Best Colour Printers For Home Use In India [Reviews & Buying Guide]

No doubt that the printers for home use have got a trend these days. Anyone, whether he is a working professional or a non-working student, needs to have access to printouts in day to day life and sometimes it becomes extremely tough to get the hard copies because of one or other reason. But in the midst, a home printer can help you a lot. If you have a printer at home, you don’t have to run in haste to the near cyber café. Instead, you can have printouts ready at just some clicks. That’s why, in this modern era, printers for home use are essential. Now, there are two choices available if you are willing to buy a printer, a colour printer or a monochrome printer. Which one will you choose? It may depend on a person’s need. Still, mostly a monochrome printer is useful where you have to print office documents, and colour printers work as home printers well because you may need to print photographs, your children’s homework and other coloured documents at home. It is clear that if you want to purchase a printer for home use, you should consider a colour printer more than monochrome printers.

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Advantages of colour printing

There is no explanation needed regarding the difference between monochrome and colour printers. Both are useful at their places, but the essential thing to consider here is that you are purchasing a home printer and for that purpose colour printers seem more accurate than monochrome printers. Ask others, and you will find that they also prefer colour printers over monochrome printers for home use. It is so because of the advantages of colour printers. While monochrome printers offer you a concise range of documents, these printers provide you with almost everything you want. Whenever you need a colour printout to get it and whenever you need a black and white printout, you can also get it at the same place. Apart from this essential attribute, there are several other advantages of colour printing. Don’t trust us blindly but look at the below-mentioned information. Here we have listed some of those advantages you can go through them and find out yourself why colour printers are preferred.

Increases attention

While monochrome printing is not so able to increase the attention span of any document, colour printing increases it to a greater extent. It is essential, especially if you want to take a print out of your children’s homework. They may get bored with the black and white pages, but if you give them colour prints, they will start enjoying learning and reading experience. Not only in this particular situation, but colour printing is useful in some other cases too, like printing your creations and giving them life. Of course, it cannot be possible with monochrome printing. 

Make things memorable

It is another most essential attribute of colour printing. On the one hand, where black and white printouts fail to increase the attention span of the document, they also fail to make things memorable as it is often tiresome to read a monochrome printout. But if you go for colour printing, you will find it beneficial from the aspect that it helps to make thing memorable. It might sound not so important, but it is indeed, essential because it will give new life to your documents and will make them easily acceptable.


If you think that colour printing will be more expensive than a monochrome printer that you are undoubtedly wrong, there is a nominal difference in cost between colour printing and monochrome printing. You have to pay ink charges for both of them, but colour printing will cost you some bucks more than monochrome printing. Why compromise with the quality for just some nuts? Try it, and you will find the difference between the two printing types.

Features to look upon while purchasing a colour printer for home use

So when you have decided that you are going to buy a colour printer than the next step is to find consciously the features of a printer and whether it can give you an excellent printing experience or not. To help you here we have provided some of the details of printers that you must check before buying it.

Image quality

You are buying a colour printer for quality, right? And it is all useless if you end up with a colour printer that is unable to deliver you high-quality results. So, always check what resolution and quality in terms of printing, a printer offers so, there is no disappointment after you purchase it. There are several printers available in the market that serves the purpose of a printer, scanner and a photocopying machine too while providing high-quality outputs so; you can choose such a multi-function printer for home use.

Speed and connectivity

Another essential aspect to look in a printer is whether it has good connectivity options or not. Some printers offer wireless as well as wired technologies for connection, and some are limited to wired connection only. You can choose any one of them according to your need. And now comes the topic of speed, it is also the most prior attribute to some people as they want fast processing. You must choose a printer for yourself that is both convenient and high speed.

Power consumption

No one wants their home printer consumes a lot of energy. Especially when it is a home-use printer you want it to be energy efficient because, in offices, electricity consumption is not a very big deal. Always have a sharp eye on what your desired colour printer consumes in terms of electricity only than you will have a tension-free experience of printing. If you consider these things at the time of purchasing a printer for home use, you will have the best experience of printing. Now after surfing through these features, let’s have a look at some of the most demanding colour printers in the market. You can easily make your choice from the below-mentioned pointers.


Being one of Amazon’s best pick, this ink advantage printer by HP is extraordinary in every aspect. It serves as a multi-function or an all-in-one printer offering you prints, scans and copies of documents. If you want a complete package at one time, then this should be your choice. In addition to its amazing features it also a voice-activated facility which can do your work at your commands. You will find everything accurate in this colour printer, apart from offering you the best quality prints this also supports duplex printing. It assures you to give a hands-free experience of the page with the voice-activated feature. There are several other advancements made by the printer which will be discussed here, but before that, you need to know that it is economical too. With around 16% off, this printer features extraordinary details at such a low cost. If you are also excited to know about the printer than look at the below-mentioned information, here we have described the model in detail so that it will be easier for you to judge everything while buying it.


