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The market is filled with a wide range of telescopes for both children and adults, depending upon their requirement level. If you are looking for a telescope within the price range of 10000, this particular passage is the best choice for you. Choose a model depending upon the features we have given you, or choose a model based on our list.

For most people, telescopes can be a lot of fun. They can make the science of space more enjoyable. Most astronomers use telescopes to learn about the sky, and even children are interested in using the telescope to understand the stars and watch the moon. When you are rR purchasing a telescope, there are certain features that you need to consider before purchasing them. From the size to the beautiful lens, everything should be perfect for making a good set of telescopes that can be used forever for entertainment and professional purposes. If you are looking for a good source to purchase a telescope, this particular passage will give a good idea about that. But before purchasing, you have to decide whether it is for entertainment or professional purpose. If it is for entertainment purposes, the rate shall be a bit lesser, but certain people are trying to learn more about space, and for them, a professional telescope with good features will be suitable. 

So whatever you are trying to purchase, make sure you choose the right source because going for purchase right from the TV ads or the Departmental Store will not be suitable since they can break down in the middle and waste your money to a certain extent. These telescopes end up being a waste of your money e and instead, you can go for a good set of binocular rather than these models. Let us now see the features available in a telescope and how to purchase them effectively.

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Prakal Astronomical Telescope, 70060 Professional Stargazing high Magnification high-Definition Telescope, Child Adult Night Vision

FosCadit Telescope 90X Astronomical Refractive Telescope Optical Glass Metal Tube with Portable Travel Tripod Adjustable Level

Aeoss 40x60 HD HD Monocular Zoom Professional Portable Telescope for Camping Hunting with Smartphone Holder Tripod

Types of telescope

The first important feature is to choose a type before deciding on the price or brand, or any other model. There are three types of telescope available in the market, including a reflecting telescope. Most people prefer purchasing a reflective telescope because they do not have an objective lens but use a unique concave mirror sealed within a tube. But people still prefer using such models because they are much cheaper and affordable than the other models, including the refractive ones. If you are purchasing the telescope for entertainment purposes, go for the reflective model, while the refractive one can be used for professional purposes. Most people prefer using the reflector telescope, and there is also another model called the compound telescope, which is also equally powerful but not suitable for this particular price range. To explain, in short, the refractor telescope offers good optical quality. In contrast, the reflector telescope offers good affordability, and the compound telescope is a combination of both lenses and Mirrors and is an advanced model.

Price range

The price range of the telescope available in the market will range from rupees thousand to 1 lakh. So if you are out to select a suitable model, you have to initially set the price range. We have chosen a price range of rupees 10000, which is reasonable for purchasing a semi-professional telescope that is not just useful but also fine. So within the price range of 10000 Rupees, you can make a wise option depending upon the features we have listed in this passage. 


The first important feature that you need to look for in a telescope is the aperture. It is nothing but the diameter of the light gathered within the lens of the mirror, which is otherwise popularly known as the object. So when you are looking for a telescope, check the year objective for the amount of aperture present. They are usually expressed in multiple units like millimeters or using inches. Having a telescope that comes with an aperture range of 2 inches or more will be a suitable choice for you to make. Having a good aperture will allow you to see even the faintest object from the comfort of your home. Suppose you are away from the city lights. In that case, going for a smaller aperture will be suitable as they can produce intense clarity due to the Peaceful surrounding.

Quality of the telescope

Multiple telescopes in the market offer the magnification of the size that we are viewing. But with the improvement in size, there will also be an increase in the effects of a turbulent atmosphere. So when you try to enlarge the image using a non-focus, the output will be a blurry image that is not clear and suitable for examination. The better option to select the magnification depends upon the quality of resolution. Try to balance every single component present within the telescope equally so that the final output of the image you obtain will be perfect. 


Even though there are multiple brands available in the market, only a few brands can produce high-quality e component-based telescopes. Search telescopes will have the ability to withstand the external pressure and various climatic changes without getting the internal and external components being affected. If you are looking for such a telescope, then certain brands are more famous, and choosing them will be a moral advantage for your requirement. 

Understand the features

If you are a person who hasn’t used the telescope before, then n.a. personal advice is to understand them before purchasing them. Because going outright and buying a costly telescope will result in more confusion than resolution. Before buying a telescope, you have to understand how to alter and align the find the mirror’s scope to have a good vision. So if you are in need, you can always purchase a standard telescope and then go for an advanced model in the future.


