Best Wallet For Men In India

A wallet is man’s best companion. We like to keep our wallet closer because it contains cash, card, documents, and other valuable items. The purpose of a wallet is to save our important stuff and money.

In India, Wallets, which is the topic for today’s article, comes in various shapes, sizes, and prices. We choose wallets as per our fashion sense, requirement, brand preference. You might feel overwhelmed with hundreds of options available in the market for wallets.

To sort out options and help you out, we have made a list of the five best wallets for India’s men. Read this article and make your decision wisely.

Our Recommended Best Products In India

Product Name

Product Image

Product Buy Price

LOUIS STITCH Mens Wallet Brown RFID Blocking Italian Leather Wallets

Martin Kors Genuine Leather Black Men's Wallet

Hornbull Buttler Navy Mens Leather Wallet 

Hidesign Men's Wallet (Brown)

AL FASCINO Stylish RFID Protected Genuine Leather Wallet for Men

We will provide the following information in the following paragraphs.

  • Bottomline Introduction
  • What is Wallet?
  • Functions and Use
  • Five best Wallet for Men in India
  • Prices
  • Conclusion/Verdict

Today, we will focus on the following five best wallets for men in India

  • Louis Stitch Brown Wallet
  • Martin Kors Genuine Leather Wallet
  • Hornbull Butler Men’s Navy Leather Wallet
  • Hidesign Brown Men’s Wallet
  • AL Fascino Brown & Black Wallet

Bottomline Introduction

In this article, we will talk about leading wallet brands in India for men. Though wallet’s significance has been reduced over the years because of mobile phones and the internet, millions of people still use them across India. So, read through this article for features, pros & cons, price, and several other relevant information.

After Bottomline Introduction, our point of discussion is to define wallet.

What is Wallet?

A Wallet is a personal item for men to keep cards, cash, and documents. Personal items include Bank cards, insurance cards. You can save documents such as ID card, club card, License, etc.

Wallets are generally made of fabrics or leather. Wallets are available in foldable and pocket-sized categories.

Functions and use

Your wallet serves several functions. The wallet works as a coin purse, a chain fastener, a zipper, strap, or money clips.

Customized or specialized wallets are used for wearable ID cards, checkbooks, and keeping passports.

Some new-age wallets can be worn on the shoe or wrist as required.

Wallets can be used as a fashion accessory. Luxury wallet brands showcase your status, wealth, and status.

Five Best Wallets for Men

Louis Stitch Brown Wallet

Louis Stitch Wallet is the leading luxury accessories company in India. They use decades of experience, innovative methods, and authentic products for making the Best Wallet for Men in India.

The Best craftsmen from across the world have curated and prepared Louis Stitch Wallet of pure leather and heart. This wallet is classy and sophisticated in comparison with other wallets available.

Wallet gets its superb classy finish from oil-pulled pure leather.

Design and making

The second generation of artisans has crafted Louis Stitch Wallet. These wallets use Royal English Italian design and are made of oil pulled Italian leather.

The Interior is made of Italian suede leather and can use for every international currency.

Safe and durable

Louis Stitch Wallet uses fiber stitching and linseed leather gel for the ultra-strong wallet.

Other features

It is the largest selling luxury wallet brand in India. The wallet is trustworthy and reliable for your daily use. Louis Stitch Wallets are in trend among the current generation for their heart-crafted design. There are different compartments for coins and notes. All parts are neatly crafted.

Pros of Louis Stitch Wallet


  • Fibers of wallet are long-lasting, very strong, and elegant
  • RFID protects the wallet.
  • Pure and authentic leather product.
  • Wallet never gets damaged or hardened with temperature-resistant pockets.
  • Wallets are nano-coated and dual polished and come with the seal of the company.
  • You will get a domestic and international at-home replacement warranty. Of course, terms & conditions apply.

Louis Stitch Wallet for Men is at the number one position on our list because of its authentic, durable product and stylish design. After research, we also concluded that this wallet brand is the highest-selling brand in India and fashion among young people. This wallet is the perfect item for looking for an attractive and authentic ultra glossy wallet with multiple compartments.

Martin Kors Genuine Leather Wallet

Martin Kors is another luxury wallet brand in our list of best wallets for Men in India. These wallets are made of New Zealand leather by European craftsmen.

A man of choice and class never settle for less. We want quality with protection. Martin Kors provides RFID features with their wallets to keep your wallet safe and protected.

Martin Kors is a bi-fold pure leather-made wallet. You will get two secret pockets, six card slots, and two cash compartments.