This ink advantage printer is one that features most of the things that are in demand. Apart from offering versatile performance, it is multi-function too. That means you can do any of your stuff related to printing, scanning and copying documents right at the same place. This multi-speciality printer is useful from the aspect that it has voice-activated features that will allow you to have a hands-free experience of printing. This function supports every member of the family, and your children can also efficiently operate it. ADF or Automatic Document Feeder is another feature of the printer that offers you convenience. Now, you can handle a bunch of documents easily with the Automatic Document Feeder of the printer enabled.


HP Deskjet 5075 offers you one of the best connectivity options. It gives you an easy Wi-Fi setup in less than a minute. You can use a smartphone to set up the printer and connect your wireless network in seconds. Now you may think that what’s different with the printer, many printers offer you the same. The thing that makes it remarkable is its ability to give you a hassle-free setup experience through the Bluetooth SMART or HP smart app, so, you don’t have to worry about its connectivity as it is a thing done in less than a minute. The printer also offers you a reliable connection with the Dual-Band Wi-Fi, featuring both 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz. When the 2.4 GHz frequency is overcrowded, it automatically switches to the 5 GHz frequency so that you can print endlessly without interruption.

PPM count and cost

This compatible printer can ease your pain to a greater extent due to its ability to print high-quality prints at a faster speed and a low cost. It produces up to 10 pages per minute for black and white photographs and up to 7 colour pages per minute. This is indeed a good speed of printer designed for home use. And you get these prints at a nominal cost of Rs. 1.4 for black and white photographs and Rs. 4.5 for colour printouts. The printer has a page yield of up to 480 pages (colour) and up to 150 pages (black and white). It is convenient and affordable too.

Page size supported and resolution

Unlike many other colour printers, this printer offers you a wide range of page sizes and a proper resolution too. Of course, if you want an excellent printer than it must be having a right decision and here you get the same. This HP printer supports A4, A5, B5, DL, C6, A6 and many more pages. You also get Duplex printing supported with this printer so, there is no limitation barrier. Talking about the resolution offered by the printer than it is one of the most excellent decisions which a printer provides. Having a printer with 4800*1200 DPI resolution is not an easy thing to get. With black and white or monochrome printing, it offers up to 1200*1200 rendered DPI resolution. Both of them is extraordinary!

Other features

The features mentioned above were some of the prior details that you should look first in the printer apart from them there are several other details too of the printer that will surely please you. The first thing is that it offers you touch screen controls on the panel so that anyone can operate it efficiently without any trouble. It supports double-sided printing to save the environment and you also from the cost of more and more pages. And as already mentioned earlier, this HP printer gives you a hands-free experience of printing with the ADF feature enabled. The printer is also compatible with the ink as it can manage the ink conveniently. In short, it is a great deal to make.




Brother DCP-T510W with the built-in-wireless technology has proved to be very beneficial for those who want a fully-specialized printer for home use. Yes, the printer is specially designed for small business and home use and equipped with those technologies that will help you to operate it efficiently. The printer also offers you wireless as well as wired connectivity options to give you extra convenience. Anyone who wants an all-in-one printer that will give him/her an extraordinary experience of printing, scanning and copying documents can go for this Brother’s model. You can also print documents from anywhere you want with the built-in Wi-Fi technology. All these features have made the printer remarkable. If you want to explore more about the printer, then be with us. Here we have listed some of its amazing features that can prove to be very beneficial for anyone who wants to have convenience delivered right at their home.


This ink tank printer is all-in-one by approach, the most expected attribute of any printer. Being a multi-function printer, it saves you from the charges of separate devices. You can print, scan, and copy documents and important paper without struggling too much with the set-up, as it is a smooth operation to do. With the flatbed type scanner, you feel freedom in scanning all your documents. You don’t have to worry a lot about its performance because it delivers you versatile and remarkable performance.


This Brother’s printer is equipped with in-built Wi-Fi technology that will help you to print from anywhere with ease. Mobile device printing is also enabled in the printer to give you the extra convenience of operation and connection. If you want to connect the printer through wires or physical contact, you can do the same with the advanced USB 2.0 technology. And as you know, Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi direct are already equipped in the printer so, there is no need to worry about the connectivity issues.

Pages per minute and ideal usage

We are talking about the ideal usage of the printer than it is specially designed for home use and small office use and it can give you up to 300 pages a month. The printer also offers a duty cycle of up to 2500 pages reaching the capacity of an office use printer. As already discussed earlier, this printer is designed for home use than its ppm count is also according to the need. It can deliver up to 10 colour prints per minute or pages per minute and up to 27 black or monochrome pages per minute.


