Best InkJet Printers For Home Use In India

Everything you need to know about the best inkjet printers that are available in India from a wide variety of range to choose from.

Printers for home use have got a trend these days. People have started buying printers to ease their work. Of course, there is no explanation needed on the usefulness of home printers, and they help you print documents, (some even scan and copy) homework of children and many other important papers. Printers which can print, scan and copy materials too is known as a multi-function or all in one printer, and they are in demand more than single-function printers nowadays. If you want a printer for home use then there are two choices available- laser printer and inkjet printer and it is not a hard choice to make. On the one hand, where laser printers are bigger, costlier and mainly monochrome, inkjet printers are smaller, cheaper and colour printers. If you are thinking of buying a printer for home use, then inkjet printers should be your first choice. There are many other facts due to which inkjet printers have got popularity as home printers if you are also willing to buy a printer for you or your family then before deciding which printer to choose to have a look at the below-mentioned information, so you make the right choice. 

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Advantages of using an inkjet printer

While laser printers are an excellent choice for office use because of their faster speed and ability to handle a bundle of documents, inkjet printers may be regarded as suitable home use printers. This claim is clear from the fact that most of the laser printers are single function and monochrome by approach as in offices the most critical need is to print documents, files or invoices (monochrome documents) but inkjet printers can write in colour and are mostly available as multifunction printers because for home use you may need to print photographs and other critical coloured documents. Inkjet printers are mostly multi-function, so they save you from the charges of other gadgets like a scanner and a photocopying machine, and this ability of printers are conveniently lenient for home use. Apart from the details mentioned above, there are several different specialisations made by inkjet printers that may be regarded as their advantages over laser printers. Some of them are listed here-

No harm to the human body

The most crucial concern of anyone is his/her health. You don’t want to compromise your health on the cost of a little convenience. Unlike laser printers, inkjet printers don’t use laser beams which are harmful to the human body. Instead, they use ink to print the documents, so it is safe to use inkjet printers.

Cheaper than laser printers

As already mentioned earlier laser printers are specially designed for office use (only a part of laser printers are convenient for being home use printers) that’s why these types of printers are costlier than inkjet printers. Inkjet printers offer you good quality print at a lower cost. 


Due to the same reason of being office use printers, laser printers are bigger than inkjet printers. To be categorised as a home-use printer, a printer should be compact in size and inkjet printers fulfil this particular criterion.

Good for coloured prints

While most laser printers cannot give you coloured prints, inkjet printers are capable of providing high-quality coloured prints, that’s why they are considered as suitable family printers.

High-speed printing

You may think that laser printers are faster than inkjet printers. Still, nowadays advancements have been made in the world of inkjet printers too, and now many inkjet printers are also capable of delivering high-quality prints at a very faster speed.

Features to look upon while purchasing an inkjet printer

If you are willing to buy an inkjet printer, then you must look at some of its features to make yourself believe that you are purchasing the right thing. Here are some of the features of suitable inkjet printers that you can search in a printer while buying it.

In budget or not

If you have decided to buy a printer, then the first thing that will judge your further queries related to the product will depend on your budget. So, do check the cost of the printer before testing anything.

Image quality

Next important thing to look at is the image quality which the printer offers you. Most inkjet printers provide you with very high image quality with excellent resolution. So, after deciding your price range, do set your norms of a perfect printer in terms of its image quality, after all, it is the essential attribute of a printer.

Connectivity types

The connectivity options which the printer offers you decides if you can get convenience from the printer or not. While some of the inkjet printers offer you only physical connection, many others provide you material as well as wireless connectivity options so that you can decide any such printer according to your need.


Another most essential attribute of a printer which decides its convenience level is its speed. Some good printers offer a speed of up to 25 pages per minute. While determining which inkjet printer to buy, you should always consider its rate, only then you will be able to get a better experience of printing.

Power consumption

Suitable printers have deficient power consumption, and some may have a bit higher. While deciding which printer to choose, always look at what a printer consumes in terms of electricity. It is all waste if you buy a printer that consumes a lot of your heat. So, always make a smart choice regarding the power consumption of the printer. This was all about the features to look on while purchasing a good printer for home use. Apart from these, are there several other features too like monochrome or colour? Papers handled, etc. So, always be conscious while deciding the perfect printer for home use. Now, after looking at the fantastic advantages of inkjet printers and some of their features, let’s see some of the bestseller inkjet printers for home use in the market.


Another super sizzling product by HP! This inkjet printer has got its name associated with one of the finest printer producing brands HP and so is very demanding in the market. HP Deskjet 2135 is efficient from every aspect and property. Being an all in one printer it serves all of your purposes by scanning, photocopying and of course, printing your documents. HP claims it to be a secure setup printer giving you the chance to operate it efficiently. You can get started in a few steps and enjoy your printing experience. Apart from its specializations, it is physically compact too. It also offers you high-quality prints at a low cost so that you don’t find any difficulty in operating it. Still, there are many other properties of the printer that makes it extraordinary by approach. Here you will get a detailed description of its features and details, so you don’t have to worry a lot while purchasing this item for home use.


