Best Trampoline In India [Buying Guide, Pros & Cons]

If you are looking for the best trampoline in India, this guide will help you select the best one. Looking for the best trampoline is no longer a hassle and easy to find. Go through this guide and find the best one that suits your need and requirements.

Every parent likes to enjoy with their kids in the backyard or indoors. When we talk about kids, they rarely have choices regarding the type of ride, especially at home. This is when the trampoline becomes one of the best ways to let your kids enjoy and have fun. You cannot get a jumper toy or big roller coaster at home, and this is the reason we are saying that a trampoline will be the best way to make your kids enjoy it.

But before we start with anything, it is better to know about the trampoline. It is merely a platform made of plastic material on which you can jump and enjoy. So if you have kids at your home, then it must be on your buying checklist. 

The elastic trampoline is a simple elastic sheet that is stretched at the right point. It allows you to bounce at a rhythm and level, and you can adjust according to your movement cheerfully for a long time. There is no point in thinking if children will love trampoline or not because they surely will and will even play with their friends. 

To choose the right model for your children, we have prepared this guide. We have also selected the best three of them for you. Along with the buying guide, we have also outlined a few of the essential features that you must while purchasing a trampoline.

Our Recommended Best Products In India:

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Dolphy Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline

SkyJumper Indoor Exercising Trampoline

Ehomekart Store Trampoline For Kids

Buying guide

Trampoline gives you all the aerial fun that you can have just by being at home. If you want to do core exercise or practice high jump, then it will serve you the best. We hope you make up your mind to purchase the trampoline and that too the best one with this guide.

Features to consider

  • Diameter: Remember that if you are buying a trampoline only for your child, we recommend you go for 24-36 inches diameter, while if it is for adults, then go for 48 inches. You must always keep a space of about 24 inches overhead for no obstruction jumping experience. 
  • Weight: The trampoline can handle a weight of about 100 kg rest, depending on the material’s quality. If the trampoline is manufactured with quality material, it can also handle up to 100 kg, but it all depends on the material’s quality. It also depends on the trampoline’s number of legs; as the area supports increases, the weight decreases. 
  • Safety Net: The most durable trampoline has polyethylene, making it resistant to moisture and dust from the surroundings.  The nets are coated with UV protection spray that also helps them to block from sun ray damage. It is necessary because sunlight can also damage the trampoline and degrades the quality. 

Some trampolines come with a surface made of polypropylene that is rigid compared to other materials and reduced the net’s elasticity. It often happens that rigid materials are prone to tear off and require replacement from time to time, which will end up costing you a fair amount every time. 

  • V rings with body attachment: The net comes locked with a frame and acts as a safety door when your kids play on the trampoline. 
  • Safety pads: Springs give you the push to move upward on the jumping surface. The steel spring is stiff, and when it is attached to the cushioned part, it comes out with sharp edges. These sharp edges are also protected by the safety pads that will ensure the safety of your kid.
  • Frame: The frame trampoline must be weather-proof, made of alloy, and coated with secure plating. Generally, when you take the trampoline in spring or summertime, and for the rest of the year, it is kept in the storage with dust and moisture, then the possibility of the frame getting damaged raises.
  • Jumping Mat: Since trampoline is all about jumping, and it is one of the most necessary parts, you require a tough material that can sustain you for a long time. The polyethylene is durable and robust, increasing your trampoline’s life and giving you the freedom to enjoy it.

Pro tips

  • Always keep your trampoline in a plastic bag to avoid any dust particles entering it.
  • The trampoline must always be on a rough surface, and do not put any object under it.

Benefits of the trampoline at home

  • Trampoline exercises are of great benefit as it increases the blood circulation and bone density with core strengthening.
  • Jumping on the trampoline will also make you feel happy.
  • Releasing endorphins and relieving stress will help you to focus
  • It will rejuvenate your child as it will reduce the screen games that your child loves to play.
  • The trampoline will also give the best sunlight exposure, which will provide proper vitamin D and improve the immune system
  • High jump also helps to increase the height

Drawbacks of trampoline

  • Too much exercise can lead to body damage
  • As it might be dangerous for the child, extra precautions are required.

Some useful tips

Here are some useful tips for you if you are using a trampoline. These tips will also lessen the chance of your worst fears.

  • Get trampoline with protective netting: There is a possibility that even the most innocent jump can sometimes turn in errant bounces, so having a net around the trampoline perimeter is best to prevent a hard fall to the ground.
  • No stunt or flips: While it can be fun to try flipping when it comes to the trampoline, it dramatically increases the risk of injury and a hospital trip. 
  • Only allow people you know: You must allow only the people who understand the risks and won’t take any legal action against you if any mishap happens on the trampoline. 
  • Clear space for trampoline: Make sure that the trampoline is in the clear space of your yard or wherever you have placed it. Never have a trampoline near power lines or under loose tree limbs.

Product Review

Here is the product review of three products for you to help you choose wisely. In this section, we have provided you with a comparison table. Further, you will also find the detail of every product.

Dolphy Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline

The Dolphy brand manufactures outdoor and indoor home products, and trampoline is one of their products. The trampoline size is about 36 inches in diameter, and spring elasticity of 30 gives a wide range for jumping and fun to all age groups. The platform also provides support through six legs of the trampoline.

The jumping mat is made with polypropylene material, which comes with a rust-resistant coated frame. The material is also smooth, with no sharp spring ends to ensure your safety. When you buy the trampoline, it requires no drilling and extra tools for an installment, making it easy to assemble. You can also use a trampoline for exercises purpose as well. You can perform cardio exercises to boost cardiovascular health and relax the strain in the joint. 

SkyJumper Indoor Exercising Trampoline

Skyjumper manufactures many gymnastic equipments, and trampoline is one of their products. It gives you an excellent experience of jumping in the air and is one of India’s best and largest selling trampoline brands. The trampoline has a diameter of 48 inches that is wide enough to accommodate any age group and weight of the person. The structure has a four-fold trampoline that is compact and easy to store at any corner of the room that occupies less space.

You can also perform your regular exercise routine because it has the elasticity with toned skins of legs, abdomen. If you plan on running or jogging today and are stuck due to rain, then you can even jog on it. If you bounce, it will also burn calories ten times more than walking with a speed of three miles per hour. 

Ehomekart Store Trampoline For Kids

The EhomeKart designs the trampoline that focuses on children-friendly safety measures and gives you a fun-loving experience with exercising and jumping. The jump you perform on a polypropylene mat platform is strong enough to handle heavyweight. The area of the trampoline is wide enough with a diameter of 48 inches. It has four legs with enough support, which is rust-resistant and will give you longevity in use. It is also ideal for 4 to 8 years of kids because it does not have any spring ends that can harm the child. 

After reading the above guide, you must know what you must look for while buying a trampoline. Get a trampoline that relaxes you so that when you use it, you will love it. Instead of recommending you a particular product, we were hoping you could make your own choice and go for the one you find perfect for your kid. Try to get the one with the best elasticity and durability.