Speed is the most common attribute of a printer that must be discussed while presenting a detailed analysis of its features and qualities. And we did not forget to mention it here also. Being from such a reputed printer’s producing brands ‘Brothers’, this printer has a versatile performance and an ultra-high-speed. Now you can do more in less time with the printer; this is what the company claims. Now, coming on the actual topic of ‘what speed the printer offers’? This Brother’s printer offers you a speed of up to 12/6 ipm, which is both compatible and accurate. You can do all your stuff related to printing, scanning and copying document at a rapid rate with such a high speed. From printing professional reports to brochures, you can create powerful and impactful business documents too with this colour home use printer. For delivering the right impression to all your documents, the printer offers a high resolution of up to 1200*6000 dots per inch, indeed, a fantastic thing to look on.


The printer is sleek and modern from the outside and qualified and trusted form the inside. Its compatibility is genius because it fits with a range of operating systems, it supports several page sizes, and its compatible size is another thing to look upon. It has dimensions of up to 43.5*43.5*15.9 cm. Which best fits anywhere in your hall, bedroom or living room. You need not find a separate place to place the printer as it can make its own space. According to most of its customers, they fall in love with the outside first and then with the inside of the printer. The printer is compatible with many operating systems including Windows 10, Windows 10S, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7/7SP, Vista, XP, RT, Linux, Mac OS and many more. With such a variety of operating systems supported, you can efficiently work the printer on your favourite software. Talking about the page sizes supported then it supports A4, Letter, Legal, Mexico Legal, B5, A5 and many more like this. It is evident that with these pages supported, you can do anything from office chores to household needs easily.

Other features

Some of the other noticeable features of the printer are its ability to deliver multiplying productivity with a 1-line LCD screen and control panel and easy and accurate refilling of the ink tank. This printer will allow you to easily navigate print settings and provide a self solution to all your queries.




Writing about best colour printers and not talking about canon is like commenting a sin. From the past years, Canon has made itself stand out from the other brands because of producing one of the most excellent quality printers. You can rank it number 1 or number 2 according to your views, but its performance has made it extraordinary over the years. This model by Canon is specially designed to provide extra convenience to its users as it is a colour printer; it offers a compelling resolution to meet all the norms of a good printer. It also has a fantastic outlook that will force you to look at it at least once. Apart from some significant features, its different and specialised features will also make you a big fan of the model. Now, let’s look at some of its astonishing features to justify its high rating among quality printers.


As already declared through the name, this canon model is an all-in-one or a multi-function printer. This printer allows you to print, scan and copy all your important papers and documents through this one device. Of course, if you are planning to make your home digital, you want to reduce space and introduce more and more convenient gadgets, and with the help of this Canon printer, you can easily do so. 


Connectivity options which the printer offers decide whether it is a good investment plan or not. If you want to purchase a printer for home use or office use too, you should keenly look into this aspect. With this canon printer, you will not be disappointed with the connectivity options. It offers high-speed connectivity of USB 2.0 with which you can connect it to any device according to your need.


This model is compatible with several operating systems and your space. With a dimension of 33*44.5*16.3 cm. It can fit anywhere you want to place it. However, it does not supports Mac OS; it supports other varieties of software including Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 and many more.

Ideal usage, PPM and CPP

It is specially designed to provide you ease while you are working at your home. This printer is specially designed for a small office or home use so that you don’t face any trouble while operating it in your home. It has an ultra high speed of up to 8.8 ppm for monochrome prints and up to 5 ppm for colour prints. And you will get this ultra-high-speed and resolution of up to 4800*1200 dpi at just a nominal cost of around nine paise for monochrome prints and 32 paise for colour prints.

Other features

There are several other features of the printer that make it unique, and some of them are listed here. It has a page yield of up to 6000 pages in black or monochrome prints and a yield of up to 7000 pages in colour. The printer offers high volume printing at a nominal cost. With the genuine canon consumable, you experience the difference of sharp, bright and cost-efficient printing. Through canon’s hybrid ink system, you can print crisp text documents and borderless photos too. You can print text documents up to A4 size and experience the difference yourself. PIXMA G2012 ink tank printer is known for producing the best quality and high volume prints, scans and copies at a low cost. It renders excellent performance through a brilliant framework and operation. Its integrated ink tank system is the reason behind it being a compact printer. Though being integrated, this system has high visibility s; you can operate it efficiently. With the new panel design, you get a more comfortable operation. The intuitive 1.2-inch panel display makes it unique from design and outlook. This panel helps you to control the printer quickly without any obstruction.



You can easily choose your desired printer from our best picks. These all are highly rated and reviewed printers. We hope that this will help you in deciding which home printer will be best to choose.