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Best Soundbar Under 5000 In India

A wide range of products available in the market and choosing them will be a better option based upon the features. If you are interested in purchasing this, make a wise choice depending upon your requirement and features.

Most people nowadays prefer using soundbars for experiencing good quality. If you are interested in having a high-quality soundbar, but for a simple budget of rupees 5000, then the options will be a bit Limited. For the price of Rupees 5000, you will experience some of the basic features and limited qualities. But even within this price range, you can satisfy your requirements to a certain extent. Even though they are not suitable for setting up a home theatre environment, you can still enjoy using a perfect Sound Bar with dynamic speakers and good quality sound. But before purchasing them, you have to take into a list of features like their quality, brand, and other sound-related features. This will allow you to make a wise choice at the end. 

Along with the size and other features, you have to remember that the sound produced will be limited in these soundbars compared to the products with the price range of rupees 30000. But at the same time, they will be suitable for a TV room or a gaming room. But never try to use them for a home theatre environment unless you are sure about it. If you are setting an upper DIY home theatre environment, then this particular design will be suitable. But on a professional level, their features will not be relevant, and the quality of sound will not be satisfactory in the end.

Our Recommended Best Products In India:

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boAt AAVANTE BAR 1160 60W Bluetooth Soundbar

Portronics Pure Sound Pro III POR-891, Bluetooth 4.2 an All-in-One Versatile Wireless SOUNDBAR 

Mi Soundbar with 8 Speaker Drivers (Black)


The Sound Bar is usually made up of high-quality products. But when you are purchasing a branded product, you can be ensured about the quality in detail. For example, a Boat brand is well known in the market because of its quality and ability to produce sound for a low price. So choosing the brand will allow you to save a lot of time when it comes to features since most of them try to incorporate as many features as possible within a particular model. So try to purchase a professional brand for making sure of warranty and quality at the same time. It has the power to alternate your lifestyle to a certain extent. Servicing this product will also be much easier when it comes to submission and receiving the finished product. 


The budget of the product depends solely upon the quality. When you restrict the budget to a lower amount, keep in mind that the features will be reduced. If you are purchasing The Sound Bar for a television room or a party, the budget of below 5000 will be more than enough. This particular budget will allow you to neglect other price range products, and the selecting process will be much easier. You can also choose the brand according to the budget. So make the right choice at the end regarding the features. Brands like a boat under Redmi will be a suitable choice for this budget range. They are not up to professional quality but suitable for normal regular usage. 

Design and Size

When you are purchasing a speaker, the speaker’s design and size is also an essential factor that you need to consider. The design should be of high quality with a slim model Technology to look beautiful when placed near the TV stand. Similarly, the size of the product should also be perfect for Wall mounting or TV stand placements. You cannot purchase a soundbar in a different color than the television because it will provide an odd appearance. So always go for a black color soundBar to give a perfect appearance at the end. There are also other features like the Sound Bar’s weight, which is essential if you are considering portability as a constant option. So make sure that the dimensions and weight of the product are normal without any extra features.

Channels and Drivers​

Typically your speaker set has a particular channel within them. For example, when you purchase a channel 2.0 speaker, the sound quality will be decent. There are models with different surround channel technology, like channels 3, 4, 5, etc. These channel numbers indicate the number of speakers present within them. The drivers within each speaker will vary according to the quality of the product. So when you are purchasing a product, the driver quality should be taken into account and then purchased according to the requirement. When the number of channels increases, the sound quality will also increase along with the higher Bass Technology.

Similarly, every single speaker should have the ability to hold a tweeter, the subwoofer, and a woofer. The Tweeter can produce high frequencies sounds, and the woofer is responsible for producing low-frequency sounds. Similarly, the subwoofers are used for enhancing the quality of the sound. So when purchasing a Sound Bar, make sure that it has a good set of drivers and channel two technology.


When you are purchasing a speaker, especially a Sound Bar speaker, connectivity plays an important role. But along with the year, other features connectivity plays an important role. The first thing you have to decide regarding the connectivity is whether you need a wireless or a wired speaker. Going for a wireless Technology-based speaker is a better option, and there are specific devices available for the price range of 5000 rupees. If you are going for a soundbar with wireless technology, you need to look for Bluetooth’s quality. Using a Bluetooth 4 technology-based product will be more suitable for current Technology devices connectivity and constant use age for the next 20 years. They have recently released a specific sound Bar with Bluetooth 5 technology, which cannot be used for the current Technology digital devices. So technically, you have to wait for another year to purchase the devices suitable for connecting with them.

