Best Toys For 1 Year Old In India

If you are looking for the best toys for a one-year-old, it is no longer a hassle. All you need to do is look into the guide, understand what you must find in the toy, and get the right one.

One-year-old kids are always curious to explore their surroundings in ways that weren’t possible before. When they are not ready to dive into academics, the best toys for 1-year-olds can encourage them and foster their curiosity with their senses and provide them with ample opportunities to experiment with effect and cause in a relationship. Children can easily learn and do things at this age, and something that is the most tempting for them is the toys that claim to do just everything. But it would help if you kept in mind that the toddlers appreciate repetition and can get overwhelmed easily. You can choose the toys that focus on a few key learning goals that are developmentally appropriate for them. The best toy box comes with various toys so that the toddlers can choose the toys that appeal to them at that very moment. If you give them the chance to decide for themselves, it is also a great way to help them build their confidence.

Our Recommended Best Products In India:

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Melissa & Doug First Bead Maze 

Step2 Waterwheel Play Table

Toys Bhoomi Sand and Water Table with 15 Accessories Outdoor Indoor Beach Play Activity Toy 

Buying guide

In this guide, you will understand the types of toys available in the market for toddlers. Here are some of the best types you can consider for your child.

  • Active play toys: This type of toy is actually a stage of dramatic physical development. It includes rolling toys, activity tables, and push toys that are excellent to engage kids with gross motor skills, including standing, balancing, cruising, and walking. Busy toys and boxes with lots of latches, buttons, slides, and so on are great to promote fine motor skills that require hand-eye coordination and finger dexterity.
  • Sensory play toys: Toddlers learn to experience their world through their senses. They grab all the information they can get from their mouth, eyes, fingers, and ears. Education toys help to stimulate their senses with different materials and textures. 
  • Open-ended toys: If we are talking about a 1-year-old child, everything is interesting and new for them. It’s like discovering the world for the first time, and this is why we would suggest you let your child experiment and play with toys in various ways. If a child is bouncing or dropping a doll instead of playing house properly, she might be learning and experimenting with fundamental physics ideas. 
  • Shape sorters: Babies like to explore how the world works. A shape sorter helps 1 year old learn how to manipulate the shape to get in the hole, which otherwise helps them with problem-solving skills.
  • Blocks: Toddlers love to stack the blocks, bang, and build together with them.
  • Puzzles: Puzzles help to encourage toddler’s both hand-eye coordination and visual perception skills. The best puzzles for a 1-year-old have large pieces.
  • Balls: Colorful balls that come with nubs and sensory features are a way to delight your baby. Catching and throwing help them to develop gross motor skills, and the forth and back interaction sets up their language skills.
  • Art materials: You can encourage your child’s inner Picasso with thicker and wide crayons and non-toxic washable markers.
  • Board books: Books that come with photographs or simple illustrations of real objects are best for a 1-year-old. The more realistic the image is, the easier it is for the child to comprehend and relate to their world. 

Choosing the best toys

We know it might be tough for you to choose the best selling toys for your toddler, which is why we suggest you go for the reasonably durable one. If you are a toddler, then it is an exciting age to buy a toy for them. Suppose you interact more with the objects around them and understand a bit of cause and effect. Every toy for a 1-year-old can be chosen from its educational value or simply for the types and joy of play it brings.

One-year-olds kids are always excited about the gifts, so when they interact with the objects around them, it helps them develop their skills. We wanted to make sure that you find various types of things for her to play around with and make it challenging and delightful for her. Now take a close look at the milestones we recommend you to consider while selecting a toy for this age.

  • Emotional milestones

Toddlers are notorious for having issues related to their separation from their parents. It is also called separation anxiety, and a child also cries when they have to leave their parent’s room. The reason is that they find it difficult to adjust to the new environment. 

  • Physical milestones

One-year-olds kids gain control over their movement. They can get into the sitting position, must be able to stand, and even take a walk around by holding onto furniture. Most one year olds take their first steps and can access many new places. You must be cautious by baby-proofing other things as they can reach by climbing at this age. Stairs are also one of the things that draw the child’s attention, so you must keep a close watch.

  • Cognitive milestones

Brain development is rapid in the first five years, and at the age of one year, children like to explore everything. They may also throw, bang, shake, or mouth toys to help them understand an object’s significance. Children also enjoy putting things in and taking them out over and over again. They begin to able to follow simple instructions like ‘give me the toy’ and will also look at the familiar object that is named like if you have a pet, then they can turn towards the pet when asked on ‘Do you see the pet?”

  • Social milestones

The one-year-old kid can begin to communicate in their ways. They may even bring you a book and want you to read them a story or reach for something they need or desire. They also begin to imitate sounds and actions for attention and show fear of certain things. At this age, toddlers have favorite things, and people can play many games, including ‘patty cake’ and ‘peek a boo.’

Product Review

After reading how to choose and what you must look for in the guide, here are the top 3 products that we have come up with for you.

Melissa & Doug First Bead Maze

This first bead maze is one of the classic toys that feature colorful baby-proofed wires linking two wooden blocks with wooden beads and plastic rings. Toddlers love it because it also has the perfect bead size for small hands and is generally engaging, requiring tracking skills. The toy also stimulates both tactile and hearing senses as well. If your toddler is pretty healthy, you might have to mind how well you stick it to the surface because if they yank on it hard, it may come off and hit them in the face.

Step2 Waterwheel Play Table

The water wheel play table is a pool toy and water wheel tower with vast molded lakes, receptacle funnels, canals, and harbors that come with boats and cups. The toy is also fun for kids; mostly, it is the water tower feature, which is addictive. The only downside of this toy is that the toy is made of weal material, making the boat fall apart quickly and sink in only after a few weeks of usage. Older kids might also topple the structure too often, which can otherwise be frustrating. 

Toys Bhoomi Sand and Water Table

This 2-in-1 Beach Sand and water play table is a sand and water play toy for your toddler that also features eight accessories for water and sand play. Kids also love to play with this toy for hours and with tons of joyful stuff to do out in the sun. It can also be used as a table for learning.

If you are looking to choose the best gift for a one-year-old, it can be a bit challenging, but one thing to remember while choosing the best gift is to buy something only after researching and talking to the parents. No matter which gift you choose, it is better not to invest much in the gift because kids often grow bored of the toys and keep switching to new ones.