Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 2000 In India

There are various speaker products available in the market for a price of fewer than 2000 rupees. So if you are choosing this product, then you have to consider your features for a good advantage.

Most people nowadays prefer having a small Bluetooth speaker in your home to conduct sudden parties and enjoy their playlist. If you are a person who is interested in purchasing such a speaker, then you must know that they have certain features to be considered. Without considering these features, it is impossible to make a purchase. Most of these Bluetooth speakers are available in small sizes. You can also purchase a large Bluetooth speaker, but the price range will be different, especially the features. Depending upon your particular purpose, choose the speaker model you need to buy. For example, if you need the speaker for home theatre effect and gaming, the best choice is to go for large-sized BlueTooth speakers like Tower speakers and boom speakers. But if you are purchasing the speaker for personal usage and conducting online meetings, this special simple Bluetooth speaker will be enough. These Bluetooth speakers can be carried everywhere and useful in both the professional and entertainment fields. 

These speakers allow you to play music, conduct karaoke, enjoy a party, and also will enable you to conduct meetings along with the online classes. Now before purchasing this particular speaker, you have to consider certain features. Reading this passage, you will allow you to understand all the features in detail and make a wise choice at the end.

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Infinity (JBL) Fuze 100 Deep Bass Dual Equalizer IPX7 Waterproof Portable Wireless Speaker 

boAt Stone SpinX 2.0 12W Bluetooth Speaker

Boltt Fire-Boltt Xplode 1500 Portable Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker

Design and color

When you are purchasing a Bluetooth speaker, you have to keep in mind that both the design and color should be considered. Since you will be using this particular speaker for professional and recreational purposes, the complete design and color matter a lot, if you continuously move this particular speaker around, then go for a neutral choice like black, grey, or white. Similarly, when you are a person who is going to use the speaker for constant entertainment in choosing bright colors will light up the mood of the party. The entire product should be small in size with handles for effective portability. This will allow you to carry them everywhere, and the complete weight of the product should also be lower. When it comes to Bluetooth speakers, they are available in varying sizes, including the size of a Compact Box. So you can choose the size you need according to your purpose and situation.

Waterproof Technology

Bluetooth speakers are generally used for parties and other recreational purposes. During such situations, you must have a waterproof technology-based speaker that can be used everywhere. Even in waterproof technology, there are different levels available. The basic level comes with protecting the speaker from small spaces like arranging and other occasional spray or Splash of water that touches on the speaker. But when you go for the advanced level, you will be able to purchase speakers immersed in the water without getting affected in terms of quality. So if you are interested in buying a speaker, make sure that it has waterproof technology according to your requirement. When you conduct constant pool parties, go for the advanced level for protection. When you are purchasing the product within a budget of 2000, you will be able to buy the advanced level, Technology-based speaker. 

Sound quality

Sound quality plays a vital role in purchasing a speaker because it will be useless without good voice and music exposure. The speaker’s main important role should be to produce sounds clearly with no distortions. Music lovers who love to hear songs during their free time individually look for this particular sound quality to understand every single beat in detail. So when you are purchasing a Bluetooth speaker, make sure that the quality of sound is perfect, and all the songs’ notes are clear enough for a good effect. It should also have a detailed Bass effect for conducting parties.

Frequency response

The term frequency response is usually measured in Hertz, and they come between 20 Hertz to 20000 Hertz. When the frequency response range is wider than the quality of sound produced, it will also be perfect. Keep in mind that the ear perception of the people using them also matters and hence hear the sound once before purchasing the speaker. The person’s age listening to the sound should also be taken into account because their ability to hear certain sounds will diminish after a particular period. Show the best option for them is to purchase sound with a higher frequency range since the lower frequencies will be inaudible. The frequency response always changes from person to person and also in terms of professional requirements. So make a wise choice by choosing the best option in the market according to your requirement. When you go for a Bluetooth design that comes within the price range of 2000 rupees, there will be a wide range of frequency response options.

Bluetooth version

Though all the speakers come along with the Bluetooth technology, the version plays an essential role in transmitting the audio and the distance between the Bluetooth connected objects. When you are going for a price range of rupees, 2,000 options would be to go for Bluetooth 4 or Bluetooth 5 version. The Bluetooth 4 version is better, and they provide high-quality sound with low energy consumption. They also can provide a distance between the Bluetooth devices up to 60 meters. When you go for the Bluetooth 5 version, the data transmission is much faster, and the sound quality is also perfect. But this latest version has not yet been adopted in the market, and it will take some time. Going for the Bluetooth 4 version will be the best choice.