A truly international brand is serving Indians over the years. This wallet is a pure European marvel with New Zealand leather. In Italy, Martin Kors Wallet is referred to as “A Class has no alternative.” Martin Kors is internationally famous for a range of luxury and premium leather goods.

Pros and Cons of Martin Kors Wallet


  • Martin Kors provides enough storage for all of your requirements.
  • This wallet is RFID secured and comes with six card slots, two secret pockets, and two cash sleeves.
  • Martin Kors is very light in weight.
  • This wallet is internationally recognized as the best wallet for Men in India.


  • One negative point that we can think of is that you can not put too many cards in your Martin Kors Wallet.

We have chosen Martin Kors in our list of Best Wallet for Men in India because of its trendy designs, slim look, lightweight and stylish finish. Artisans have worked on every minute detail to make this fantastic piece of work.

Each Martin Kors wallet goes through several quality checks, and you will get a warranty of one month for repairs, replacements, etc., as per company policies.

Hornbull Butler Men's Navy Leather Wallet

Hornbull Wallet is at the third position on our list of five best wallets for men in India. Its trendy and stylish design attracts the young generation and enjoys a global reputation.

High quality

Hornbull uses only pure and authentic raw materials for making wallets and accessories. Artisans made these wallets with only high-quality pure leather.


You will get one zipper, two cash, seven card slots, and two secret compartments with your Hornbull Wallet.


Hornbull Wallet provides the best security solutions for their wallets for men. You can experience advanced security options with RFID and unique metal composite.

Affordable price

Hornbull Wallets are light on your pocket and specialized in leather items in India. Customers have given very high ratings for these wallets. Hornbull has received a 7.3 out of 10 in quality score.


The company provides a warranty of six months for all of the Hornbull Wallets.

We have selected this wallet brand for our five best wallet lists for India’s men for its unique Buttler design. Young generation people love this look of Hornbull Wallets. All these wallets are made of authentic leather and ensure utmost quality, genuineness and popularity.

So, purchase today Hornbull Wallets for an authentic, attractive, quality, and in fashion best wallet for Men in India.

Hidesign Brown Men's Wallet

Hidesign Brown is an Indian wallet maker born in 1978. They are producing natural, luxury leather items, eco-friendly and in-fashion accessories. All of their products are handmade and curated by expert craftsmen.

Hidesign wallets come with two compartments and are available in 10.5 cms x 1 cms x 9.5 cms (LxWxH) dimensions.

From India’s humble beginning, Hidesign Wallets has become the first Indian wallet brand to make a solid international presence. These wallets are available in several premium international stores.

Pros and Cons of Hidesign Wallets


  • These wallets are made of natural grained leather and tanned vegetable.
  • Bi-fold and slim wallet with a separate place for the ID card.
  • Hidesign Wallet is available with two slip compartments, two cash, and twelve square cut cc slots.
  • You will get six months of company warranty in India.
  • Expert artisans have made these wallets with smooth Melbourne ranch leather.


  • Some of the reviewers have complained about less card space in Hidesign Wallets.

  • We have selected Hidesign Wallet in our list of five best wallets for India for its rich Melbourne leather, embossed logo, and classic design. Hidesign Wallet offers stitches as a beautiful design for prospective customers in the first view and experience.

  • We suggest going for Hidesign Wallet if you are looking for a classic designer wallet in an affordable price range.

AL Fascino Brown & Black Wallet

Pure and genuine leather improves the look and feels of a wallet. Al Fascino is another original leather wallet on our list of best wallets for Men in India. It is pretty famous in the world for genuine leather wallets.

Pros and cons of AL Fascino Brown & Black Wallet


  • Al Fascino products are made under an advanced procedure to ensure their longevity and quality.
  • There are several spacious compartments available which you can use for different utilities.
  • Enjoy the durable, elegant, and patterned design.
  • They use pure croc leather and guarantee genuine quality.
  • Designers stitch to give a distinctive look for every wallet at Hidesign.
  • All of their products are RFID secure and protected.


  • Some of the reviewers complain of their imperfect stitches.

Our fifth wallet on the list, Al Fascino, is one of India’s top-selling wallets. Customers love to fashion this wallet because of its stylish design, double color formation, and several compartments. You can keep all your required cash, card, and documents in these organized slots.


With this, we have come to the concluding section of the article. We have discussed the five best Wallets for men in India, features, pros & cons, and price range. We hope this will help you search for the best wallet as per your requirements and budget.

Best of luck with your search!!!!