The first thing which we look at in a printer while purchasing it is whether the printer is multi-function or not; after all, you want to make a one-time investment. This HP printer is designed by keeping in mind the same thing. It serves all your purposes by printing, scanning and copying documents. It can be operated as a multi-function or an all-in-one printer to give you extra convenience. This is an ink advantage printer that gives you colour outputs. Talking about its scanner type than it is flatbed by approach. You will surely find it as specially designed to provide every user with an excellent experience. 


Though many printers come with a wireless connectivity type, your home use printers don’t need such connectivity options because they are designed for home use only. So, this HP printer comes with a new convenient physical USB connection. Wired technology with a mess-free experience is a fantastic thing to have!


The product offers you a resolution of 4800*1200 dots per inch. Such a high resolution gives you an unmatched print quality that no other printer can provide. With such a high resolution, the image quality is sure to be excellent. Now you may think it a little bit expensive because of such amazing features, but it is totally in your pocket. Such an economical printer with high-quality features is rarely observed.


In addition to excellent image quality and secure setup procedures, the printer also has good speed. It offers a speed of up to 7.5 pages per minute which is accurate for home use. Also, it can produce up to 1000 A4 pages in a month matching the capacity of an office printer. It has an ability of 60 pages, and it enhances your productivity to a greater extent. 


This HP printer is stunning from every aspect apart from the features mentioned above it is also compatible with various operating systems like Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac OS and many more. The printer can efficiently function with all of these operating systems allowing you to manage your favourite network.

Pages supported and ideal usage

As it offers a wide range of operating systhemmttthemm, it also provides a wide range of paper sizes and types supported. A4, B5, A6, DL Envelope are some of the dimensions of papers which are compatible with the printer. Apart from these, there are several other page options too which you can choose if you are purchasing the item. Unlike many other inkjet printers, this HP printer offers manual duplex print too. As already mentioned earlier it provides a resolution of up to 4800*1200 optimised DPI with colour prints; it also provides a resolution of up to 1200*1200 DPI for black and white or monochrome prints. It is specially designed for home usage to serve the purpose of a small office or home use printer.

Energy-efficient and environment friendly

Nowadays many printers come with a gift of polluting the environment, but with this HP printer at home, you don’t have to worry about it. It is an energy star compliant printer that does not hurt the environment and also saves you from high electricity bills. It also comes with the ability to connect to different devices like laptops, pen drives and desktop printers through its ultra-high-speed USB 2.0 connectivity.


Also to be easy to use this HP printer io compact. With the dimension of 42.5*30.4*14.9 cm, the printer is sleek. It is a compact-sized printer that is efficient too. With such compatible aspect, you can place it anywhere you want. It is also easy to install and operate, making it a fantastic product to invest in.




This bestseller printer by Epson has got 4.0-star ratings by customers. It is an all in one printer that offers you multi-speciality printing experience with extraordinary features. Epson L3150 has a high page yield giving you up to 4500 black and white and 7500 coloured prints. Its sleek and compact design will also make you a big fan of the model. Apart from this, the printer comes with the facility to be connected wirelessly, offering you high convenience, and it is specially designed to be used as a home or small office printer. Because of this reason, you will find it compatible with every aspect. Apart from this, there are several other amazing features of the model that will be listed here in detail. After looking at these features, you will forget about other printers and will appreciate this Epson model. Have a look at its astonishing features and try not to be a fan of it.


This Epson printer is all-in-one by approach. It prints, scans and copies your documents at the same time. It is an ink tank printer and a flatbed scanner that works according to your needs. This model has both the functionality of printing documents colour or monochrome. You can feel every second of freedom with this model as it offers you multi-connectivity options too.


One of the essential features of a printer is whether it offers multi-connectivity options or not, and this Epson printer provides you with the same. It gives you various connectivity options, so you don’t feel any obstruction in using it. With the physical connection of USB 2.0, it also offers you wireless connectivity options. You can go for any of the options according to your need. Apart from these two options, it also enables you to connect your smartphone to the device by using the android application called Epson i-print on your phone. Print and scan directly from any such device by using this mobile application or online cloud storage services. With e-mail access, you can print to any email print enabled Epson printer from any of your devices like PC or your smartphone. Also, there is an option of the remote print driver too, with which you can print to this Epson printer anywhere in the world by just having an internet connection using a PC. Using your google account also you can print documents through smartphone, tablet or PC. 