The driver is an essential part of the speaker, and it is necessary to have a decently sized driver for effective sound production. Most of the speakers will come along with a 40mm driver, which is a good start, but later, you can also go with higher-sized drivers if interested. Even though you are purchasing this product for a price of rupees 2000, which offers you a driver in various sizes, it is the portability that matters. If you are purchasing a compact peace, then the driver’s size will naturally be smaller, so the size of the product determines the size of the driver. So if you are willing to go for a hired work, you can purchase the high-quality drivers, including a 58mm size that provides the sound for the entire room. 

Similar to the size, the number of drivers also plays a huge role. When you are purchasing a speaker, they will generally have single or multiple speakers depending upon their size. Initially, when you go for a smaller model, there will be only one speaker present, but while going for a lengthy model, the number of speakers will increase. Going for a compact model will result in a single-driver setup while going for a tape recorder model will allow you to enjoy a double speaker system with high-quality sounds. Most people prefer to have a woofer system within their speakers, but it is not possible in a portable Bluetooth speaker to determine the size to be smaller. So instead of a woofer for they will have passive radiators to produce high-quality Bass sound. 


Along with the Bluetooth type connection, there are also other types of connection required for cable-based connectivity. Under such situations, it is a better option to use the auxiliary connector. Using the ‘ Aux-in’ connection is the best option and when you are purchasing a speaker, make sure that it has the following features. There are also specific speakers with NFC connectivity that allows easy connection with other digital devices, and this technology is available for the speakers within the price range mentioned. Using an NFC technology-based speaker will allow you to answer them to other devices, including voice connections. With the help of a microphone, you can also connect with virtual assistants like Siri for scheduling appointments and managing other requirements.


When you are purchasing a Bluetooth speaker, make sure that it has a good battery power to remain with the battery for at least 8 or 9 hours. Most of the BlueTooth speakers within this price range come along with a USB port for charging. Purchasing this type of design will allow you to charge a speaker even using small Power Banks. Depending upon the situation in which you are going to use the speaker, you might decide upon the battery power and charging speed.

Extra Feature

Along with these features, there are also some extra features like volume control. Purchasing a Bluetooth speaker that allows you to control the volume regardless of whether they are high or low, is essential. Similarly, they should also have the ability to be paid along with multiple other speakers for a combined effect. Purchasing the speaker considers all these particular features to provide a perfect environment during the party and while hearing them alone in a separate room. Given below are some of the models that are commonly available on websites like Amazon. These models are the best options when going for the price range within 2000 rupees. If you want a better option, you can also go for other designs with similar features according to your interest.

Infinity (JBL) Fuze 100 Deep Bass Dual Equalizer IPX7 Waterproof Portable Wireless Speaker (Charcoal Black)

The Infinity Group of Companies is well known for manufacturing products related to sound. The company has manufactured a wide range of products, including speakers with various Technologies involved in them. You can also buy the speakers with the latest technology like Bluetooth models and also collect old model speakers with an audio jack connection. Every single product is designed perfectly by experts who create technologically innovative structures. If you are a person who is interested in purchasing a wireless speaker for a small crowd, then this particular company will be the best choice. Most of the products manufactured by them are known for their features and quality. One such product is the Infinity (JBL) Fuze 100 Deep Bass Dual Equalizer IPX7 Waterproof Portable Wireless Speaker (Charcoal Black). 


This particular design is preferred by people all over the world because of its stylish Outlook and features. The product is of high quality, and hence it can last for a lifetime by producing good sound without any discrepancies. If you are a person who is constantly involved in conducting parties and getting together, then this particular speaker will be suitable as they provide a good sound without any echo or other disturbances. This specific speaker can be connected to any digital device with the help of Bluetooth or a physical connection using the audio jock. Understanding the features of this particular product will allow you to make a wise choice during the purchase. 

Sound Quality

The speakers come along to produce deep bass that allows you to hear all types of sounds. Despite the kind of song you are playing, the quality will be perfect. The voice heard will also be clear and perfect. This particular model comes along with a special dual Equaliser Technology. This dual equalizer allows you to make adjustments in the sound according to the requirement. For example, you can keep a low sound for an individual playlist while a high-level sound for a pool party. 

Extra Features

this particular play comes with 9 hours of playtime that allows you to enjoy a long party without worrying about charging them. The speaker is waterproof, and hence they are suitable for pool parties without worrying about damaging the internal parts. They can be carried everywhere in your handbag and connected to the devices through Bluetooth technology. So you can use them everywhere and also play your song list on your phone through the speaker. This is a wireless technology that allows you to make phone calls and operate Google Siri with the help of Bluetooth technology. Now you can integrate them with the voice assistants technology and enjoy playing the list from the internet. You can also attend the phone calls through the speaker for proper connectivity. They can be connected directly through the wire and also through Bluetooth technology. The entire external coating is made up of high-quality, rugged fabric so that you can prevent the internal parts from dust, water, and other types of unwanted materials.

