Best Laser Printers For Home Use In India

Let's printing work be done at your home by the best laser printers. Here is everything you need to know about the best laser printers for home use.

The world is witnessing increased popularity of printers for home use. It would not be wrong to say that a large portion of either working or non-working population is dependent directly or indirectly on recent technologies like PC’s, computers or printers. And inventors are trying their best to introduce more and more techniques like this. A laser printer is one such item in the list. After inkjet printers, these have been introduced in the market to ease the work of every professional or a non-professional person. If you don’t know what exactly laser printers are, then have a look at the below-mentioned information. A laser printer is an advancement made in the world of printers. Unlike inkjet printers, these do not use keys to strike the paper and print the media; laser printers use a laser beam to make impressions on the paper and form the pattern. However, most laser printers print the press in monochrome. Laser printer makes use of electrical charges to print the document. These printers save you from the regular expenses of ink (as they don’t use it) and their print last even longer because of this reason. 

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Advantages of Using a Laser Printer

Though inkjet printers seem cheaper to buy, there are many advantages of laser printers over inkjet printers. Their increasing popularity for official and home use too proves the fact. It is necessary to introduce you with their benefits because you may face a dilemma while buying a printer regarding which printer is best laser or inkjet? So here we have provided a brief description of their benefits, you can read the below information and readily form your opinion. However, many laser printers print black and white; there are a variety of laser printers that print in colours. So, according to your need and convenience, you can choose your best fit if you think that laser printers are suitable for office use and it is not worthy of using them as home printers before you decide anything. There is a variety of laser printers that can be used as home printers too. So, look at their advantages, and you will also become a fan of them.

Faster printing speed

One of the essential things to note here is that despite being a little costlier then inkjet printers they provide you faster-printing speed then inkjet ones. They approximately have a rate of 200 pages per minute. Being time efficient they are generally preferred over inkjet printers. 

Longer life

Also of being time-efficient, they have a longer shelf life. You may think of it as a one-time investment plan. A cheaper inkjet printer cannot sustain too long, but a laser printer can do so.

Value for money

This is an inexpensive inkjet printer better than a laser printer. But remember the monthly or weekly charges, which you may have to pay for an inkjet printer is way more expensive than the cost of a laser printer. An inkjet printer has a higher cost per page than a laser printer too.

Produces finer texts

A laser printer produces finer and sharper text and images; that’s why they are more suitable for printing documents. They also provide less complicated graphics and offer high volume printing. 

Don't cost too much on paper charges

Laser printers don’t cost you too much on paper charges. Even if you are using a low-quality paper for printout, you will get the same finer and sharper images.

Features to look upon while purchasing a Laser Printer

While deciding which laser printer to choose, you should keep in mind some of the extraordinary features that will help you quickly determine what printer is best. Here we have listed some of the details of laser printers that you may look on while purchasing a laser printer.

Connectivity type

Surely, if you are buying a laser printer, you are looking for convenience, and one of the essential things that can give you satisfaction is the connectivity which the printer offers you. It is evident that every printer comes with a USB connection, but there are some other options available too. According to your need, like for office use or home use you can go for Ethernet connectivity or wireless connectivity too. Don’t miss this feature while purchasing a printer as it is an essential characteristic of any such device.

Power consumption

If you are buying a printer, then you must be looking for an efficient printer that will not consume too much energy. A good printer is energy star compliant in approach. You should look for a printer that has a good and deep power sleep mode. Also, have a close look at how much power the printer consumes while printing.

Coloured or Monochrome?

While most of the laser printers are monochrome, you can also choose a colour printer if you want. The requirement may vary according to which type of document you wish to print. If you’re going to print regular office documents, all you need is a monochrome laser printer. But if you need to print media other than materials you can go for a colour laser printer also.

Papers Handled

Now the next thing to look on while purchasing a good printer for home use is the types of papers it can handle. While some printers can handle a wide variety of documents including A4, A3 and many more others offer you a short range of materials. According to your need to print media, you can choose your best fit.

Image Quality

Before looking at any other features, you can go for this one, as this is the most crucial characteristic to look on while getting a good printer. You may think a bit over printers which offer you proper resolution. Apart from these, you can look for some other features like noise cancellation facilities, overall size and ease of installation, memory, TCo’s and the types of functions which the printer offers. Now, after looking at the features to look on while purchasing a printer, let’s explore some of the best laser printers that are designed especially for home use.


With the assured quality of a well-known brand like HP, its bestseller laser printer is presented here. Laserjet pro has made its place in the market through many advanced technologies introduced in it. With this printer at your home, you don’t have to worry about network issues because it claims to print media without a connection from your PC, tablet or even from your smartphone. The company also claims that laserjet pro publishes the best quality media at a little cost. You can print from your mobile phone too, with the HP print android application with this model and get great quality monochrome prints. Also, the model has a very narrow footprint that will hardly take a small portion of your space. And it is not the end; there are several qualities of the model that you must look upon and learn about its brandishing features.