When you are purchasing a telescope, the quality of the lens plays an important role. They are made up of either glass or high-quality fiber optics. If you are a continuous Traveller, then go for a fiber optics lens model because even though they are subjected to external pressure, these lenses cannot be damaged. But if you are thinking about keeping it in a single place, then going for a glass lens will be suitable. The quality of the lens should be perfect, and it should have the ability to provide images with clarity. The diameter of the lens determines the amount of length the focal point can offer. If you are looking for a good focal point of 700, then go for a high sized lens. So depending upon your usage and requirement, you have to choose a model. 

Tripod stand

When you are purchasing a telescope, you will know that there is also a requirement for a stand, which is necessary for mounting them and viewing the objects in the sky clearly without any change in the focus point. For such a situation purchasing a model that comes with the long tripod stand will be suitable since they are not just long but also used for multiple purposes, including maintaining the balance and allowing the children to see from their height with the adjustment. Specific tripod stands in the market are not adjustable and specific models that are short. If you are going to be the only one who is watching the sky, then the fixed height tripod stand will be suitable, but the best option is to go for an adjustable one or the smaller one, which can be used for animal grazing and bird watching.

Metal quality

When you are purchasing a telescope, the quality of the metal that is being used should also be perfect. For example, buy a model that is made up of high-quality aluminum metals, including non-breakable plastic. But certain metals like regular plastic will break down eventually and result in a re-purchase, which is not suitable for such situations. The quality of the metal should be strong, durable, and can be lightweight for carrying around.

Adjustable knob

If you are a professional use, you will understand the necessity to adjust the telescope’s height and location now and then, which needs a proper adjustable knob for adjusting. It’s not just this single now, but certain other adjustments need to be made for viewing a particular star or a planet. So if you wish for such a requirement, then make sure that they are easy and ergonomically designed for working without getting stuck or broke in the middle due to force. 

When you are trying to purchase a telescope within the price range of rupees 10000, then these are the features that you need to consider. Even though the price range is a bit low for a professional telescope, you can still purchase a decent quality. All the essential aspects of the telescope should be properly checked, and choose from a brand that will not sell you an ordinary telescope. If you are not satisfied with the functioning, you can always learn about using them in a planetarium or a bookshop where they have such collections available. Given below are the models that we have felt will be the best choice for the fun entertainment purpose of using a stethoscope. And some might be on a professional level, and purchasing them will be the perfect choice for you.

Prakal Astronomical Telescope, 70060 Professional Stargazing high Magnification high-Definition Telescope, Child Adult Night Vision

Prakal is a company that is well known in the market for its high-quality products, including accessories and tables. The company has manufactured a wide range of telescopes used in the scientific field for professional and entertainment purposes. Even though they are not as technically built for the perfect scientific requirement, you can still purchase them for taking a peek at the stars and enjoying the moon from the comfort of your home. The company also has a separate technological team that has dedicated its time to creating new telescopes that match the current requirements. If you are looking for a perfect telescope that comes with a good warranty and service capacity, this particular brand is an ideal choice. One of the recent products is the Prakal Astronomical Telescope, 70060 Professional Stargazing high Magnification high-Definition Telescope, Child Adult Night Vision.

This high-quality telescope is available in beautiful grey color, and you can place them in any part of your home, especially in the Balcony area, to view the beautiful attractions in the sky. Now you can use this professional telescope for stargazing and for viewing the moon from the comfort of your home. The warranty period is good, and they can withstand climatic changes.


 this particular product comes along with a 450 mm double focal lens that allows you to view even the distant object with clarity. The Adjustment knobs present in the telescope provides proper control over the technical adjustments you are willing to make in the telescope. The quality of the lens is perfect, and hence you can use the telescope for a long time but make sure to protect the lenses from scratches by covering them unless they are being used. They offer a focal distance of 700mm. This is good for regular stargazing.


It also has a special 45-degree erect prism that solves the inversion problems that commonly occur in a particular telescope. The tube diameter is 60 mm and can be used for multiple projects. The tube is made up of high-quality aluminum, and hence it can withstand extreme heat and cold temperatures. The stand used for mounting the telescope comes along with the adjustable capacity, which is essential. By adjusting the stand height, you can follow the children and everyone in the home to view the wonders of the sky.

