Best Terrace Cleaning Products

A terrace is such an essential element of a house. It endures all sorts of harsh conditions. Be it the rain or sand storms to spilling something or just the dust brought in through dirty shoes. This blog covers all the products that will help you in the mission of cleaning your terrace. There are many components to a terrace and we tell you how to tackle each one. Along with products, we will also be providing you with tips on what method you should apply while cleaning a certain area. We start by suggesting brooms and informing you about the different types of brooms available in the market. We also cover scrubbing products under a section dedicated to them. A terrace is often ignored and we think that since it is a part of the outdoors, it does not require much cleaning. When in reality, a terrace should ideally be swept two or three times in a week. We understand that most people do not have the convenience of doing that, hence in this article we suggest some products to you that will make your work easier.


The first step is to clear out your terrace. Pick up all the furniture from your terrace and even pots and other items placed in your terrace. The next step is to sweep the terrace with the help of a broom. Sweep the space of your terrace to get rid of the sitting dust. You may try the scotch brite no dust fibre broom (multi-purpose and green) it comes in green colour and the material is fibre. Click here to buy it on amazon. 

Or see chand suraj stainless steel stella eco friendly soft grass floor broom stick, multicolour. It promises to be eco friendly and bio-degradable. It produces 50 % less bhusa than other brooms as its material is thysanolaena maxima which is a top-quality grass. To check it on amazon, click here.

The next level of sweeping is to take the dust out even from the corners and cracks. For that, you need a much stronger and stiffer broom. Try the simba coconut palm garden broom, multicolour. The broom is handmade from coconut palm branches. It is a natural but durable design. It is tough and promises to last longer than plastic brooms. The metal handle is telescopic. To check it on amazon, click here.

The plastic variant of this shape would be family kart India ceiling jaala cobweb cleaning broom (colour may vary, 1.5 m). The ad does mention that one of its operation is cobweb cleaning. It is a flimsy one and the work of it can be done by a broom. But of course, it has a different shape that proves as an advantage. To check it on amazon, click here. The real deal of stiff brooms is provided by the variants we mention now. The first one we present is naivete clean the floor the brum suit hair filter broom household sweep floor multifunctional non-slip handle cleaning tool. It stands upright for better cleaning and it comes with a dustpan that locks in an open position for easier cleaning. It also snaps into the dustpan for upright storage. The length of the broom is 88.5 cm. To check it on amazon, click here. The second reference is vimal oval shape and rubberized edge floor cleaning tall broom brush, multicolour. the length is 120 cm on this one. Oval shape and rubberized edges minimize impacts or scratches on walls. To check it on amazon, click here.

The last suggestion is klaxon scrub floor broom with long extendable handle – colour may vary. The brush comes with split designs to clean according to your need. Basically, one broom is one with bristles and the other one a viper. To check it on amazon, click here.

Now we cover a bit more mechanical brooms. For example the shopper 52 fully automatic hand push sweeper mop with sweep broom dustpan combination suit. It comes with two circular brushes that maximize dirt pickup. It brooms, acts as a dustpan and trash bin. No electricity is needed either. To check it on amazon, click here.


A good choice can be a blower as well, to help you blow any leaves or other materials off of your terrace. Try out a blower like cheston 3.0 cubic metres / min 600 W / Pc cleaner / electric air blower. It comes with a 6 month warranty for manufacturing defects. Do not keep it running for more than 10 minutes or keep it on the floor.  To check it on amazon, click here. The next one is jak mister 675 W, unbreakable plastic 16000 RPM electric air blower dust PC vacuum cleaner (standard size, grey in colour). The material is unbreakable plastic and wattage is 675 watts. It comes with 6 month warranty cover manufacturing defects. The speed of motor is 16,000 RPM. To check it on amazon, click here.

Repellants and sprays

So target the weeds on your terrace. They grow anywhere between cracks and give the terrace a very unkempt look. Either remove them by hand by pulling them out from roots or just use an eco friendly weed killer. You may try money-saving weed killer liquid for lawn and garden 500 ml. It says to spray it over the weeds. To check it on amazon, click here.

Now to spray the weed killer, you will need a device like the Kisan craft KK PS 2000 manual sprayer (2 litres ) and colour may vary. It can be used to spray water as well. It comes with an adjustable pressure jet. It is lightweight and promises to be handy. To check it on amazon, click here.

