for a considerable time. The weight should be crossed continuously so that the machine can be made reliable. Show us the device grows older, the effectiveness of the spring will be reduced, and hence the machine will change with time. But this particular machine does not use the battery for operations, and therefore once purchased, they do not cause any other extra price requirements. The weight range will be mostly up to 150 kgs. The analog weight machines are commonly used in hospitals and certain gym areas where more people are trying to measure their weight. The chances of error in analog devices are higher. Hence their usage has been decreasing during the past few years.

Digital weight machine

This model is the modern weight machine that is currently available in the market. They are trending at a larger rate, and hence most people prefer using them because the weight provided is accurate, and it even mentions the smallest account, including the grams. They used a different type of sensor present on the machine to provide accurate results. These weight machines are mostly made up of steel or glass material and are more reliable and less weight than the other machines. You have to keep in mind that all this digital weight machine should be kept on a flat surface for a perfect weight. When they are kept on an uneven surface, the value produced will also be wrong and vary every time.Along with the combination of 4G sensors, these weight machines have a special LCD panel to display the weight clearly with proper lighting effects in the background. This type of weight machine is available in different versions. While some machines provide you with appropriate weight alone, specific devices also indicate certain other body vitals through technical measurements. 

Digital machines with Bluetooth connection

When it comes to digital machines, there are also basic models and advanced models. These Bluetooth connection based devices are more advanced, and they are based upon the modern internet of things(IoT) technology. These modern digital weight machines can provide proper accurate weight and send the readings to the mobile phone in the form of a message. This model will allow you to maintain an appropriate record, and they also can analyze your health with certain applications. They are one of the modern technology-based machines. Sometimes, they also use the concept of artificial intelligence to analyze other body functions, including the functioning of the vital organs. 

The capacity of the machine

Every single weight machine has a certain capacity, and it needs to be followed. For example, standard weight machines can weigh up to 150 kg. But sometimes there are requirements to have a weight machine that weighs more than 150 kgs. So during those situations purchasing a heavy-duty weight machine is essential. So before buying a weight machine, determine the range to make a final choice while in the market. But one thing you have to keep in mind is that the heavy-duty weight machine has less portability, and they are susceptible to damages when constantly moved. Most of the gyms and hospitals use these heavy-duty weight machines. But for home, regular machines are enough. 


If there is one thing that you need to check on the weighing scale before purchasing it, then it is the accuracy. Having good accuracy is essential for good future activity, especially if you are on a diet. Naturally certain small errors might occur on the scale a few times. But what you need to keep in mind is that these errors are common, and they are ok if the occurrence rate is 0.5 kg more or less than the actual weight. But anything other than this condition cannot be accepted. Similarly, when using a digital weighing machine, keep in mind that the sensors can work only when they are kept in a flat area. When they are held on the curved surface, the output will not be perfect. If you want to check the weight machine’s accuracy, you can always purchase a 10 kg packet or a wait that is well known to you and place it on the machine. You can now check the weight appearing, and if there is an error rate up to 0.5 kg, then the accuracy can be accepted. This particular error will be constant for all the weights and hence try to detect them while measuring. 

Durability and material

This feature is the most important while purchasing a machine. Because when you are purchasing a weight machine, you have to consider the amount of time you can use a particular machine. For example, using a cheap plastic quality digital weight machine or analog weight machine will not be suitable for continuous usage. They might crack or break in the middle, mainly when varying weights are placed on them. Instead of using a plastic machine, always go for the Steel machines that are made up of Glass material. They are resistant to water and protect a machine to a certain extent. But this glass material made machines should be stored appropriately to not be exposed to hard substances like stone or steel. 


This is the most crucial feature because when you purchase an analog machine or Digital machine, the wait should be explicit for you from the standing position. When you are purchasing the unlock machine, make sure that even the smallest lines that indicate the gram weights are visible and clear. Similarly, when you are trying to buy a digital weight machine, you have to look at the numbers’ clarity appearing on the LCD panel. The numbers should be clear without any confusion so that you can view them from a standing position. Some of the weight machines on the digital scale can display the number even after getting down from the machine. This feature will be more comfortable for the viewers to store the details. This technique is not possible in analog weight machines because the scale changes the weight immediately. You take your legs away from them. 

Slip-proof Technology

If you are placing the weight machine in the bathroom or measuring your weight immediately after a bath, there is a chance of water coming in contact with the machine’s base. This feature will sometimes allow you to slip down, which might become dangerous. So purchasing a device that has a proper sleep proof technology will be more suitable. Even in the glass-made weight machine, make sure that it has a decent matte finish so that it wouldn’t be possible for you to slip on them. When you are using a metal surface, it is always best to have a rugged area on the top for avoiding skidding. 