Speed and cost

It has an incredible rate of 33 pages per minute for black and white prints and a speed of up to 15 pages per minute for coloured documents. With such high speed, you also get the fantastic quality of printouts with high resolution, which will be discussed later. Also, the cost of printing is nominal with just seven paise for monochrome prints and 18 paise for colour printouts. As per the ISO standards, this is one of the most demanding speeds of any printer at such low cost.

Page yield

The company claims that this model maximises your savings which indeed seems to be true seeing at such nominal cost of the print. It is truly an all-in-one printer that saves you from vast charges of printing, offers you good connectivity options and has impressive speed. Now, coming to its page yield than it is specially designed for home use, still, it has an ultra-high return of up to 7500 colour prints and 4500 black and white prints with which you need not worry about your ink running out.

Sleek outlook

This Epson model is designed in such a way that it has a small footprint offering you the freedom to place it anywhere you want without worrying too much about the space. Its compact and sleek outlook is as smart as it could be with the latest technologies equipped in it. With the dimensions of 37.5*34.7*17.9 cm, it fits anywhere you want to place it. The model also offers you spill-free refilling of the ink with individual bottles. These bottles have unique, essential nozzles that provide only into their respective tanks.


This Epson model is a high-speed printer that also offers you good quality prints. The resolution which the printer provides is the most important thing on which further decisions regarding the quality of printers can be made. The features listed here have already proved why it is the bestseller of the brand. They are sufficient for providing qualification to its usefulness, but still, it is essential to mention the resolution which it offers. The model offers a resolution of up to 5760*1440 dpi, which is extra fabulous. Many other models have failed to reach such a high resolution, but this printer has made it right with its astonishing decision.




Another suitable printers producing company BROTHERS is back with its DCP-T710W model. It is a fantastic product by the brand and has many advantages over other printers. It not only offers you refill system but also wireless connectivity and an automatic document feeder. All of its features have made it very popular among customers. It has got a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 stars by its customers. The printer assures you of its long life and high-quality prints. It is designed especially for small office and home use, so you will not find any difficulty in operating it in your home. With its easy setup and installation, it will give you every second of convenience. Still, there is many more to explore about the printer, so get ready to have a close look at the product via the detailed description about the product mentioned below. These amazing features of the printer will force you to forget about other brands like HP and canon and will make you a big fan of the brand BROTHERS.


Like many other printers of the brand, this model is also an all-in-one printer. It gives you an extraordinary experience of printing, scanning and copying your documents quickly. Of course, no one wants to purchase separate machines for home use, and this printer offers you the same. With the flatbed type scanner, you can scan documents with ease. 


This model offers you plenty of options of connectivity, from Wi-Fi to Wi-Fi direct it gives you a chance to connect your smartphone, PC or tablet directly to the printer. With one of the best printer (that offers you a range of connectivity options) at your home, you will not have to worry about the various issues of connectivity. Apart from this, the printer also gives you the chance to connect with wires with the help of recent USB 2.0 technology. You can connect it via both wired and wireless technologies according to your need.


The printer is highly compatible with various operating systems. It supports a wide range of software including Windows 10, Windows 10 S, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows 7 SP, Windows vista/RT/XP and many more. With such high compatibility with these operating systems, you will not find any difficulty in operating it.


Brother printers offer a high rate of up to 27 black and white prints per minute and up to 23 colour prints per minute. This printer is also from the same brand and offers high speed of about 12/10 pm. You can print most of your documents in less time with this convenient printing technology. From writing papers to your child’s homework, you can do all the stuff related to publishing quickly with the help of this brother printer. It creates beautiful impressions that will open the doors of your appreciation.

Easy refill options

The refill tank system of this printer features a transparent cover with which you will be able to access the embedded ink tank easily. This tank is specially designed to minimise the mess and leakage while refilling the ink.

Ideal usage

If you are looking for a printer that will work as a home printer for you, you can blindly trust this brother’s product. It is specially designed to be used as a home printer, looking at its features and dimensions it is clear. It has compatible dimensions of 43.5*43.5*19.5 cm. Also, its beautiful and sleek outlook will suit every corner of your home. It is equipped with an automatic documents feeder that provides you with a hands-free experience of printing, scanning and copying your essential stuff. 

Easy navigation

The printer features a 1line LCD screen and control panel with which you can easily navigate and print your documents. It’s an easy setup, and anyone can do the installation with the help of the manual and guide that comes free with the model. It is specially designed to ease your load and give you the convenience that’s why special considerations have been made on its navigation and functioning that will surely be loved by you. View user-friendly error messages on the screen (which acts as a guide for you) that will give you quick self-solution to all your problems.



If you are planning to buy a printer for home use than do try these recommended models and you will not be disappointed. All these products are from well-known companies and brands and have been designed to ease your pain to a greater extent. We hope this article helped you.