Best Educational Toys For 2 Year Olds In India

Looking for the best educational toys for 2 years old is no longer challenging as this guide is specially made for the parents who want to make their children learn and play simultaneously. Follow this guide and bring the best educational toy for your child.

Toddlers are indeed the little explorers who learn by doing. If you give them something meaningful to play, it means you are giving them an excellent opportunity to develop and practice new skills at their own pace by following their unique interests. The playthings and toys your child has can help to shape their development in fundamental ways. Though it may seem like choosing toys for toddlers would be an easy job, in reality, it is not. As soon as you’ll walk into a toy store or search online, there will be an array of available toys in the toy market. We are sure you’d expect something which could be fun, engaging, and has educational qualities so that your child can play and learn at the same time. Below are some ideas for choosing the toys to help your child grow, challenge, and nurture them.

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Things to look for

Toddlers enjoy to take apart, put back together, put in, put out, build up, and add on. Try to choose the “open-ended” toys in the sense that your child can play many types of games with them. Like you can try chunky plastics interlocking blocks or wooden blocks that can be used to make zoom road, bridge, or even a spaceship. Toys like this spark up your child’s imagination and help them to develop problem-solving and logical thinking skills.

Look for toys that grow with your child

Almost every parent has buying toys that the child plays with only for two days and never touches them again. You can avoid this from happening  by looking for toys that can be fun at different developmental stages. For example, small plastic animals are fun for young toddlers who may also make shoebox house for them, and when they grow old, they can use them to act out a made-up story. 

Select toys that encourage problem-solving and exploration

Toys give the child the chance to practice new skills over and over again. Toys that give kids a chance to figure out something on their own or with a little coaching, build their logical and thinking skills sharp and help them to become persistent problem-solvers. They also help children to develop spatial relation skills, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills.

Look for toys that will spark your child's imagination

During your child’s second and third year, creativity starts to take off as they will now be able to take on someone else’s role and imagine that something takes, for example, a block is actually a piece of cake. You can look for the toys that your child can use as he develops and act out stories. 

Give your child the chance to play with real toys

It would be great if you get your child a toy that looks like a real thing. Your child is 2 years old and is getting good at figuring out how objects in their world work, like remotes or light switches. They are interested in real stuff like cell phones, so toys like musical instruments, toy phones, etc., will help your child learn spatial relations, develop fine motor skills, and develop problem-solving ability.

Getting ready to read toys

Apart from toys, things like books, magnetic alphabet letters, and some art supplies like markers, crayons help your child to develop early reading and writing skills. The real-life props like catalogs, magazines, or take-out menus are fun for your child to play with. It also builds familiarity with the text, letters, and print.

Toys that encourage activeness

Toddlers do all sorts of physical tricks as they get stronger and more confident with their bodies. As a parent, you must appreciate your little one’s newest playground achievement. Look for the toys that will help your child to practice current physical skills and develop newer ones.

Tips for choosing the best education toys

Shopping for your toddlers can sometimes be overwhelming but always remember that something that looks fancy is not always good. Here are some tips that will help you to select the best educational toys for 2 years old.

  • Screen time: Be mindful of the screen time because, as per the reports, children up to the age of eight spend over two hours on the screen every day on average, and the figure increases as soon as the kids hit their tween years. If possible, we would suggest opting for toys that encourage learning without yet another screen interference.
  • Open-ended toys are best: If you are in any doubt, you can choose toys that can be used on several occasions and in various ways without making your kids getting bored. Open-ended toys like LEGO and blocks spark up your child’s imagination and can also be used in several contexts. These versatile toys also encourage critical thinking and STEM skills.
  • Creativity is equally essential: Parents nowadays seem to be in a race to equip their kids for STEM success. However, it is wise to build these skills early but not to detriment the creativity. The best toys combine multiple learning elements by allowing kids to explore STEM while using it for their imagination. 
  • Consider your child’s interest: Don’t force your kid for a toy; instead, it is better to develop their current interests. If you are determined to broaden your child’s horizons, then find something that has just enough in common with the things they already love.

Product Review

Now it is time to learn about the top three education toys that we selected to benefit your two-year-old. We have first made a comparison table for the easy look at the products and then about the product in detail for better understanding.

Homebuy Powered Car Toys Set

This toy comes with attractive colors that will give your child a chance to learn a lot about the activities. It will also help your child to develop fine motor skills, visual skills, and excellent eye-hand coordination. They will also be able to develop visual, tactile, and hearing skills.

It comes with colorful beads that will help your baby to learn necessary math skills as they will have to move them to count. The child will also learn the different sounds that animals made when fitting animal-shaped blocks into their correct slots.

With this cottage’s help, your baby will learn about different shapes since he has to sort them out and fit in their correct holes. The door opening game where the kid has to get the key to open the door will keep your child busy and help their mind to stimulate.

Fisher-Price Baby's First Blocks

If you are looking for the kind of toy that will help your baby develop fine motor skills, this toy is precisely for you. It consists of a bucket with ten bright blocks that your kid has to fit and sort through the lid. Some things may require your help, and after they learn, you can leave them to play on their own. 

This game also requires your kid to fill the bucket with the given blocks, pour them out, and start again. The game will help your child to improve eye-coordination and ability to grasp objects.

Little's Junior Ring

This is an attractive educational toy that helps kids to recognize different sizes and colors. It consists of five rings that will give your baby a lot of fun when you stack them in order. Your baby will also develop finger skills within no time. 

The five different rings will also help your baby with visual development. Their eye-hand coordination will develop after a short period of playing with this toy. The rings come in shiny shades that are easy for your baby to use and identify well.

Even though choosing the best educational toy for 2-year-olds may seem pretty tricky, we have tried our best to streamline all the possible tips and guidelines to help you out. We hope you will go to the best one.