Best Hair Masks for Dry and Frizzy Hair

Trying to tame those frizzy hair strands is extremely tedious and, not to forget, a never-ending battle that almost everyone seems to be dealing with. Add the summer season and humidity to the equation, and you are fighting a battle that you have probably already lost! But, humidity is definitely not the sole cause for that dry and frizzy-looking untameable hair because there is undoubtedly a myriad of things that can cause the hair to frizz. 

Frizz is caused when the hair becomes dry and lacks the required moisture content. Dry hair leads to rough cuticles, and adding humidity to the list results in the perfect recipe for frizzy hair. The hair’s outer layer takes in moisture from the environment, causing the hair to swell up and lead to frizz. While one tries to combat with frizz, one should first try to understand and deal with the root causes of having dried up hair. 

Listed below are some of the highly possible mistakes that you are making unknowingly in a bid to take care and flaunt that gorgeous mane.

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The water temperature of your shower is possibly cranked up.

While a relaxing, warm shower might be just the thing you need after a tiring day, your hair (or your skin, for that matter) probably does not agree to the same. Scalding hot water does nothing apart from ripping off the natural oils present in the hair, which helps to ensure that the hair is nourished and shiny. So, why not skip those hot showers and switch to shorter lukewarm showers in a bid to avoid anything that would strip off those precious oils that our mane desperately needs? After all, everyone wants to flaunt that healthy and bouncy hair instead of a bird’s nest. 

You are probably using products that contain sulfates or alcohol content.

Sulfates are nothing but strong detergents that are added to the shampoos and are known for stripping of the natural oils from the hair. The alcohol content in a hair product is no better since it leads to the same effect of leaving the hair dry and brittle. Now, since we have already seen how dry hair acts as the main base for frizz, we should be avoiding any product that leaves the hair feeling dry and coarse. While sulfate and alcohol-free products were a rarity some time back, they are now readily available, and the customer is spoiled for choice while trying to finalize one product.

Are you styling your hair with styling tools excessively? You need to stop that now!

We hate to break this but using those hair styling tools with the hope of trying to tame the frizz and make it look manageable is causing further damage to your hair. Daily heat given to the hair strips it of its natural moisture and leads to frizz and damaged hair. 

A simple solution to this problem? Try using these heat styling tools to the bare minimum. If their usage is practically unavoidable, ensure that you become best friends with thermal protectant sprays, also commonly known as heat protecting sprays. 

You are washing your hair every day.

The fact that using harsh foaming shampoos to wash your hair every day will end up drying out the strands is indeed no rocket science to understand. It could also be possible that the formula that you are using for your hair is not meant for you. What should now be done in this situation is to stick to a schedule of washing the hair two to three times every week, depending on the hair type. Also, incorporating a hydrating shampoo and conditioner will also help combat the frizz, while the extra moisturization will help each hair strand’s cuticle to make it less susceptible to frizzing. 

Your hair ends are damaged.

That brittle split end is a sure-shot way to experience frizz. The longer those splits ends stick around, the higher the chance of the damage climbing up the hair strand and wreaking further (and possibly irreversible) havoc to your hair. Getting regular hair cuts every six to eight weeks would help clear off all the split ends and assist in ensuring that your mane looks and feels the best. Also, coating the hair tips with hair oil and serums can also help a long way. 

You are using a rough towel to dry your hair.

Most of us end up wrapping our hair in an abrasive bath towel which ends up stripping moisture from those lovely locks quickly while making it more susceptible to damage and breakage and leading to frizz. Using an old cotton T-shirt or a soft microfibre towel is definitely a gentler way out for this problem.

Now that we know the root causes of frizzy hair, we can definitely curate a hair care routine that works for us in trying to solve the problem of frizz. While applying a hair oil on a regular basis works wonders for your hair game, applying a hair mask provides it with that extra dose of instant nourishment and TLC that your hair badly needs. And the hair would for sure love that little pampering that is done to rescue it from frizz. 

But there are several factors that one must consider before investing in a hair mask. 

  • Ingredients

One must always look for the right kind of ingredients to target a specific hair concern. A good hair mask for dry and frizzy hair is one that contains moisturizing agents to condition the hair. A hair mask containing natural oils like argan oil, olive oil, and jojoba oil is undoubtedly worth the money spent on them since these oils are known for providing that extra nourishment required by your mane. These ingredients do not limit themselves to moisturizing the hair but also work in protecting them from external damage caused due to UV rays and environmental pollutants and result in making your hair feel soft and silky. 

