Best 2.1 Bluetooth Home Theatre Under 2000

Speakers are very important in terms of giving you a better experience while seeing and listening to audios and videos. The 2.1 multimedia speakers will with its superior characteristics and control, render overwhelming outputs in the regime of entertainment. Every user who owns a 2.1 multimedia speaker is happy to cherish the advantages and feel of the gadget while using it. However, there are myths that the economic value of the item with such superb quality will be high and is out of any question of affordability. Here we give you some bets features and items in the range of 2000, and below of 2.1 Bluetooth home theatre, The budget-friendly features are housed in every brand that captures the market in exciting you with the 2.1 Bluetooth home theatre. Some important brands are F&D, Zebronics, iBall, etc. All you need to do is invest an amount lesser or equal to 2000 to get overall access to the never-ending features of the item. 

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GODREJ INTERIO Flight Sofa Set 6 Seater- Red (3 + 2 +1 Seater) Anti Stain Fabric

Furny 5 Seater Cosmos Fabric 311 Sofa Set (Grey-Black)

Bharat Lifestyle Tulip Five Seater Sofa Set 3-1-1 (Black) 

F&D E200 plus speakers

The 2.5 watts’ speakers of F &D are wireless with a slight tilt which helps in better sound reception. The tilt is almost in the range of 11 degrees that increases the quality and look of the speakers. The powerful 2-inch driver is the one other highlight of the multimedia speaker set. The speaker system is complementary and is the best fit when it comes to suiting your computer panel and the LCD. The battery is a superpower holding an outsmarting efficiency of 2600mAh. The battery has the makeup of lithium-ion and is conveniently charged with the micro help of USB. The bass from the beast is the virtue of the passiveness of the radiator that produces a spring effect. The system uses the version of Bluetooth 4.o for enabling the wireless connection in it. The USB reader is versatile offering support of Mp3, WMA, and any dual formats that aids in decoding. The music device uses a 3.5 mm connectivity and olds a system of side controls. The design and exterior of the item are very much ergonomic. The device offered an appealing performance in terms of exterior and quality.

Specification of the device

Brand name 



E200 plus 

Bluetooth connectivity 

Bluetooth 4.0

Connectivity channel 


Item weight 

989 gram 

Compatibility of the device 

Laptop, iPad, mobile, TV, computer, DVD, etc 

Product dimensions 

40x6x7 cm

The average life of the battery 

3 hrs 

Maximum output power 

5 Watts 


  • The superior design of the powerful satellite speakers delivers cutting edge quality audio that renders a realistic experience while enjoying music and video with the aid of the device.  
  • The geometry and the structure of the device is entirely different from the regular design with a tilt of 11 degrees that helps in better dispersion of sound throughout the space where it is installed 
  • The front radiator helps in delivering passive bass that is an overall feast for the ears 
  • The LED helps in highl9ghting the device and aids in providing information on the connectivity of the device. Additionally, the red, green, and blue lights certainly complement the aesthetic of the space too. 
  • The gadget offers multiple connectivities such as USB, Bluetooth 4.0, AUX cable. The machinery is very good, offering good compatibility with all these gadgets such as mobile tablets, laptops, etc. All you need is to switch on to your favourite playlist with the device and hear your favourite audio 
  • The easy chargeable nature of the 2600mAh lithium-ion battery is another irreplaceable feature of the device. All you need to do is charge with a micro USB and enjoy the audio. 



Zebronics ZEB-SW2492RUCF 2.1 Speaker

Zebronics has come up with the voice set that has superior quality ad design in rendering the audio of our choice. The versatile nature of the player supports many devices such as USB and decodes every audio file formats of Mp3, WMA, etc. The audio device comes with a LED display that highlights on the functioning of the player. The Zebronics also supports SD cards and MMC. The device comes up with a fully functional remote control. The beast additionally has a powerful output power of 14 Watt. The in-built FM delivers access to all radio stations and play the programs of your choice upon choosing the station of interest. The front-firing woofer keeps the vigour of a beautiful system that compliments the interior of a modernized home. The system has a stunning exterior that adds up the elegance of the device. 

Specifications of the device





Item weight 

3 Kg

Item dimensions 

19×31.5 x32.4

Channel configuration 



14 watts 

Components in the system 



  • The premium finish and the wood-like texture is the charm of the speaker. The LED display is another factor that adds up the beauty of the system 
  • The multi-connectivity of the speaker lets it support every fine device irrespective of the formats. The system is capable of decoding formats such as AUX, Mp3, etc.
  •  The excellent bass factor is another highlight of the audio device, which brings bass downstream. The mini-satellites let to control the bass and treble of the audio system separately.



Eccellente 4.1 Bluetooth Music System Home Theatre

Eccellente HT139 Bluetooth home theatre has four satellite speakers and one subwoofer. The colour of the device is black, with a configuration of 4.1. There is one USB port in the system. Any user can play the songs which have been stored on the USB. An excellent warranty is an additional entity that backs up the efficiency of the system. The connectivity of the system ranges from USB, AUX, Bluetooth, SD card. The overall unit of the system consists of a subwoofer, four satellite speakers, Remote control, etc. The fully functional remote control has all the required functions. All you need is to sit on the couch relax, and monitor the entire device with the help of the remote. The 4-inch subwoofer and the excellent satellite will render superior bass.





50 watts

Item weight 

3 Kg

Item dimensions 

35.2×20.8×27.1 cm

Model name 



  • The excellent compatibility of the device has all the devices that provide entertainment. It supports IPad, TV, DVD, USB, etc. 
  • The design is compact simple and elegant. The black color is the best suit with any backdrop of the space where the home theatre is kept 
  • The connectivity methods are good in number such as USB port, AUX line, etc 
  •  There is inbuilt FM radio access in the system which will let you stream your favorite program without any interruption on access to the corresponding radio stations. 
  • The theatre system has an output of 50 watts. The wooden sub-woofer will control the bass and restrain from shaking and vibrations 
  • The weight of the system is very less and can be transported from any place to another very easily




People rely on quality audio because of the joyfulness and wholesomeness the audio offers. This makes them go for the best ones in the market. Certainly, the best quality audio can make your day. 2.1 Bluetooth players are a way to access the best quality that exists in the market. Any device when connected with the speaker  will enhance the audio outputs from it . These kinds of players will grand better quality of sound with clear vocals, better bass, and treble. The superior speakers of 2.1 configurations are best in giving a theatre-like experience to the users. If you are planning to buy some of the best 2.1 Bluetooth speakers this is the best guide for you. Keeping in mind the affordability of the device certain brands will offer you some best items in the market. If the purpose is to connect to some of your home devices you may get a 2.1 Bluetooth speaker from some good brands. Wireless Bluetooth home theatre will get you free of the troubles caused by cables. The speakers in this chosen range are affordable and give you a quality output .