This particular Technology-based Bluetooth speaker can be used everywhere. They are available for a low price, and since they come along with the warranty, you can be ensured about the quality. This particular product is available for sale on websites like Amazon, and it can also be purchased from the digital shops in your local area.

boAt Stone SpinX 2.0R 12W Bluetooth Speaker(Charcoal Black)

The boat company is one of the most famous brands in the area of speakers and earpieces. The company has introduced several models in speakers and certain other models in headsets and earpieces. This particular brand has gained huge popularity worldwide with its high-quality sounds and products with quality. The boat headphones and headsets have gained massive popularity in the market. Similarly, they have also released a set of speakers from the company that has gained more popularity. When it comes to speakers, there is a wide range of varieties available in the market. One of their recent products that have gained massive popularity in the market is the boAt Stone SpinX 2.0R 12W Bluetooth Speaker(Charcoal Black). 

This particular product is available for sale in both offline and online stores. The people widely prefer them because of their small size and ability to carry them everywhere. You can easily connect them to your digital devices like mobile phones and other devices with Bluetooth connections in them. They are available in a beautiful charcoal Black color with a stylish design. This particular speaker produces high-quality sound, and they are suitable for people conducting constant parties. You can also use them while hearing songs individually, depending upon your requirement, with proper adjustment in the volume and bass.

Sound Quality

This particular device produces a high-quality 12W sound suitable for a massive crowd in terms of parties and individual usages. If you are a person who is interested in enjoying music, then this particular speaker will be useful for you as they provide clear sounds without any disturbances in the middle. The bass sound produced by this particular speaker is perfect, and hence you can enjoy them without any disturbances. The speaker’s volume can be easily altered with the help of the buttons present on the front portion.

Size And Features

this particular Bluetooth device comes in a beautiful cylindrical shape, and hence they can be placed anywhere, even in the center of the room, while conducting the parties. They do not have any waterproof Technology, but they can avoid water to a certain extent, like small spillages. Similarly, the speaker’s size is low enough to work perfectly and can be carried everywhere in a small handbag. This model’s design is mainly for portability, and since they weigh less than and 1kg, they can be easily carried everywhere. They provide high-quality stereo sound and are connected through Bluetooth and cable. They can be charged effectively within 3.5 hours, and with the complete charge, they can run for more than 8 hours. They provide 360-degree stereo sound for proper hearing and equal distribution. 

This particular product is available for sale on online websites like Amazon and available in the local stores. You can also purchase them with a good warranty to be confident about the quality of the product.

Boltt Fire-Boltt Xplod 1500 Portable Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker, IPX7 Waterproof & Weatherproof with Enhanced Bass (Black)

There are very few in the market that have a huge name. Boltt is one such name that has become popular with its high-quality speakers, headphones, and other microphones. The quality of the product plays an important role when it comes to purchasing them. The company has understood this requirement and has always been promoting its products with quality. Most air speakers and headphones are designed by people who have proper knowledge of the current technology. This team is involved in creating designs that are technological e innovative, but advanced features. One of their recent products that have gained huge popularity in the market includes Boltt Fire-Boltt Xplode 1500 Portable Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker, IPX7 Waterproof & Weatherproof with Enhanced Bass (Black). 


This particular design can be combined with other digital devices through proper Bluetooth technology. This portable Bluetooth speaker is available in a beautiful brick-like structure that is of low weight. This watercolor design is preferred by people worldwide because of their high quality and sound produced by them. They are available in a beautiful black color with proper pores to produce a stereo sound effect. You can purchase this product after understanding its features.

Sound Quality

the quality of sound in this particular speaker is of HD quality. They have a good ability to produce high definition sound with good bass in the background. They can produce acoustics free sound with a clear differentiation between the sounds and instruments. They are suitable for a party and other gatherings. All you have to do is connect them to an external microphone and connect them to the speaker through Bluetooth. The sound will be clear and allow you to conduct sudden parties and gatherings.


The product’s entire weight is low and can be carried around in your vehicle or handbag easily. Now you can conduct meetings and perform parties without worrying about the speaker settings. They can be easily changed, and the charge can last up to 8 hours with proper volume. When you keep the volume high, the charge will be reduced abruptly. This particular product is available in a stylish design, and it can be connected to all types of digital devices through Bluetooth 5.0 technology. The pairing up of the divisors is much easier and simpler than the other devices in the market. You can also permanently connect them to a particular set of devices like the Alexa or Siri voice and control. 

This particular product is available for sale on an online website like Amazon, and you can also purchase them for a low price. They have proper waterproof technology and can be carried everywhere in all weather. This particular technology is both waterproof and weatherproof. They are also available in the digital showrooms and other areas for a low price. If you are interested in this product, you can easily purchase them with a warranty for lifelong enjoyment.