Another spraying product is the kraft seeds garden pressure spray pump, assorted. The pictures in the link will pretty much sum up its working for you. To check it on amazon, click here.

Now the next step should be spraying bug repellant sprays on your terrace, in the corners or cracks. If you have a small terrace, a bottle like HIT spray crawling insect killer, 400 ml, red can be useful. These are inflammable so you must use them with caution. To check it on amazon, click here.

Or use HIT mosquito and fly killer spray, lime fragrance, 625 ml. This one does not come with the sleek long straw attached like in the previous product. So it will not be able to reach the deep cracks as well as the last product.  To check it on amazon, click here.

For larger terraces, you will have to dilute a product like pai organics concentrated insect repellant or certified organic or water soluble or all in one natural home pest control for all insects and mosquitoes, 250 ml into the water and spray with the products we provided above. It promises to be made of neem extracts. It is concentrated so you will have to dilute before use. It is natural and effective as compared to the chemical repellants out there. To check it on amazon, click here.

Floor cleaners

Different types of floors need to be cleaned in different ways. It is dependent on what tiles your terrace has. Also, many terrace floors do not have tiles only, they are cemented. We will be covering all of them. To clean stone or tiled terrace, vacuum it well. If vacuuming is not possible, then use one of the brooms we mentioned to sweep it once. Then mop it once.

For mops, you may try using a large microfiber cloth or those extendable mops that come attached to a stick. If you are looking for one such mop that comes with the multipurpose tub that not only lets you soak up the mop but also squeeze it, then you may consider scotch brite 2 in 1 bucket spin mop, green in colour, 2 refills. Click here to buy it.

Another good mop is the bona mop for stone, tile and laminate floors. It comes in a standard size, blue. It is pH neutral on a tile thus it is good for porous tiles. All you got to do is spray and clean. Click here to buy it. You may also try a flat mop like scotch Brite microfiber flat mop with 1 extra refill for magic easy floor cleaning ( multi-purpose ).  Click here to see this on amazon. We would now like to suggest some floor cleaners that we suggest in every blog. They are good for tile or stone floors. .Some good cleaner for the floor are – care hygiene marble and tile cleaner, 1 ltrs, green, remove heavy stains on marble, tiles, ceramic. Acid free. Click here to check it on amazon. And kolan organic all purpose surface spray cleaner 700 ml suitable for all surfaces including marble, granite, wood, tiles, stainless steel and glass. Click here to check it on amazon. 

Or pixur marble and tile shampoo deo fresh – 5 ltrs, floor cleaner, thick liquid, 0 percent HCl, acid safe on all type of floor, eco friendly, no harmful chemicals. Click here to check it on amazon.

or just mix detergent or dishwashing liquid in the bucket full of water and mop the floor with that. You may use a dishwashing liquid like Dishwashing soap products include sacred earth natural dish wash liquid – with soap nuts, lemon, lemon grass, thyme and bergamot – 500ml. To check this one on amazon, click here.

. Another one is bac leen dish wash 5 litres | dish cleaning gel | dish wash detergent | dishwashing gel of 5 litres. To check this one on amazon, click here.

all the cleaners we suggested above are compatible with most floors. If you have a wooden deck, then you need to be a little more careful as compared to a tiled deck.

Scrubbing products

Terrace dirt can be stubborn. If you have specific areas of tile grout, you will need to scrub. The scrubbing part can be difficult or easy depending on how you handle it. A common tip is to scrub in the direction of wooden fibres to avoid damages. The best advice is to clean any stains immediately as they form. If you let grout on wooden tiles, that is a huge no because you cannot use harsh detergents on your wooden flooring. However, if you absolutely have to use harsh detergent then we suggest you polish your wooden floor after you are done cleaning. According to what your manufacturer recommends, the polishing frequency may vary. A good polish is the blue oxy wooden floor polish wood cleaner conditioner and polisher – pack of 2. It is a gel based formula which polishes and cleans the wooden floor. It creates cleaning solvent as well as wax that helps restore shine. In fact it also comes with fillers to fill any cracks and then coats them with wax. It does not leave residue nor does it produce harmful fumes. Directions are that you should apply the liquid cream on wooden surfaces. Then buff the area with micro fibre cloth in a circular motion. Wipe excess with another clean microfiber cloth. To check it out on amazon, click here.

