Best Keyboard Under 1000Rs In India [Buying Guide & Review]

Are you looking to buy the best keyboard for under 1000Rs in India? Read this article to know the complete details.

The keyboard is one of the essential peripherals for a PC. It is indeed true that without a keyboard, you may find it difficult to interact with the computer. There are also a wide variety of keyboards like a membrane, mechanical, chiclet, etc. It depends on the type of keyboard keys you use.So if you are working hard and want a soft keyboard, it is quite a hassle as there is a wide range of options available in the market. If you want the best keyboard under 2000, this guide will help you select the best one as we have listed the three best keyboards, but before that, you must go through the list of features. 

The following are the features available on keyboards.

  • Connectivity options: There are two types of keyboards that include wired and wireless. The simple way to connect a wired keyboard to the PC is via a standard USB port. The non-gaming keyboards usually come with a plug-and-play feature with less or no additional software to install. It means that plugging in the keyboard cable is all the setup you’ll require. While if you are using a wireless keyboard, then you may need a tiny USB dongle or a Bluetooth connection to connect your keyboard. 
  • Ergonomics and layout: Not all keyboards are indeed created equal. Smaller distinctions include the Page Up and Down, Directional Arrow, End, and home keys placement. Most current keyboards have basic media-file-control features with usual volume, pause, play, and track change controls. Ergonomic features can range from the simple to the elaborate, but one essential feature to look for is its ability to perform angle adjustment. 
  • Switches and keys: Most budget keyboards like the ones that come bundled with new desktop PCs use silicon-dome switches. This has two dimpled layers of silicone membrane that form a grid of rubber domes or bubbles as the spring back in the switch for each key. 

Our Recommended Best Products In India:

Product Name

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TVS Champ Keyboard USB for use Dekstop and Laoptop (Multicolour)

Zebronics ZEB-KM2100 Keyboard

Targus KB55 AKB55TT Keyboard

Factors to look for

Now below are the factors you must look at before you make any keyboard purchase.

  • Work type: The type of work is a vital thing to consider while buying a keyboard. You might need it for programming, gaming, content writing, or just casual use. At present, you may find many designs and models of keyboards. The essential thing is buying the keyboard that works perfectly with the work you want to do.
  • Design: Keyboard design is a crucial thing that leaves a more significant impact on user experience. Depending on the type of work and usage, you must select the right keyboard design. It would help if you also chose the standard ergonomic or gaming keyboard based on your preference.
  • Price: Price is again an essential factor to consider before you make a keyboard purchase. The pricing factor usually varies depending upon the type of keyboard you will select. You will also find that gaming keyboards are so expensive compared to the standard ones. The reason is that gamin keyboards have different functionalities and features than other keyboard types.
  • Wired or wireless: Everything comes with pros and cons, be it wired or wireless. You must choose the one according to your choice and preference. If your computer doesn’t have any Bluetooth connectivity, then you can use the adapter for it. With a wired keyboard, you don’t have to worry about the keyboard battery, but it is also true that you won’t be able to operate your computer from even a bit far distance. Wireless keyboards make it much easier to connect from a bit far distance, but they are accessible via battery.
  • Connectivity options: While it depends upon whether you choose a wireless or wired keyboard, the connectivity options differ. Wired keyboards are either of the USB or PS/2 interface. If we are talking about wireless keyboards, you have Bluetooth as a connectivity option. If your computer does not have a Bluetooth connectivity option and you need a wireless keyboard, then, in that case, you can use an adapter.
  • Compatibility: Keyboard, if it is wired, can connect to the computer via the USB port, while a wireless keyboard can connect via Bluetooth and are tricky at times to setup, unlike the wired ones. Many keyboards even require some software installed on the system to use the function keys.
  • Extra key functions: Modern keyboards feature extra function keys for controlling music players, launching apps, etc. They also include power management keys and special character layout keys.
  • Keystroke: If you do not want to end up with a keyboard that feels like a typewriter to you, you must check the keystroke when you buy one. Some keyboards have soft, sensitive, soft and feather-like touch, and the other requires some extra pressure to type.
  • Noise level: Different types of switches can make all the difference in the sensitivity, level of comfort, and noise, so you can choose the one according to your needs and preferences.

Types of keyboards

There are many types of crucial switching technologies used in keyboards. 

  • Mechanical switch keyboards: These keyboards use physical switches below the keys that determine when the user has pushed a key. Most of the keyboards consist of dome-shaped rubber switches and three plastic membranes underneath each key.
  • Pros: Removable keycaps, Tactility, Typing style, Heavy, Key rollover, and Durability
  • Cons: Loud and expensive
  • Membrane keyboards: The membrane keyboard features keys that also act as little pressure pads. It comes with three separate layers, and each layer is responsible for different parts of the typing experience.
  • Pros: Low cost, easy to use, quite
  • Cons: Durability and slow
  • Scissor-Switch keyboards: Keyboards of these types use a variation of the rubber dome switch. They are used in laptops to reduce the distance required for the key travel before your keypress is registered. This is the benefit you receive in reducing the size of the weight and keys of the keyboards.

Product Review

Below is the comparison table of the three products that we have selected for you, along with more comprehensive information about the products.

TVS Champ Keyboard

The TVS Champ keyboard is for everyday office and home use. This wired keyboard is user friendly and enables effortless and easy keystrokes. This keyboard also offers accurate and quick movements with well-spaced low profile keys. 

Key features

  • It comes with laser printed keys
  • It has a desk-centric design
  • It features an internal key membrane with high quality features
  • Comes with an ergonomic design with a matte finish
  • Easy to keep it clean 
  • It is comfortable to type

Zebronics ZEB-KM2100 Keyboard

This is the modular designed multimedia USB keyboard which comes along with 114 keys. The Zebronics keyboard comes with an ergonomic design that offers you better performance and utility.

Key Features:

  • It features UV coated keys with 12 multimedia ones
  • Its keystroke life is 8 million
  • Includes the rupee sign key
  • It has a one-year manufacture warranty
  • Offers silent and comfortable silent switch tactile feel.
  • Easier to install with plug play design

Targus KB55 AKB55TT Keyboard

This brand is well known for offering high-quality computer and smartphone accessories at an affordable price tag. The keyboard is super slim wireless with Bluetooth connectivity, and the best part is that you can even connect your laptop or smartphone with it. This keyboard is made of plastic that makes it easy to carry and lightweight. 

Key Features

  • It has z-black glossy glitter type polish on the keys.
  • The scissor-switch keys provide a better typing response.
  • Wireless connectivity with Bluetooth 3.0
  • Works well with iPad, Windows, and Android devices

The compact design, wired and wireless technology with solid design makes the keyboard worthy of buying. The best keyboard under 1000 in the market is readily available, and this guide will help you out more if you want to understand the functionality of the keyboard is a much better way. As there are many options available in the market, so it could be quite confusing to select the right keyboard. If the primary purpose of buying a keyboard that is typing seems perfect in any of the keyboards, you must go for the one, and the list given above will help you out in a better way.