The first thing which we look at in a printer while buying it is whether the gadget is multifunctional or all in one approach or not. And with this printer at your home, you don’t have to worry about buying other devices like a photocopying machine, scanner, etc. It is a multi-function printer that serves all of your needs. It can print, copy and scan at the same time.


Another most important thing to notice in a good printer is that it offers excellent connectivity options. Still, this LASERJET Pro offers you best connectivity options including wireless connectivity, USB and Ethernet Connection and even connection through the mobile app called HP ePrint. So, you don’t have to bother about the connectivity issues which generally comes free with other printers; this will give you every second of convenience.

Operating systems supported

This HP printer supports a wide range of operating systems including windows 8, windows 7, windows vista, windows XP and windows MAC. It offers one of the best varieties of operating systems supported. Though the printer type is black and white or monochrome, it provides you with extraordinary print quality. However, it’s ideally designed for business use; it is an excellent home printer too.


The printer is very efficient from the aspect of time and money. You can prints thousands of pages in a month by just paying nuts for it. The model has a capability of printing 20 pages per minute at only a cost of Rs. 2 per page. Being an HP printer, it has versatile performance along with a compact and sleek outlook. Through its PPM count, it is clear that it is very efficient in terms of energy, time and money. With this model at your home, fast and high quality is printing is guaranteed. It also has a well-accepted duty cycle of up to 8000 pages per month.


The model has a compact and sleek design that attracts customers a lot. Due to its compact design, you can easily place it anywhere you want without overthinking about the size and talking about its speed, then you can get crisp and excellent quality of prints at a breakneck pace. As mentioned earlier, the device has an extraordinary PPM rate of 20 pages per minute. The printer also gives you the freedom to choose the method according to your need. It has a notion of ‘your device, your choice’ as it offers its users to use any of the digital devices which support media printing. 


One of the essential features to look upon while buying a new printer is its image quality that can easily be understood by looking at the resolution which the printer offers. This HP model offers a crisp resolution of 1200*1200 dots per inch. 

Pages Supported

The product offers a wide range of page size supported including A4, B5, A6, DL and envelope too. So, you don’t have to worry a lot about the size of media output; you can easily choose from the dimensions mentioned above. These are ideal for home as well as for office usage. 

Pages Supported

The printer is exceptionally compatible with the various file formats. It supports jpg, pdf, jpeg, png, txt etc. It also promotes double-sided printing which saves pages. You also get one year of warranty if you purchase the item. The printer has a display type of LCD and dimensions of 46*33*30 cm, which is extremely compatible with your space too. These were all the extraordinary features of the printer that will surely assure you about its quality and performance. HP laserjet pro is a fantastic product by HP having new and advanced technologies delivered at your doorstep. Don’t think before buying the right product for you because it is a one-time investment plan. Looking at its technologies and facilities, it is worth investing.




With a rating of 4.5 stars, this canon LBP200B model has gained pretty much appreciation over time. It is a single function laser printer that has the functionality of print only type. It is also one of the most economical laser printers of the brand canon. The most attracting thing about the printer is that it is specially designed for small business or home use. If you are willing to buy an economical printer for home use, then this model best fits you. You also get some other super sizzling functions and characteristics which will be surely discussed below. But, before that, you must know that this printer is worth investing because its name is associated with one of the most excellent printers producing brands ‘Canon’. Though being single functioned and monochromatic by approach, it serves all the purpose of home use. It offers you super-fast printing experience at nominal charges. So have a sharp observation at the below-mentioned details, and you will surely love it because of what it is. The features and details listed here are surely going to please you, so, fasten your seat belts to surf through its amazing features.


The functionality of the printer is print only. However, it will not leave you disappointed, as it is designed for home use its functionality is print only type. The printer overcomes this with its extra amazing features that will be discussed here. The model is a single function, and it produces the best quality monochromatic prints. Being a laser printer, it also saves your money to a great extent.


This canon model offers you a connection of USB 2.0. It is also convenient for this aspect. In addition to this printer you also get a machine with a toner cartridge, a USB cable, a getting started guide and a setup CD. So, there will be no pang of doubt in your mind regarding how to set this up. There is no LCD on the printer. With this printer at your home, you will feel ease at its connection and set up. Canon assures you about the quality of each of its product, so there is no doubt left regarding its condition. You can blindly trust the product.