Suppose you are going for a wired or wireless technology. In that case, you should purchase a product with connectivity features like the HDMI ports used for high definition technology sound. The next feature that you should consider is the optical fiber connection, an SD card port, Wi-fi, and a USB connection. These features determine the speaker’s quality, and for a price of rupees 5000, the best option is to go for wireless technology. You can also go for other features like the USB connection, which is usually present.


This is an essential feature as it is responsible for the comfort of the product. When you purchase a product with remote control technology, the feature allows you to sit in a particular place and enjoy the sound produced along with proper control over the speaker. But certain designs have a control panel on the top of the speaker that requires you to go near the speaker for control every time. This control takes a lot of time and energy. The beautiful design with useful control features allows you to enjoy your leisure time. 

All the features mentioned above should be taken into account while purchasing a portable speaker or a soundbar. Even within the price range of rupees 5000, you can acquire a decent model with quality. Now purchase a speaker based upon the model given below, which is considered well popular in the market. You can also go to your original design. Even though the connectivity features given above are extensive, you can choose according to your requirement. For example, if you are interested in constant parties, then a wireless Technology model will be the better option. So make a final choice according to your requirement and choose the best model in the market.

boAt AVANTE BAR 1160 60W Bluetooth Soundbar with 2.0 Channel boAt Signature Sound, Multiple Compatibility Modes, Sleek Design and Entertainment EQ Modes (Active Black)

The board Group of Companies has been well known in the industry for their high-quality products. The company has constantly been manufacturing products related to audio and music. If you are a professional music player, you would have come across this brand because of its quality. From the basic headset to the highly qualified soundbars, all the products issued by them are preferred by the market people. When it comes to high-quality soundbars, this particular brand always comes to mind. Their technical team is constantly involved in creating new products with advanced features. Buy the boAt AVANTE BAR 1160 60W Bluetooth Soundbar with 2.0 Channel boAt Signature Sound, Multiple Compatibility Modes, Sleek Design, and Entertainment EQ Modes (Active Black). 

This particular model comes along with a beautiful Black design, and they are smaller in size. Despite the size, they can produce high-quality sound referred by people worldwide, including the musicians. They can be constantly used for your gaming room and movie room according to your requirement. This sleek design sound Bar can be carried everywhere and also used in multiple rooms. They are also suitable for the external environment, including pool parties. 


this particular model is available in a beautifully sleek design with four dynamic drivers within it. Their dimension is 90 x 7.8 x 7 cm and the weight of the product is 2 kilograms. The size and it makes it easier for you to carry them around everywhere. Like the compact Bluetooth available in the market, they cannot be carried simply in your handbag, but you can easily properly carry them. They are available in a beautiful black color and manufactured properly for the perfect look to your decor. They also come along with a minute stand for holding the speaker in place without moving. 


sound produced by this particular model is of high-quality. The 2.0 channel Sound Bar can produce high-quality sound with a 60-watt output in HD quality. They also come with four dynamic drivers placed on either side to provide uniform distribution of the sound. The entire playback and sound control can be completed with a beautiful remote that can be operated from any part of the room. They are suitable for multiple sound features, including news, movies, music, and other sound types. The mode can be set up easily using the remote control.


this particular sound Bar design is preferred by people worldwide, and they come along with Bluetooth version 4 technology for easy connectivity. They also come along with the auxiliary point that allows other types of connection, including a charging port. The USB connection port can also be used for charging, and it can act as a wireless design depending upon your requirement. The entire product is lightweight, and it can last for at least 7 to 8 hours without requiring any charging. 

This particular product is available for sales on a website like Amazon, and they come along with a good warranty. The price of the product is also low, and hence they can be a valuable addition to your television room and other types of parties. You can also play Karaoke and other interesting games with the help of this particular speaker. 

Portronics Pure Sound Pro III POR-891, Bluetooth 4.2 an All-in-One Versatile Wireless SOUNDBAR with FM Tuner, 3.5mm AUX, Powerful 10W Sound and USB Port.

Portronics is a company that has been existing in the market with increased popularity because of its high-quality products. Most of their products involved speakers and other sound-related items. If you are interested in purchasing a high-quality e digital that can act as an accessory, then this particular company will be the best choice. They have also entered the field of power banks and keyboards, along with the other headphones and accessories they have been manufacturing. The wireless chargers and projector manufactured by them are of high quality and preferred by the people. They have also released a new soundbar into the market that is of high quality. Buy the Portronics Pure Sound Pro III POR-891, Bluetooth 4.2, an All-in-One Versatile Wireless SOUNDBAR with FM Tuner, 3.5mm AUX, Powerful 10W Sound, and USB Port. 

