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Best Toys For 2 Year Olds In India

If you are looking for the best toys for 2 years old, this product review and guide will help you select the best one. In this guide, you will get to know what you must follow and avoid while selecting a toy for your kid.

Toddlers are always known to be energetic little explorers, and the toys you get for them must be able to stimulate them both physically and mentally and entertain them at the same time. If you are looking for toys for two years old, then ensure that you get the right one to help them plan independently. A toddler enjoys the toy or something that responds to their actions. So, getting the right toy for your child will save you from those constant market trips in search of toys from time to time.  In this guide, you will get all the information you need to get the best toys for your baby. This article has detailed information on the benefits and tips before you choose the toy for your toddler.

Our Recommended Best Products In India:

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JVM Friction Powered Automobile Cars Push and Go Car 

Smartcraft Colorful and Attractive Funny Cottage Educational Toy

Little's Junior Ring

Advantages of toys for toddlers

Toys bring more fun to kids and even allow them to learn, spark their imaginations, and encourage them to interact with others. Below are some of the things that your baby will benefit from using toys.

  • Help kids to develop motor skills

Almost every toy help toddlers build their finger muscles. The muscles help in a lot of essential tasks like eating, writing, and even buttoning. The toys like building blocks, stacking, doughs, clays, and some tinkering toys help babies enjoy and help them build these muscles.

  • Mental stimulation

By playing with toys, your kid will be able to think logically, so when you use a shorter shape, they will learn that they have to fit the right shape in the basket or box for it to fit through, and the same goes for building blocks. The child has to place them in the correct order to prevent them from toppling.

  • Improve social interaction

There are many cases when kids don’t like to share their toys with others. As they play together, they learn how to cooperate, interact, and associate. A dispute is bound to arise when they play together, but this is the way they can learn about social interaction in early life.

  • Keep kids engaged for a long time

Toys keep kids busy and engaged for a longer time, especially if they amuse them. When they play, you get some time for yourself and also a chance to run a few errands around the house.

  • Improves their listening skills

Few toys like musical chiming ones help toddlers to horn their listening skills. You should avoid getting toys that produce round and sharp noises as this can damage your baby’s delicate ears leading to long-term problems.

Toys you must avoid to purchase for toddlers

When you buy toys for your child, you must be extra careful and do not try to jeopardize your baby’s health. Always go for the toys that can leave your baby playing with them independently without having to worry about their safety.

  • Toys that come with glass parts or sharp edges
  • Long strings that can tangle around your baby’s neck
  • Avoid toys that require electricity for them to run. Your child’s contact with electrical cords can anyway be dangerous. 
  • Toys built with lead-based paints or the paints that get flaked easily

Types of toddler toys

  • Moving, push and pull toys

These are toys that your baby can move around with some push and pull. These toys are the best, especially if you want to train your baby to walk as they motivate them to take their next step. Before purchasing the toys, ensure that the pull sling is short enough for safety reasons. You do not want your baby to get strangled by the string as this might be dangerous. Moving toys include doll strollers, grocery carts, etc.

  • Craft and art toys

These toys make your baby creative and help them to get mentally stimulated. So if you get the finger paint, they will try to draw by hand with whatever will come to their mind. The good thing about craft toys is that it will induce the creative level in your child’s mind.

  • Manipulative skills toys

The manipulative toys will help your kid to build fine motor skills as it will keep his fingers and little hand busy all the time. The toys also require kids to press buttons for music to start, press a switch for the light, rotate the button for it to move, and many more. Anyway, these toys will keep your baby engaged for a long time.

  • Water splash toys

If you have trouble when trying to get your baby into the water, like a bath, then get water splash toys for them, and you won’t regret it. Kids like to play in the tub, and simple water splash toys that will fascinate them and keep him in the water until you get done with him.

  • Reading toys

Some toys even help kids to start their reading journey. At such an early stage, your child won’t need a lot of reading books, and thus, the toys that can help to read come in handy. Toys that include snap and learn alphabet alligators, smart sound playhouses are examples of these kinds of toys. 

Things to look

The following are the things you need to consider before you purchase a toy for your baby.

    • Age: You must get a toy that is appropriate as per your kid’s age. You must not spend a lot of cash on a toy set only to find that it’s a year beyond your kid’s comprehension. We are sure you’d feel bad if the toy you got for your baby doesn’t amuse him.
    • Creativity: When you go for the toys for your toddler, keep in mind to spend your money on those that only enable your baby to have fun. Try to go for the ones that also intrigue their imagination and encourage their creativity. Instead of buying toys that dance by merely pressing a button, try to stack blocks with your baby.
    • Toys that grow with kids: If possible, try to avoid the expensive toys in any case. We suggest this because toys mostly go down the line after a year, and sometimes if they don’t find it amusing, then it is just a matter of a few days to throw them away. Get a toy that your baby uses at one level and then transform it into something intriguing and challenging when they get older.
    • Multi-sensory experience: You can consider a toy that provides your child with different sensory experiences like a toy that lights up, chimes music, and has different textures. It will help to engage your baby more.
  • Affordability: Some toys come with a high price tag that maybe within your budget. There is no need for you to strain yourself when you can get the same quality toys or much better within your budget. Something that matters is the safety, durability, and effect the toy will have on your kid. If it suits your baby, then you can go for it without thinking much. 
  • Flame resistant: So, before you pay for a toy, always check the label to see whether it indicates ‘flame resistant’ or not. Getting the flame-resistant toys will not only save your baby but also your property from fire.


Product Review

Here are the comparison table and a product detail of the selected three products for the best toys for 2 years old.

JVM Friction Powered Automobile Cars Push and Go Car

This is a set of four toys that are made of non-toxic materials. The engineering vehicles come in different color and are 100% safe for your baby to use them. The four cars include JCB, dumper, tractor, and cement mixer. The vibrant colors will entice your child to play with them. The sturdy construction of toys also makes them rough to handle as they will remain in good shape. All the toys have tires with friction powers making them easy to move.

Smartcraft Colorful and Attractive Funny Cottage Educational Toy

Now need not stress your kids right from kindergarten to study. You can let them play and learn together with this playhouse, which has counting beads. It is excellent for your child as they can shift these beads quickly and learn to count. It makes learning fun while keeping your child entertained and amused. It is a beautifully designed house with a music organ where the child can play and enjoy melodious tunes.  The learning house works excellent in developing the baby’s hand-eye coordination, visual skills, motor skills, and hearing skills. It also comes with a door opening game that promotes the development of rational senses. 

Little's Junior Ring

This attractive educational toy will help your kids to recognize different sizes and colors. It consists of five rings that will give your baby a lot of fun when they will stack them in order. Your baby will also develop finger skills within no time. The five different rings will also help your baby with visual development. Their eye-hand coordination will develop after a short period of playing with this toy. The rings come in shiny shades that are easy for your baby to use and identify well.So, we hope this guide will help you get the best toys for 2 years old without much thinking and effort.