Get one of the finest quality printouts at a faster rate. Enjoy stroke-free printing with this canon LBP 2900b model. It delivers you monochrome printouts for 12 pages per minute which is a fantastic ppm rate of any laser printer. Though being a faster laser printer, it does not cost you much on power consumption. The printer consumes very little power and saves you from hectic electricity bills. Get a tension-free experience of printing with this canon model.


Another most important feature to look on while choosing a good printer is its resolution, after all; image quality is the most concerning feature of a printer. Unlike other laser printers, this model offers you a peak resolution of up to 2400*600 dots per inch. To deliver you crispier prints, the printer is designed with the CAPT 2.1 (CANON ADVANCED PRINTING TECHNOLOGY). With this new and advanced technology introduced in the printer, it has become more popular as a home-use printer.

Data Processing Power

As already mentioned earlier the printer is equipped with the latest technology called CAPT or Canon Advanced Printing Technology and HI-SCOA or High Smart Compression Architecture; this canon model has a processing speed much higher than any other laser printer. Now the question may arise that what HI-SCOA is? And how does it work? HI-SCOA is a modern-day technology which compresses print data into smaller sizes that enable quick transfer from computer to the printer with CAPT. This helps the printer to process data at a way faster speed than any other printer.

Page Size Supported

This canon model supports a variety of page sizes including A4, B5, A5, LGL, LTR, Executive and Envelope C5/COM10/DL. With such a variety of page sizes, you can quickly go for any of your desired print according to the need. A good printer is that which supports a good range of pages, and this canon printer stands out on the norm. Not only this much the printer has many more features to look on like its dimensions which are 45*37*35 cm, fit for everyone’s needs, warranty period and many more.

Robust Compatibility

The printer, as already mentioned earlier, is specially designed for home use. Because of this it supports several operating systems including windows 98, windows ME, windows 2000, windows XP and Linux (CUPS) too. Along with this, the cartridge is also very compatible as it is Canon cartridge 303 which has a yield of 2000 pages.




This HP never stops multifunction printer gives you an extraordinary experience of printing with its new and advanced technology. Being an HP printer, it is one of the best printers for home use. It is specially designed for home and small office use with its compatible size and outlook. Admittedly, it is going to please you with its amazing features, one of them being the little cost of printing. And still, there are many more to explore. So, get ready to surf through its amazing details which are mentioned below. HP never stop has got its name from the attribute which it has, like its name it is never stopped by approach also. The printer assures you of the quality and speed that will be intact after months of using it. The model also ensures you of high volume prints at a little cost that is in the budget of almost everyone. After going through all of its details, you will not be left with any doubt regarding its functionality and qualities so, have a close eye on what is discussed below and enjoy yourself.


Like many other laser printers, this HP printer is not a single function. It is designed to ease your pain and works like an all in one printer. Of course, nobody wants to purchase separate machines for doing all the stuff, and with this printer, you will not find any need to buy different items too. It works like a scanner, a photocopying machine and of course as a printer. So, don’t worry about any of your other works, all will be done right here with this HP never stop model at your home.


The printer assures you of its printing quality and low cost of monochrome printing, and along with this the speed of printing is also quite good with up to 20 pages per minute with a black and white printout on an A4 sized sheet. Unlike many other laser printers, this HP model has the unique qualities that make it an extraordinary thing to look and appreciate. Also, the cost per page is as low as 29 paise per page, which is extremely affordable for anyone. The printer proves what it claims from the CPP.


The printer offers advanced connectivity with the USB 2.0, anyone willing to connect and use it can easily do it without any mess with this USB cable delivered right at your home along with the printer. So, if you are willing to purchase a printer that will not take too much time to set up every time you want to use it yo you can go for this HP never stop the printer. The printer also assures you that set up is as easy as it could be with the plug and play technology. Anyone willing to set the printer up can do it without facing any problem of installation.


This HP printer has a fantastic input capacity of 150 sheets and an output capacity of 100 sheets. The printer also has a drum life of 20000 pages giving you the chance to use it freely without any tension. The monthly page volume is also very accurate, a range of 250-2500 pages per month. So it fits you for the office as well as for home use. As it works as a scanner and photocopying machine too, you don’t have to worry about the electricity bill and mess of any other device.

Other Features

The reload kit of the printer is about 15-seconds with the reloadable toner. The company also assures you of a mess-free experience of printing with its real-time status on toner lever. You can also print documents without a router with in-built direct Wi-Fi. Quickly access and prints all your documents on your smartphone, google drive and dropbox too. The deal also comes with a reference guide, setup guide and a warranty guide, so you don’t have to worry about its setup and installation. In short, it is a complete package to get.



It is all about the best laser printers in the market. We worked to provide you with the best knowledge about the products so that you won’t face any dilemma while purchasing a good printer for home use. Use the given information, and you will not be disappointed.