The budget is an important part when you are purchasing a digital weighing machine. The budget should be reasonable and suitable for the brand and the quality. When you are buying a high-quality digital weighing machine with Bluetooth technology, the price will be higher. With the price increase, the quality will also increase. Setting up a budget will allow you to enjoy a limited amount of selection and features. So select the budget and then select the remaining brands. The brand is also an essential concept that you need to consider. Purchasing the weighing scale from a suitable brand will allow you to maintain the quality, and they come with a good warranty. Buying a brand that has established a right name in the medical industry will be a suitable brand for your requirement.


Sometimes there might be a requirement for you to move the machine from one room to another. During that situation having a lightweight technology-based weighing machine will be more suitable for you. So portability is an important concept that should be taken into account while purchasing a weighing machine. This feature will allow you to carry them easily even if you are going on a vacation but is still conscious about your weight. 

Application connection

Sometimes when you are purchasing a high branded weight machine, you will have the advantage of using an application that will allow you to maintain a proper record of your weights. The machine will automatically send the data to the application. So when you are purchasing a device, make sure that the application does not just keep the record on the weight but also provide certain tips for losing your weight and other required Essentials like BMI. Having a more advanced application will be useful and efficient. The application should be user friendly so that everyone can access them, and they should be suitable for both Android and IOS mobile phones. It should allow you to maintain multiple records so that you can’t understand the health of your family. It should also come with short advertisements and high updates in the future without affecting the machine’s quality. All these features are essential and should be noted while purchasing the right machine. Without these features purchasing a machine will result in a colossal failure. When you are using a machine, make sure that it is appropriately placed on an even surface, and the weight showing on the machine is accurate. Checking the weight from time to time, using the technique given above, is essential. Try to choose a digital weighing machine because it is more modern and comfortable compared to the analog machine. Also, avoid using the machine while you have legs so that it will prevent you from skidding. Choosing a machine that will measure the weight from 2.5 kgs to 150 kg will be suitable for an average family. If you have purchased a glass machine, make sure that it is correctly stored in a separate area and not exposed to external pressures. Also, avoid keeping any other object on the machine because the battery will be lost sooner, and the capability of the machine will also be reduced. If you are confused about the choices, you can always go for websites like Amazon, which has multiple models. If interested, you can select a design that will be suitable for your requirement by comparing the features of two or three models that you have chosen. Given below are some of our suggestions that we believe will be a perfect choice for you. You can either purchase them or use them as a selecting criterion for other models.

Hoffen HO-18 Digital Electronic LCD Personal Body Fitness Weighing Scale (Black)

Hoffen is a company that has gained a massive name in the field of digital weighing machines. If you are looking for a perfect design and structure with an easy to operate mechanism, this weighing machine is the best choice. Most people prefer purchasing a weight machine that has more accuracy and features. Understanding their requirement, the company has set up a separate team for developing new technology-based weight machines. Their products are well known in the market for their quality and durability. If you are looking for products from their brand, then you will be faced with multiple ranges of choices because they produce all types of weight machines, including intricate and straightforward designs. If you are looking for a mediocre system, then the Hoffen HO-18 Digital Electronic LCD Personal Body Fitness Weighing Scale (Black) will be suitable for you. 

Most people nowadays prefer having a healthy body. For maintaining their height, having a weight, the machine is essential in the home. If you are looking for a weight machine that can be used by many people simultaneously with accuracy, this model will be suitable for you. This machine provides you with a digital weighing scale combined with the temperature feature. Now you can measure the room temperature and the bodyweight at the same time without visiting the doctor. 

Sensor – This weight machine is made up of high-quality sensors used to measure the weight from four different points. The sensors can detect the weight from 2.8 kg to 180 kg. The machine is also made up of a high-quality sensor that can measure the room temperature and weight. The accuracy of these sensors is spot on, and hence most people prefer the strain gauge sensors available in the market. 

Quality – The machine is made up of high quality tempered glass material that prevents regular breakages, and hence you can carry them everywhere without the worry of breaking them. The values are displayed in a high-quality LCD panel that provides exact readings and allows you to read them just by standing. Both the weight and the temperature are visible only by standing. 