This particular product is available in most stores, and the people prefer them because of their usage. They are available in a beautiful black color and connected to other devices through the proper Bluetooth Technology. With their ability to offer multiple other connectivities, this particular device is suitable for various situations, including parties and conference meetings. They can also be used in a gaming environment for hearing proper high-quality sounds. This particular device can be completely charged, and it can function for a long time without getting affected by quality. This particular product is available in multiple online and offline stores. 


this particular product is available in a beautiful black design with sleek technology. They can be easily carried everywhere and hence commonly used in parties and other recreational activities. This particular design is a slim model, but they still have four different speakers to provide high-quality sound. They can be easily fitted in a room, and hence they are suitable for all types of decors. The product’s weight is also low and can be carried from one room to another easily, along with an easy connectivity technique. 


The quality of sound produced by this particular product is of a high range. This particular Sound Bar can also be used as an FM radio with proper tuning technology. They can produce high quality and powerful 10 watt sound output with no distortion. The Bluetooth 4.2 feature allows you to enjoy streaming online songs by connecting it to your digital devices, including Alexa and mobile phones. They can produce high-quality sound with the help of two inbuilt speakers. The frequency range of these speakers is 180 Hz to 18 kHz. This particular product can be used for hearing music regularly in their home, and the signal to noise ratio is 75 dB. 


The Bluetooth installed in the speaker belongs to version 4.2, the latest model in the market. The speaker’s higher Bass effect allows you to use them in home theatre settings and for gaming settings. This particular speaker is beautiful and can be carried easily. The USB port on the speaker allows you to connect them to the external digital appliances and chargers. The speaker can be charged with another period of two hours, and they can run up to six hours depending upon the volume fixed. 

This particular speaker is used widely in a home environment and also used by professional musicians. You can enjoy high-quality sound within your home and enjoy playing it in our external environment during picnics and parties. This particular product is available for sale on websites like Amazon, and you can also purchase them from the store for a low price. The product comes along with a warranty, and hence you can be confident about the quality for a long time.

Mi Soundbar with 8 Speaker Drivers (Black)

Mi is the short form for the brand red, gaining huge acceptance in the market with its high-quality products, including mobile phones and laptops. The company has manufactured the best products globally with its innovative technology and designs that have attracted many users. This company has created a lot of products that have gained a huge name in the market. Their technical team is constantly involved in creating new designs that are of high quality with beautiful features. The Sound Bar manufactured by them is also of similar quality. Their recent product is the Mi Soundbar with 8 Speaker Drivers (Black). 

This particular product is available in a beautiful black color, and they are widely used for making high quality sounds with clarity. This particular product might seem like a simple object, but in reality, the sound produced by them is Highly Effective with eight powerful speaker drivers. A single soundbar of this kind will be a powerful tool for your home theatre setting. This product can be constantly used for both internal and external settings in a home environment. Along with the warranty and price, this product is also preferred by the people for their multiple features. Let us now see about them in detail. 


This particular soundbar is available in a beautiful black color, and it can be placed anywhere in your home because of its sleek design. The dimension of the product is 83 x 7.2 x 8.7 cm and weighs 1.83 kgs. This particular compact design can be connected to your television easily without any wire. Hence they are preferred mostly by the people. The setting up of the entire Bluetooth speaker is an easier process, and it can be completed within a mere 30 seconds. This particular design is perfect for a pool party with a simple connection. 


This particular speaker comes along with a good sound with incredible Bass Technology. Now you can hear beautiful songs with the help of 8 powerful speaker drivers placed within the design. The frequency range of this product is 50Hz to 25000Hz, which is perfect for constant sound production. 


This particular speaker comes along with the Bluetooth 4.2 technology that allows you to enjoy proper connectivity with the special digital devices. They also have other forms of connectivity, including the aux cable and USB port. The centerpiece can be placed, let’s the television, for a beautiful sound if you are interested in enjoying music, this particular product comes in handy for individual and powerful music. The connectivity with the television can be made pretty easy. 

The product can be purchased from an online website like Amazon or the shops directly for a low price. The warranty period for this product is also good, and hence you can enjoy using them without risk for a long time.