Best Printers Under 10,000 For Home Use

Are you looking to buy the best printer under 10,000Rs but confused with many models. Here is your guide to choose the best printer.

Technological advances are taking over the world now, and the printing industry is growing in leaps and bounds, too. A few years ago, Internet cafes were quite popular. Everyone used to meet over their nearest Internet cafe to get their high school work done. But with evolving times, printers have made their way to houses, itself.
But finding the very best quality printers under a good money range is not that easy. And hence, we devised a list featuring the best printers under 10000 for home use to meet your printing needs. Printers for homes use have become a necessity now. Even a child needs to print his school assignments daily. It makes the importance of owning a printer even higher. Nowadays, a household pc set feels incomplete without a printer along with it. Printers make our lives much easier and get us a hard copy of the document at any time.

Products Buying Guide:

Product Name


Product Price

HP 1020 plus laser printer  

Canon USB 2.0 laser printe

Brother HL-L2361DN auto duplex laser printer

Canon Pixma wireless color printer

HP 410 wireless ink tank printer

Advantages of owning a printer

  • It is very convenient and efficient to use.
  • Printers save a lot of time by giving you a hard copy within seconds.
  • It is an asset to your workplace as well as home.
  • The best printers for home use give you a copy of your required document at any time.
  • Printers nowadays have multitasking features.
  • A single printer can do all the jobs, such as scanning the documents, photocopying along with printing.
  • It gives you high-quality prints as compared to the one you get at commercial printing shops.
  • Your data do not get transferred to any third-person.
  • The delivery of the print is secure, safe, and within your hands only.

Features of the sustainable price printers


You might continuously need to transfer hard copies to a softcopy version into your pc or devices. With multi-functioning printers, you get the relative ease to scan documents directly to your devices without much hassle. You do not need to transport your files to another location for scanning, copy those files to a drive, and USB and then move to your pc. All you need to do with a printer is, power it on and directly transport files to your devices, safely and securely.


Photocopying your documents may be a key feature for you to printers for home use. For example, if you are a teacher and have to get some question papers copied, there is always a chance that a student lurking somewhere around the stationery shop can steal a glimpse of the confidential document. But with the photocopy feature of a sustainable price printer, you get privacy to photocopy and have as many copies of the documents needed. Also, you can easily keep a spare copy of relevant documents like bills, agreements if you have a habit of losing hard copies. 

High-quality images

There is no saying if your local stationery shop is using the best quality ink for print outs or not. Hence, you may be susceptible to printed documents that lose their print after some time. Also, cheap ink can lead to blurry images, which is acceptable in the case of printed text documents like letters, etc. So, owning a sustainable price printer for your home uses allows you to use the best quality ink you desire to use and get the best resolution pictures and documents possible. You can thus also use printers for home use like making good quality cards that need high-quality images for showing your friends and family some love!

Printer speed

The best quality printers also pride themselves in relative printing speed as compared to heavy-duty printers. Some of the best printers under 10000 have a printing speed of 30 pages per minute, too, which is quite suitable for printers for home use. While you do not have to stand in queues at printing shops, you save double the time and effort. Colored printers may take up to 20 seconds on an excellent resolution document, which is quite impressive, too.

Here’s the list of printers under 10,000


Buying a printer for home use is quite difficult to find in the market as you get numerous options. The best quality printer must include all the qualities mentioned above. A printer at your place not only saves your lot of time and money but also makes your life a lot easier. You must consider buying one good quality printer for your home as well as office use. Now you might be clear what features you should expect in a printer under 10,000.