Since the above product uses microfiber cloths a lot, we need to recommend some. Apart from this procedure, micro fibre cloths have a lot of tasks that they can perform. It does not leave fibres on the surface hence forming the best material to clean with. Some microfiber cloths are so good that you only need water to clean any surface. They attract all sorts of dust, oil and gunk from the surface. One such microfiber is e-cloth (U. K.) microfiber kitchen cleaning cloth. Click here to check it out on amazon. It will be green in colour. People swear by this company’s microfiber. It requires mostly water only to wipe away dirt. It promises to remove 99% bacteria, dust and oil off of any surface. It attracts the moisture, oil thus traps all dirt, grime and grease. You could not invest in a better cloth for making your bathroom shine again. It is guaranteed for 300 machine washes !! this pack comes with 2 cloths – one kitchen ( 32 x 32 cm ), one glass and polishing cloth ( 50 x 40 cm ).  For another set of microfibers, check the softspun microfiber cloth – 5 pcs – 40 * 40 cm, these are 340 GSM multi-colour, thick lint and steak free, multipurpose cloths.  These are the automotive microfiber towels for car, bike cleaning, polishing, washing and detailing. These are good for cleaning other surfaces as well. Click here to open the link to check it on amazon. 

When it comes to a terrace with terracotta floor, we recommend you broom and mop first. Terracotta is highly porous unless it is glazed or laminated. You can easily detect if the polish is harmed in any spot because the terracotta will absorb the water over there. Clean any spills immediately. And soak any spilt water also. Do not let the water sit on the floor as it might erode the polish too. No use of any sorts of acids or bases like lemon, vinegar, bleach or ammonia. Only usable item is baking soda. After vacuuming and mopping, mop with water which has dish soap mixed into it. To remove berry or wine stains, go for dilute vinegar. Some cleaners that will help you are as follows – Cleanz up stain remover for hard water stain, watermarks, limescale, rust, all-purpose cleaner with shine polish formula – 100 gm. To check it out on amazon, click here. Care and hygiene marble and tile cleaner 1 lts, green, pack of 2, removes heavy stains on marble, tile, ceramics, mosaic and acid free surface cleaner. To check it out on amazon, click here. To clean a coarse terrace, more energy is required. Try to get over with it by just sweeping with a stiff bristle brush. But if you want that new element, use soapy water to clean the terrace. Scrub the floor wherever needed. We want you to think before you use a pressure wash because we must save water at all costs. But it is our duty to inform you of all the options available. One such product is bosch 125 bar universal aquatak 125 high pressure washer. It comes with quick settings, you do not need to assemble it much. It comes with 3 in 1 nozzle. They include high pressure fan, rotator jet and low pressure soap settings. It claims to be energy efficient by using power only when needed. To check it out on amazon, click here. Many people have been benefited by the use of microfiber gloves. One thing you should take care of is that not all microfiber gloves will be waterproof. The purpose of having a glove is defeated if the detergent eventually seeps to your hands. In the sense that if you get them wet, the water and soap might penetrate your hand as well. This does reduce your scrubbing effort but will not protect your hands much, so be careful about that. One microfiber glove we suggest it CarSaaz super large size ( 25 * 18 cm ) extra thick waterproof dual-sided multipurpose car home office cleaning microfiber glove mitt with waterproof layering. This one promises to be waterproof and extra thick as well. So you can rely on it for cleaning your surfaces properly. Click here to check its price on amazon. 

The namaskaram multi purpose double sided microfiber soft super mitt dust and home kitchen car window glass cleaning gloves multi-coloured – pack of 1 are another choice that we want to present to you. Click here to check its price on amazon. Our next scrubbing element is a silicone glove. The one thing these will ensure is that your hands will remain dry no matter what. These often come with bristles in the palm area and hence do the scrubbing part easily. There is however a difference in silicone glove and microfiber glove. These ones scrub better but you can not use them to do dusting or wiping anything. Nor can you use them to dry any surface. However, they will do a better job at scrubbing than microfiber. This is one pair of gloves we like – helium silicone hand gloves with a scrubber, scrub cleaning gloves with microfiber bristles for dishwashing and pet grooming etc. multicolour, 1 pair. To check this one on amazon, click here.

