Best Tower Speaker In India [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Many people nowadays use Tower speakers in their home to create a perfect theatre environment in the TV room. Show under such a situation there are particular features you have to consider while purchasing the tower speakers. Read the passage given below for a clear understanding and make a wise choice when you finally buy this product.

Most of the people nowadays prefer using Tower speakers along with their TV set for a good experience. Suppose you are a person who is interested in enjoying video games and a unique movie theatre. In that case, this particular tower speaker will be handy in making a wise choice. If you choose one of the best tower speakers present in the market and then you will have the privilege of experiencing a deep Bass sound and moral clarity that is not present in the television’s integrated speakers. Now you will have a good equalizer to produce sounds uniformly all over the room. Even though they are not essential for a familiar experience, some prefer having them create a home theatre environment and a perfect gaming room. But before purchasing this particular product, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. The factors that are given below are essential for any Tower speaker before making a Final Decision. 

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Philips MMS8085B/94 2.1 Channel Convertible Multimedia Speaker System

Frequency response

The frequency response is the amount of sound range that the speaker can produce. Sometimes people believe that with a high sound range, the clarity will be higher, but the truth is that there is only a particular frequency range within which the sound will be audible to the human ears. So purchasing a tower speaker with a frequency range of 20-20000 hertz will be a suitable combination. All these frequency ranges are usually measured in hertz, and hence your content will also be within this particular range. The higher and lower degree should not be away from this frequency range because they are practically not audible for the human ear. Similarly, when selecting the frequency, make sure that it comes in three ways technology, higher, middle, and lower levels. With three-way free technology, the sound produced will be more clear, and they will be assisted with proper usage of tweeters and woofers. Here the woofers will also come along with subwoofers. So in this three-way Technology, all these three products provide an immense amount of sound required for creating a perfect movie environment.


The impedance is another concept that is usually measured in the because at that you are purchasing. They are normally measured in ohms. The range of the ohms will be from 4 to 16. This particular technology measures the amount of resistance that the Lord has in a specific speaker and how much it can handle. The amplifier provides the resistance, and the value of the amplifier’s value should match the speaker’s impedance value for a perfect sound experience. When there is a mismatch, the sound produced will not be good, and hence the clarity will be affected to a greater extent. 


This might seem like a simple concept, but a product’s brand is essential to ensure quality. Most of the brands with a successful name in the industry will always make sure that the components assembled within the speakers are made up of high-quality material. They will worry about the quality of the product rather than the profit, and hence purchasing from a good brand is essential for a good warranty. You can be assured about these brands’ services and some replacements in case of issues within the warranty time. So depending upon your budget, choose a brand that will be perfect for your requirement if you have a low budget go for a common brand while. Certain brands in the market are available only for higher Bridget, but their quality is excellent. 


When you are purchasing a tower speaker, you have to take note of the design. The speaker’s design should be small and have a sleek body for perfect decor to your house. So technically, the speaker should be perfect both internally and externally. Also the speakers should be appropriately designed for manual use like an LED screen that displays all the required details and a control panel for making changes in the volumes and other related technicalities. Super chasing a model with the proper design is essential. It also makes sure that it comes along with a remote for a casual operation without worrying about moving every time you need to adjust the speaker. There are also certain speakers available in certain bright colors that can be purchased according to your wish. But the best option will be to go for a black color speaker, what a sleek design. 


This is an important part of the speaker, and you have to make sure that it allows the proper connections all over the area. For example, sometimes, you might have the requirement of playing the video for an audio song through the speaker from your mobile phone. A speaker with a USB port or Bluetooth connection will make it more useful during such a situation. The final choice will live within your arm, but you have to make sure that it is a perfect choice. Other types of connections need to be present in the speaker, like HDMI port and audio ports for connecting them to the TV set and other gaming devices. All these technicalities are essential when purchasing a speaker. 


Even though the speaker’s components will be of the same material, the external design will vary from one model to another. For example, a certain set of speakers are made up of high-quality metal, while some are made up of plastic. If you want a uniform distribution within the room and provide good quality sound, you can always go for a wooden material speaker. They can absorb unwanted sounds and provide only good quality sound. So now these materials can be chosen depending upon your price range. The entire design and building of the speaker system depend upon the external material for an everlasting experience. Even though the plastic speakers are of a low price range, they might be damaged easily, especially if you constantly move them. 