This particular telescope can be used to watch stars, the moon, oceans and gazing at the birds at times. So depending upon your requirements, it can be used for a low price range. They also come along with a special moon filter that allows you to view the moon with clarity. The lenses are designed to protect the harmful effects of direct visions, especially for eclipses. The product comes along with a standard warranty period and can be used for a long time. This particular product is available for sale on Amazon’s website, and also you can purchase them from the usual shops located in the cities.

FosCadit Telescope 90X Astronomical Refractive Telescope Optical Glass Metal Tube with Portable Travel Tripod Adjustable Level

Foscadit is a company that is solely dedicated to manufacturing telescopes of various kinds to ensure equality E and the people’s requirements. This particular brand has introduced a wide range of telescopes with multiple measurements all over the country. The company comes along with a separate technical team involved in creating ergonomically comfortable designs and suitable for both ordinary people and professional people. The components used within the telescope are manufactured by them and also sometimes receive from professional manufacturing companies, including the lenses. People have trust in this brand not just because of their quality. But even their ability to select the components from the best companies in the world. Their current product is the FosCadit Telescope 90X Astronomical Refractive Telescope Optical Glass Metal Tube with Portable Travel Tripod Adjustable Level. 

This particular telescope is preferred by people worldwide because of its high-quality structure and ability to view the objects in the sky and any other object at a distance with clarity. If you are thinking about purchasing this model, you can choose an online website like Amazon as it can be easily received from the comfort of your home.


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the high-quality telescope is made up of aluminum metal and plastic combinations, making it more durable and suitable for carrying them around. The compact size of the telescope allows you to carry them everywhere, and they are ideal for astronomical purposes and entertainment purposes. It comes with a 50 mm telescope lens, and the images are viewed with clarity. They can produce images even under low lighting conditions. The tripod stand allows you to view the images by making adjustments. The height of the frame can also be adjusted to a certain extent.

Minor Heading

this particular product comes along with multiple coated lenses that can serve their purpose and capture images from a distance with utmost clarity. The glass is 50 mm in diameter. The aluminum is lightweight and can be carried around everywhere for comfort. They are particularly used for students who wish to learn about the space from their home. The tripod stand is also made up of high-quality aluminum and can be used everywhere. The lenses used in the eyepiece and the zenith mirror are also of high quality. So technically, the images occurring will be of utmost clarity. They allow you to observe the sunspots and enjoy the view present in the sky, including the minute details. The compact size allows you to carry them everywhere. This telescope can also be used for bird gazing and animal watching even though only selected shops are available in the shop to have good quality. So the best option is to go for the online shopping portals. 

Aeoss 40x60 HD HD Monocular Zoom Professional Portable Telescope for Camping Hunting with Smartphone Holder Tripod

Aeoss is a company that is well known among the common people as a brand that offers a wide range of high-quality products, including a telescope. The telescope designs provided by them are of high quality, and they can boost HD quality images that are only available in low branded telescopes. Every product is manufactured with a proper set of lenses and durable items and can withstand intense pressure even while carrying them around. Because of the quality and durability, most of these products are offered with a good warranty. They can also be serviced. The telescopes are used for professional purposes, and there are also certain entertainment-based telescopes available in their productions. 

This particular black telescope is available on most online websites, and people prefer them more because of the Unique design and ability to display the images with clarity. The telescope is available in a compact size, and it can be used to carry around everywhere. The tripod stand that is offered with the telescope allows you to place them perfectly on the benches and another heightened medium for clarity. If you want, you can also purchase a tripod separately and Mount the telescope on that.


A special cap protects both the lens and eyepiece to avoid Dust accumulating in them. The telescope can be easily connected to the special Smartphone and allow you to take pictures with clarity at a distance. It uses a special 50 mm glass for clarity, and the body is made up of High-grade plastic and Rubber. This allows the telescope to remain functional for a long time without getting affected by the pressure. The telescope’s external portion prevents them from falling over because of the rubber material present in them. It also comes along with a special Holder that can be removed if required. The focal point is at least 550 mm and can be used for viewing the sky during the night time. 


The telescope’s length is nearly 6 inches, and the weight is less than 2 kgs. This compact telescope can be carried around everywhere and used for animal hunting and other purposes. They are professional and can be used as a starter telescope, depending upon your requirement. This particular model is available on the online website, and They can be serviced if required. They offer a Centre individual focus point and hence the quality will also be perfect.

 The Adjustment knob is available in the top portion, and hence you can adjust the focus point along with the telescope’s position depending upon your requirement. The only disadvantage of this particular product set is that you cannot adjust the height of the telescope using this child, and hence you might need an extra stand for such requirements.