A heavy duty silicone glove can always be used for terrace cleaning. For example the scotch brite heavy duty gloves- medium. They are depicted such that they can be well used for outdoor purposes. To check it on amazon, click here. The next product that we want to introduce to you is something many people do not know about. It is an electric scrubber. Yes! It scrubs with the help of electricity. This one eliminates all your problems in one go. Is scrubbing a difficult task for you? Below we present electric scrubbers. Each of them has different properties that we will highlight for you. These will be easy on your back as well as will save you time and energy. They are easy to use and will reduce the hassle of scrubbing every tile in your bathroom. These are more easy to use than even the microfiber and silicone gloves as they will be doing all the scrubbing for you while you just guide the wand. Let us start with fresh d cart ABS plastic electric spinning scrubber machine floor cleaning, bathroom tile cleaning, cleaner tool with 3 replaceable brushes and long extension handle. It comes in a large size and colour scheme is white and blue. With a market price of five thousand rupees, this electric scrubber provides professional cleaning without you having to put excess effort into it. It spins up to 3000 rotations per minute. The head can turn around a full 360 degrees. You will be provided with three different brush heads. They are replaceable and include a half-round brush, a corner brush and a flat brush. It provides maximum coverage since it has a handle that can be extended. It is cordless as well as waterproof, hence reducing the hassle of water mingling with an electric current to give you a hazardous shock. It is waterproof hence it is safe to use with water as well. Click here to see this product on amazon.

the home cube 1 pc multifunctional hurricane muscle scrubber electrical cleaning brush with brush heads, bathroom surface cleaner, bathtub, shower, tile brush, household cleaning tools – random colour. This model has a little different design, to begin with. Basically, it is smaller and cheaper. If you do not require an extensible rod to clean your tiles, then this one is a good fit for you. It also is a more affordable option. It also has a greater rotation rate at 500 rotations per minute. Click here to view this on amazon. For the third product, we would like to warn you – you must have a drill already present in your home. These are only three brushes. This product forms the most affordable and cheapest option of all. This is also a bit small but seems worth it according to the price. This also comes with three replaceable heads. All promise to have great nylon quality. The product is mogoi 3 pack drill brush attachment set, scrubber drill brush electric power round cleaning tool, nylon brush set for bathroom surfaces, floor, tub, shower, tile corners, kitchen, automotive drill. Click here to see this on amazon. For better scrubbing, there is a tool called ad fresh plastic dish wash soap dispense brush and cleaning scrubber standard size, multicolour. It basically dispenses soap while you scrub with it. Click here to see this product on amazon.

Many times while cleaning, we want to be gentle with the surface, in such a situation, good sponge or scrubbing brush would be a good choice. They do not cause scratches and help you clean the surface efficiently. One such sponge is the scotch Brite scrub sponge large (Pack of 2) and scrubs pad large (pack of 3). Click here to view it on amazon.

Pipe cleaners

Most of the terraces these days have a pipeline to drain water from the terrace. Sometimes those pipes also get dirty internally and need a good cleaning. The things that generally work for cleaning a drain might work here in this case as well. Baking soda and vinegar can do wonders for your drain. For vinegar, you may try heath cart natural white vinegar, 0.5 litre and unflavoured. Click here to check it on amazon

There are many tools in the market to unclog your drain. Or to take out the hair or dirt stuck in them. The success of this product also depends on the length and breadth of your pipe. Do consider the images in the link as a reference. One such tool is zollyss 45 cm flexible sink cleaning brush water pipe drain dresge tool bath plug long hair cleaner overflow unblocker cleaner stick. To check it out on amazon, click here

To clean the pipe externally, use a cleaner such as best grout cleaner for tile and grout cleaning, acid – free safe deep cleaner and stain remover for even the dirtiest grout, the best Click here to check it on amazon or you may also try: church and Dwight 19 oz kaboom foamtastic 35270 tub and tile cleaners. This is an amazing cleaner as its foam also changes colour as it softens gunk. You can trust on this one. Click here to check it on amazon.