The temperature is usually measured in centigrade, and the weight is measured in kilograms. Similarly, when there is a low amount of battery, it is indicated on the screen so that you can change them on time. It also has an automatic switch-off technology that allows you to save energy even when not under operation. This particular product is available on websites like Amazon and also in the shops. The price range is perfect, and hence you can choose this option for an apparent diet activity without any hesitation.

AGARO WS 502 Ultra-Lite Digital Personal Body Weighing Scale with Step-On Technology (Battery Included) Black

Agaro is a famous manufacturing company known among the masses for its high-quality products, including personal and Healthcare. The company has produced multiple products, including digital weighing machines, vacuum cleaners, and other products required for home and personal maintenance. Their products are well known for their quality and technologically innovative features. The company has also produced weight machines that are technologically innovative and useful under many circumstances. Sometimes losing weight can become a hectic job. So under such situations having a technologically innovative product under your hand will ensure you have the right motivation. Constant measuring of your weight will allow you to determine what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong in your diet. Their current product is the AGARO WS 502 Ultra-Lite Digital Personal Body Weighing Scale with Step-On Technology (Battery Included) Black. 

This particular technological design allows you to enjoy a highly precise weight reading on multiple scales. For example, now you can measure your weight in kilograms, lb, and ST. This feature allows you to calculate your other factors like BMI easily.  The weight machine is associated with multiple additional features that make it unique from other market models. 

Sensors – The weight machine is made up of high-quality sensors placed in four different regions to measure the accurate weight in detail. These sensors are responsible for taking precise reading within a short time. They are strategically positioned to take proper measurements and also to cover the entire weight of the person. The weight is displayed in a highly accurate LCD panel that is lit with unique backlit technology. 

Anti-skid technology – This particular weight machine is made up of high-quality glass material, and they are covered with fiber cloth material to prevent the legs from skidding. This fiber can absorb unwanted water, and hence you can measure your weight even when you are wet. The glass is rounded along the corners to prevent sharp edges, and therefore you can hold them for a long time without any dangers. 

The weight machine should be placed on a consistent surface for proper measurements. The weight machine needs a constant change of batteries now and then. They can be easily covered and placed in a corner when not required. Sometimes there might be an error coverage of 100g but nothing more or less than that. It allows you to measure the weight up to 5 – 150 kg. They can be easily purchased through online websites like Amazon and also through the shops directly. This machine is well suitable for families because everyone can stand on it without falling. The warranty produced by the machine is good, and hence you can enjoy a reliable service all the time. 

HealthSense Dura-Glass PS 115 Digital Personal Body Weighing Scale, Best Electronic Bathroom Scales & Weight Machine for Home & Human Balance with Room Temperature Indicator, 1 Year Warranty & Batteries Included (Milky White)

Sometimes getting a product like the weighing machine from health-oriented companies like Healthsense might be a better option. This feature is because the weight machines’ quality will be useful, and they will be designed primarily to care for people with different health conditions. The company is well known for producing a wide range of products, including weight machines, pressure machines, and sugar machines. Most products are designed with innovative technology that has been found by the team they have for these inventions. Their weight machines manufactured by them are available in different models. Their current product is the HealthSense Dura-Glass PS 115 Digital Personal Body Weighing Scale, Best Electronic Bathroom Scales & Weight Machine for Home & Human Balance with Room Temperature Indicator, 1 Year Warranty & Batteries Included (Milky White). 

This particular weight machine is used for measuring the weight of your body along with the room temperature. Both the data are consecutively displayed on the screen with an LCD panel and a backlit technology. The weight is a suitable choice for the people who maintain their diet and try to reduce them because the machine always provides the weight in kilograms and grams with accuracy. This particular machine comes along with a variety of features that you need to consider before purchasing them. 

Sensor – The machine comes with a unique sensor technology that allows you to measure the weight accurately. The 4 G- sensors on the machine make it easy for measurement and covers all the essential points for taking in a full weight. The four-sensor points are strategically placed to obtain proper weights. The machine also can measure the room temperature so that you can understand your surroundings. It comes along with a high-quality battery that can be recharged by replacement batteries.

Quality – The weight machine is made up of high-quality e glass material that has been tempered to withstand all pressure types. The glass is designed so that they look beautiful, adding to the decor, and the machine should be placed on an even surface for proper measurements. 

When you are trying to weigh your weight, the best option is the morning empty stomach time. The reading will be accurate during that period, and when you are taking the measurement, always make two or three attempts to be sure about your weight. This product can be purchased from Amazon, and they are also available in the market. The price of the product is low, and the warranty period is reasonable. This product was built for Indian people with the measurement of kilograms.