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Best Toys For 3 Year Olds In India

Looking for the best toys for 3 years old can be challenging and hectic in a way. You often end up wondering which toy would suit them the best. This guide will help you to find the best toy for the three-year-old kid.

If you are struggling to get the right toy for your kid and want to save yourself from getting the ones that don’t amuse your kids, here is a guide. Since toys can be a handy gift for your child, we know you’d want to go for the best one.  In this review guide, you will get all the help you need to select the best toy for your baby in the Indian market. By going through the detailed information on the different types of toddler toys, the benefits your kid will get from using them as well as the things to consider before going for one. 

Our Recommended Best Products In India:

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BAYBEE Funbee Baby Electronic Airplane Toys 

Giggles Nico the Giraffe, Yellow

Flash Musical Drum

Advantages of toys for toddlers

  • Improve their eye-hand coordination

Some toys help the kids to improve their hand-eye coordination more than just play. Like when babies stack building blocks, they need to put the blocks in a position that they don’t topple over, and while doing so. They need to keep a close eye as they continue to use their hand to stack the remaining blocks. By grasping the toys that try to fall from the stack, they also practice how to grip objects, strengthening their hands and fingers.

  • Help to be creative

Toys also help your kid to improve their creativity level. For example, they can create different structures using blocks. If they use a pretend kitchen, they will try to cook different delicacies. With toys, your kids will get an excellent base to develop creative abilities, and it will be of great help for them in the future.

  • Develop math and vocabulary skills

Some toys help kids to develop math and vocabulary skills, like learning word count and alphabets. If you want your child to improve in this field, research for the right toys is necessary. Since toddlers quickly learn, we are sure you’ll be surprised to see your child’s learning ability.

  • Entertaining

Toys are one of the great sources of entertainment for young children. For example, musical toys entertain kids as they enjoy the sweet rhymes they play. They also enable a few words that improve communication as they try to sing along with the toy.

Things to avoid while purchasing toys

When you go to the market to buy toys for your baby, you must be extra careful while picking up a toy. Try to avoid picking up the ones that can put your baby’s health at risk. Always get the toys that can leave your baby playing independently without worrying about their safety. Below are the points you must avoid when you purchase the toy.

  • Toys that have parts that can be pulled off easily and fit into your kid’s nose, ear, mouth or can hurt them
  • Toys that make loud or sharp noises can damage your little one’s delicate ears.
  • Avoid purchasing toys with hinged parts that can pinch your baby’s small fingers.
  • Try to avoid getting your kid stuffed animals with parts that your toddler can remove easily.

Types of toys for toddlers

Below are the types of toys available in the market for three years old. 

  • Emptying and filling

These types of toys enable your child to put things out and in. Such toys often fascinate and help them to develop fine motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination. For this purpose, you can look for toys like a fishbowl or give them a box full of small toys (the ones that cannot fit their mouth).

  • Shape sorting toys

Toys like these come in different sizes and shapes. Some come with bells, music, whistles, and others without anything. You will be able to play with your baby initially since you’ll have to show him what shape should go into which hole. After they master the art of playing, you can leave them to play on their own. Shape sorting games are usually great educational toys for toddlers and will also prepare to make them sharp in their school work.

  • Pretend to play with toys

These types of toys help toddlers to develop their self-regulation, reasoning, and different problem-solving skills. The toys help kids prepare for different roles they’ll take when they grow up as adults. This is the reason why you need to select the best pretend toys that will bring out the best in your baby.

  • Block stacking toys

The block stacking toys will keep your baby engaged and busy for a long time. These toys help babies improve creativity as they will learn about creating different structures with the blocks and developing fine motor skills. If your baby can build the tower blocks, then their hands will get steady.

Things to consider

Below are the things that you must consider before purchasing a toy for your baby.

  • Safety: It is not possible to buy a toy for your child and ignore safety. You must ensure that the toy that you are looking at doesn’t have any loose screws, paint that flakes off, or any sharp edges that can end up injuring your child. If it is a pull toy, then ensure that the pull string doesn’t exceed a length of seven inches.
  • Physical activities: You can consider getting the toys that involve more activities than just sitting on the floor. You can avoid introducing them to videos at an early stage as they can do that after getting older. You can get push toys for them as it will encourage them to be active. 
  • Encourage learning: If you get a toy that stimulates your baby’s mind better, get them a toy requiring problem-solving. Some toys make kids think critically for them to enjoy playing, which is a great thing. 
  • Toys that can be used in different ways: You can purchase open-ended toys for your baby because, with the help of them, they can play different games and thus end up getting engaged for long hours. Like for example, stacking blocks will help your kids build various structures. If you purchase the shape sorters for him, they can only sort the shapes and nothing else that can otherwise be boring.
  • Long-lasting: Always look for durable toys for your baby. You do not want to get the ones that break right after your baby throws it away, which is possible with toddlers. You must ensure that you check on the durability before you pay for the toy and only ignore it if you’ve got no problem with your money going to waste.

Product Review

After reading about all the tips and techniques on how to buy the best toys for 3 years old?, here are the top three products we have come up with to help you choose better.  Below you can find the comparison table, and following it is the product description given to help you get more comprehensive detail about the particular product.

BAYBEE Funbee Baby Electronic Airplane Toy

With the help of this toy, your baby will be able to see themselves as the pilot. They can play with it and get knowledge of the airplane at the same time. This toy will also stimulate their mind to cultivate their active and cognitive development.  The airplane play numbers “123” and the letter “ABC” when your baby presses the corresponding numbers. The toy will not only enable him to enjoy great fun but will also help them to learn at an early stage. 

Giggles Nico the Giraffe

This giraffe shaped toy by Nico is one of the best pull along toy for your toddler. The toy comes with a bright yellow color that will entice your baby to play with it any time they want. He will also love to pull it along as it will wag its tail and walk funnily. The toy will also encourage toddlers to walk and keep them active. 

Musical Drum

This interactive drum will help your child to engage and develop audio, visual stimulation, along with musical and coordination skills. The drum has three game modes, nice dulcet songs, and nine different drum sounds. The drum also has flashlights with different fun sounds. With the help of these, the baby will discover the world of sound and enjoy it. It comes with volume control buttons, so when your kid will press it if he wants to adjust the volume. The drum also comes in vibrant colors that attract kids and also sturdy.

We hope you’ve now understood how you can choose the best toys for 3 years old. This guide will provide you the best and useful tips.