  • Hair type

One must always keep in mind their hair type before choosing any hair mask. The market is undoubtedly flooded with multiple options that have been curated for different types of hair. So, make sure that you choose wisely. (PS. Your dry and frizzy hair is looking for a product that can nourish it from within. Choose accordingly. 

  • Breakage Prevention

Dry and frizzy hair has the tendency to break easily. A mask that helps to strengthen your hair while moisturizing it will help prevent breakage. Masks containing ingredients like coconut oil, argan oil, and olive oil work very well in controlling hair breakage while adding gloss and shine to those dull-looking lifeless locks. 

  • Price

Price is another significant factor that one needs to consider. The cost of the hair masks would depend on its ingredients – the higher is the quality of the ingredient used, the higher is the price of the mask. Moroccan Argan oil is one such expensive ingredient that can work wonders for your hair but might also burn a small hole in your pocket because of its price. However, if you do not wish to spend so much on a hair mask, you can always opt for some of the decently priced products from other brands that would also offer excellent frizz protection while not leaving a dent in your finances. 

Keeping these points in mind, listed below are three hair masks that effectively help combat frizz and surely deserve to be added to your hair care routine. 


StBotanica Moroccan Argan Hair Mask.

The StBotanica Moroccan Argan Hair Mask is a beautiful product that can also substitute for a conditioner to provide instant nourishment to dry and damaged locks. The product comes with a unique blend of oils that hydrates the hair and works best on dry hair. It also helps in detangling of hair while making it soft and manageable. The antimicrobial properties of Rose oil get rid of dandruff, while vitamin B5 treats damaged hair shafts. The product is also free of parabens, sulfates or mineral oils, and such other harmful chemicals. 

Packaging: Priced at Rs. 669 for a 300 ml tub, the mask is contained in a circular screw-top plastic jar that is sturdy enough but might not be convenient for traveling purposes. 

Texture: The mask feels like any other conditioner with the possibility of having a slightly thicker consistency than any other brand. It is white in color and easy to access. The mask also feels very light and spreads quickly. Applying too much of this product on the hair could result in weighing down the hair and make it feel flat. 

Ingredients: This mask contains the goodness of Moroccan argan oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin B5, Rose oil, Lavender oil, and derivatives of Coconut oil, amongst other things.

Mamaearth Argan Hair Mask.

The Mamaearth Argan Hair Mask, curated especially for mothers with postpartum hair issues, helps revitalize damaged hair and softens dry and frizzy hair. The mask helps strengthen your hair, reduces hair fall, and imparts a gorgeous shine to your mane. Made using potent natural ingredients known for supporting hair growth and hair health, this hair mask works towards reducing split ends while making the hair a lot more silkier. The hair mask ensures that you have the least possible hair fall by promoting new hair growth and keeping the scalp healthy. 

Packaging: The mask comes in a white-colored circular screw-top plastic jar and is priced at Rs. 599 for a 200 ml quantity of product.

Texture: The product is quite thick and creamy but smooth enough to glide on the hair easily, thus making for a simple and hassle-free application process. The fragrance of the product is also quite subtle and does not overpower, unlike some chemical-based hair masks. 

Ingredients: The mask is packed with the countless benefits of Milk Protein, Curd Extracts, Argan Oil, Rosemary Oil, Cedarwood Oil, and Tea Tree Oil, among others. 

Bella Vita One for All Hair Mask.

The Bella Vita One for All Hair Mask is a one-stop solution for your hair woes. The hair mask helps to boost growth, add volume, and repair dry and damaged locks, while the ayurvedic extracts and other natural ingredients help in fighting dandruff and getting rid of frizz. And the best part is that it provides all of the above and much more without any mineral oil, silicones, parabens, or sulfates that could damage the hair. 

Packaging:  The product comes in a white circular screw-top plastic jar and would result in a pocket pinch of 499 Rs. for 225 grams of the product.

Texture: The hair masque is white with a medium creamy consistency. It spreads easily and washes off quickly without using a lot of water. The Fragrance of the product is of coffee, which is also a key ingredient in the product, but the smell is not too overbearing and will not bother sensitive noses.

Ingredients: The plastic jar is home to a beautiful blend of beneficial ingredients like Coffee, Almond Oil Esters, Neem Extracts, Brahmi Extracts, Bhringraj Extracts, Mixed Herb Extracts, Black Seed Oil, Onion Seed Oil Extract, Argan Seed Oil, Argan Oil Ester, Natural Apple Cider Vinegar Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Soy Protein and Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. Now, this indeed seems to be a powerhouse blend for finally being able to get that gorgeous mane that we have wished for since so long!