The drivers are nothing but a combination of tweeters, woofers, and subwoofers present within the speaker set. There will be at least a tweeter, woofer, and a subwoofer present on it when you are going for a tower speaker model. They are responsible for producing high-quality sound with various pictures depending upon the frequencies and bass range. Understanding these three concepts will allow you to build a perfect speaker for your home.

Subwoofers: The subwoofers are specifically responsible for managing the bass sounds and improving their quality within a range of 20 to 200 Hertz. They can be placed in any part of the room, and they can produce an equal sound all over the room with uniformity. The subwoofers are essential in a tower speaker for making high-quality sound. They are also sometimes combined with simple speakers to Amplifier Their Sound to a greater extent. 

Woofer: The woofers are responsible for producing low pitch sounds that usually range between 40 – 10000 hertz. These sound ranges can be heard only by a particular set of people with proper hearing range, and hence the woofers are essential for increasing the bass quality and providing a correct output. They are typically placed on the shelves or small boards for providing a perfect effect. 

Tweeters: They usually range between 2000 to 30000 hertz. The market is filled with three types of readers that can be used continuously depending on their quality. Before purchasing the tower speaker, detect the room’s sensitivity, you have chosen for placing the speakers and how much response you get for every sound so that you can choose a perfect Tweeter. 

When you purchase a tower speaker, you have to keep in mind that all these drivers will be placed within the speakers or available in a separate bundle. But when all these drivers are placed in a single speaker, it is essential to have a proper cabinet construction to ensure that the sound produced at the end will be perfect with no destruction. Their configuration is necessary, along with the outer material, to provide a superior sound. It is also essential to soundproof the room to avoid echo and other types of disturbances.

Even though these requirements may seem like a simple concept, they play an essential role when purchasing a perfect speaker. Given below are some of the models that we considered to be suitable for your requirement. They are chosen from some of the best brands with features ideal for a typical home theatre environment. If you are interested, you can purchase them from the Amazon website or the shops directly. Otherwise, you can choose a design that resembles the above mentioned for clarity.

F&D T60X Tower Speakers, Black

Fenda Audio is a powerful digital company that is well known for producing high-quality speakers in the country. This company is based in India, and hence most of the products are designed for Indian requirements. The company is well known for producing speakers with an output of 12 watts. Most of the speakers designed by this particular brand are of high quality, and they are well known. The price range of this specific brand is reasonable. Hence, they can be purchased continuously even for setting up a unique cinematic environment within your home in the form of home theatres. The company has a separate technical team for designing such beautiful speakers with the latest innovative technology. Their current product is the F&D T60X Tower Speakers, Black. 

This particular product is made up of two separate Tower speakers that can be placed on the other side of the television to provide beautiful sound. This specific design is for creating a cinematic environment in the house with proper digital surround sound all over the place. The speakers are available in a rectangle shape placed in an erect position for accurate sound spreading. The entire system can be controlled using a special remote connection. They are available in black color with a stylish look. The people prefer this particular model because of the features and now understand them on an excellent purchase. 

Sound: This particular speaker is made up of high-quality wood material that can absorb unwanted noises. This specific wooden material provides a natural feel to the sound, and hence you can experience good quality. They provide an excellent acoustic effect with a perfect 4-inch woofer and 8 inches subwoofer combined for natural acoustics. The entire design is made to produce proper sound to experience a theatre environment, and hence they can be fixed side within a home theatre and in a TV room. If you are interested in gaming, this particular technology will be useful in creating the perfect design for your gaming room. 

Connectivity: This particular device allows you to connect to multiple other devices through Bluetooth technology. You can also place connections through the NFC and other USB ports. This connection is essential if you plan to hear your playlist through the speakers and for conducting parties without switching on the TV panel. Even though they are not portable like the regular Bluetooth speakers, you can conduct your party in the home for a practical environment. The optical connection allows you to enjoy the music in a virtual environment by proper connection through the aux input. They also have a LED panel for displaying the time and other details. This particular technology-based Tower speaker also has a perfect karaoke software that allows you to enjoy your party by singing your heart out through proper connections like microphones. 

