Best Gifts For 3 Year Old Boy In India

Looking for the best gifts for a 3-year-old boy, read this blog to know more about perfect gift options. Enhance your knowledge about the good toys for your little master and select one from many good options. Read more to know all about toys!

It is sometimes really hard to decide the best gifts for a 3-year-old boy, well to solve that issue we have gathered complete information about gifts for 3-year-old boy. When it comes to choosing toys for a boy, we have a wide variety available in the market. Still, to select a suitable piece, you need to check multiple factors, like security and motor skill development. 

By the age of three, your boy will be able to speak complete sentences, so he is old enough to tell what he likes. Now this age group can be challenging for all the parents to keep busy and entertained. For a 3-year-old boy, you can consider good educational toys because these educational toys are the best choice for toddlers. You can watch them learning and growing with fun.

As three-year-old kiddo are really eager to solve small problems, you can also consider shape specific blocks. Building blocks are real fun to play and can be a great choice for three-year-old as they love to create, explore and solve problems. Some other good options can be hand puppets as a three-year-old boy will enjoy telling you his own stories in an illustrating way with puppets. You can also encourage them to use some costumes and picture storybooks to create their own stories while playing with puppets.

As we know, at the age of three, kids start learning numbers and alphabets, so you can encourage them to play and learn with “best educational toys for three-year-old.” Let’s see how many types of toys are available for our juniors. Though the market is full of variety, you can refer to the below-given types to ease your search.

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Types Of Toys For 3-Year-Old

This list is appropriate for the selection of good toys for three-year-old boys. This list is being prepared by keeping the choice and need of a three-year-old boy-

  • Activity Kits– At this age, kids love to do role plays. To encourage this activity, you can go for the activity kits like doctor set, police uniform, nurse kit, and teacher set. Your kids will surely learn the social skills and become familiar with the civil servants’ roles.
  • Educational Toys- Boys of the age group of 3 to 5 years will enjoy learning new shapes, colors, and things around us. You can use educational laptop or color boards, shapes to develop their learning skills. 
  • Building Blocks- Many kinds of building blocks are available for boys of three-year age; these block games can be a perfect gift for them. Your kiddo will learn to fine-tune his motor skills and develop a sense of management while stacking the blocks in a proper shape.
  • Dough Kits- Mess is sometimes really good; indeed, for your three-year-old champ, these kits can be a boon. Dough kits are designed to enhance the fine motor skills of your kids. So next time, you can consider these kids for your little champ.
  • Action Figures- at the age of three, your young man can recognize his favorite figures like spiderman, batman, and avengers. These action figures attract these little musketeers a lot, so you consider these action figures. Though these toys do not give any great contribution to their growth, your boy will surely love to have one.
  • Art and crafts- You can get the majority of choices here in this category like artbook, colors, black or whiteboards, and printing/stamping kits. These toys can be super fun for your young fellow. At the age of three, he will surely show interest in painting and drawing, and It will help him to practice pencil hold.
  • Early Development & Activity Toy- In this category, you can get options like activity cubes, brick& blocks, counting frames, hammering and pounding toys, and teaching clocks. 
  • Bikes, Trikes, and Ride Ons- In this category, you can get the best gift for a three-year-old boy as in this category you will get balance bikes, electric vehicles, go-carts, pedal carts, tractors and trailers, and most interestingly, Push ride Ons.
  • Model trains & railway sets- Moving figures really fascinate the young kiddos, and model trains are the best choice for them to have fun. You can get educational building block trains, locomotive, and many other types of train sets.  Constructing and building a train track can be great fun for your little three-year-old munchkin.
  • Puppets & Puppet Theatres – This toy category is really awesome and gives fun learning to the young boy. Puppets and puppet theatres can boost your 3-year-old boy’s confidence, and it will also enhance his public speaking skills.
  • Outdoor sport- Outdoor sports play a vital role in your little boy’s development, so it is really important to consider some ball pits, bubbles, fitness equipment, balance boards, or garden tools for your boy. If you have a reasonable budget for gifting, you can also consider some outdoor swings and play tents.

Things To Keep In Mind

Before you buy any toys for your younger one, you need to keep the following things in mind. 

  • Safety – At the age of three, it is really important to pay attention to your boy’s safety. Do not buy toys with any sharp edges or toxic materials; even take a closer look for the size as well. Do not buy small piece toys as there is a risk of swallowing, which can be dangerous.  If you plan to buy a cycle, slider, or battery-operated car, you must purchase the safety equipment to keep them protected from any injury.
  • Supervision- Always keep the play area clean and safe for the kids, and make sure you or an elder is always available while they are trying hands with new toys or activity kits. Always buy toxic-free colors and dough for them to enjoy playing.
  • First Aid- We pray that you never require this, but it’s essential to keep a first aid kit at your home. Always be very careful while your little boy is playing with any kind of toy, do not leave them alone with the toys as you never know they can hurt themselves in your absence.

Melissa & Doug On the Go Water Wow! Connect the Dots Farm Activity Pad With (Reusable Water-Reveal Colouring Book, Refillable Water Pen)

This is a no-mess activity book, and it has a feature to add dots by connecting them. The Melissa & dough on the go water pad comes with four reusable pages, and you get one pen to fill each activity. You can see hidden colors and pictures with every single stroke. The kid can play on this again and again. This is an excellent gift for a three-year-old boy as this is designed to enhance the kiddos’ imagination.

LEGO Classic Creative Bricks Building Blocks for Kids, MultiColor

This beautiful stack and play gift are designed by the legend company Lego. Your kin can be more creative with this gift as it comes with 29 different colored bricks. This toy is designed to inspire open-ended creativity, and it also encourages the imaginative building in your kid.

Funskool-Giggles Learn & Write 2 in 1 Magnetic with Writing Board

Funskool Giggles is one of the best gifts for a three-year-old boy, as this gift introduces the basic language and basic mathematical concepts. Funskool designs this toy, and this board comes with 2 in 1 magnetic writing board. This writing board is a super cool way to introduce learning with unlimited fun.  The other side of the board is a dry erase board, and your kin can practice holding a pen. Even your boy can play along with his friends and spend a leisure time with them.

Above three the best gift for a three-year-old boy, but you have many other choices as well. You can consider toy cars as well. Boys love cars, “Hot Wheels” is another best gift option for a 3-year-old boy. Select the gif as per the budget and need, do not buy bulky toys as they may be hazardous for your little kiddo.