The interior speaker can be controlled using the remote, but if you want a manual intervention, you can also use the Side Panel for controlling the volume and other functions like bass. They come with a specific 1-inch speaker and surround sound connection. This particular model can be purchased directly from the shops in your local area and the website. They are preferred because of the low price and hence make your choice at the earliest before the stock completes. 

Thomson TSP10 100Watts Bluetooth Tower Speakers with AUX/USB/FM & Mic for Karaoke (Black)

The Thomson Group of Companies is well known for manufacturing a variety of sound-related products. This company is well known for its high-quality speakers that are famous all over the world. This particular company is located in France, and now they have branches across the globe, including in India. The company has been existing for more than 120 years. Most of their products are made up of innovative technology, and they also have a separate team for creating such designs. If you are a person looking for a good brand of Tower speakers that will be a suitable match for your home environment, this particular brand will be the best choice. Buy the Thomson TSP10 100Watts Bluetooth Tower Speakers with AUX/USB/FM & Mic for Karaoke (Black) for high quality with good sound. 

This particular product can produce high-quality sound with a theatre effect. They can be used for conducting parties and karaoke Nights with your friends for reasonable enjoyment. Since they come along with a mic set, you can enjoy all the features without requiring any other extra purchases. This particular design is preferred by people worldwide, hence understanding their features is necessary before making a final choice. 

Design – this entire speaker is made up of a high-quality Silk dome Tweeter with a wooden body surrounding it. If you are a person who prefers having a good quality design that lasts forever, then this model will be suitable. Along with that tweeters, there are also a special set of woofers and subwoofers used to produce high-quality sound. They have a stylish design that supports constant functioning. 

Quality – this particular design can produce high-quality sound that can be continuously used for multiple hours. They can produce nearly 100 watts of sound that are both powerful and energetic. The bass sound produced by the speaker is equalized for an optimized effect. So based on that, you can set them on different modes based upon the requirement. Now you can use the speaker to set up a perfect karaoke night that will be better with the attached mic that comes along. This particular speaker is the best option on several occasions, and they can be used continuously for movie nights, gaming, and the party. 

These particular products are available on the website and also in the shops. So getting a hand on this trendy design will not be an issue for you. If you have brought electrical knowledge, you can set the entire thing yourself; otherwise, you can get the help. Similarly, his product comes with a warranty, and hence you can use them for a long time. It is a one-time investment in most cases. 

Philips MMS8085B/94 2.1 Channel Convertible Multimedia Speaker System

Philips is a company that has established itself in the market as one of the main brands well-owned for home appliances and other electronic products. The company has been assisting in the market for more than two decades and their products are a loan for equality and increase the lifespan. The company has also manufactured a variety of speakers in a variety of designs and technology. They have a separate team for creating such structures, which create a multimedia speaker system that in Tower speakers. Their recent product is the Philips MMS8085B/94 2.1 Channel Convertible Multimedia Speaker System. 

This is not the only speaker system manufactured by the company, but they have also created various other designs. This particular product has gained a lot of name in the market because of its features. If you are interested in purchasing a speaker model suitable for multiple purposes, including television and gaming, this model will be a better choice. They are available in a beautiful black color with a stylish design on the outside. This particular design has. Variety of features and let us now see them before the final choice. 

Design: This particular multimedia system consists of two separate soundbars with a woofer in the middle. The central system is used for maintaining the main connection with all the controls placed in it. The soundbars can be placed on either part of the room for precise output. The sound will now be equally produced, and they can be appropriately placed. The bars can produce high-quality sound with the effect of 80 W, and they can be used for gaming and multiple purposes. They are also used for setting up a home theatre environment. 

Qualities: The entire unit can be controlled through a separate remote control, but along with that, there is also a centralized control panel in the central unit. The bars can equalize the sound with the utmost care, and hence the final output will be perfect. They allow you to connect to other digital devices through Bluetooth technology, and they can also be associated with USB and other digital devices. Now you can conduct parties and karaoke nights with these high-quality products. 

This particular model can produce a rich bass sound. Now the soundbar can be converted into towers with some options. So this multimedia device is suitable for all occasions, and they can be purchased from the websites for a low price. They come along with a warranty, and the price range is also decent. Now buy the right product for a low cost with quality.