How To Choose A Projector For Home In India?

The best projector for home needs to be built with high-end projector technology and have good image quality. Be sure to look for an exceptional warranty period and projection resolution when you wish to buy the best projector for your home.

Are you looking for a best projector for your home because you don’t want to go out for a movie?Or you might feel like being a couch potato and have a cinema experience at home itself without the hassle and the work required to reach a theatre, etc. In such cases, a projector at your own place can go a long way. You can plan to watch a movie in the comfort of your home as well as play games lying on your couch. It can also be used for watching other stuff such as music videos, online streaming, and gaming, etc. But, choosing the best projector for your home can be a daunting task as there are numerous types of projectors available for purchase. 

What is the projector?

A device that presents pictures and videos on a specific screen or a wall using rays of light is a projector. The principal difference between a projector and a TV is that projector uses rays of light to display content on a different screen. In contrast, a TV has its screen and displays videos, images, and games on the same.

Selecting the best projector for home use in India requires patience to acknowledge so that you choose the best product for yourself. Projectors are also an essential part of the home cinema. 

Also, many myths are rounding that projectors need high maintenance, and they are costlier than smart TVs. Dispel such misconceptions and go for the projector you like the most. 

Here, this guide will help you know how to choose the best projector for a home in India and will explain all its related aspects. Consider looking at the following aspects while buying a projector.

Your presentation requirements

The foremost factor that plays an essential role in deciding the kind of projector that will be best for you is what you expect from it. Before ticking on a project, decide whether you wish to present the videos and images on a wall or a screen. It is important to check the features and specifications a projector offers before you buy it. The best projector will always be the one that is not restricted to only one kind of presentation and can serve multiple purposes. If you wish to get high-quality performance, it is best to present the content on the screen. In case your budget is less, you can use the wall itself. Make sure that the wall you use as the screen is smooth and well-painted in white. 

Contrast and brightness

The contrast and brightness that a projector offers have a lot to do with the quality of images and videos it will display. The image quality of the projector you choose will decide the experience you will have while watching a movie with the projector. Comparing DLP projectors to LCD projects, the LCD projectors give better quality than their counterparts. The contrast ratio also defines video and image quality. Therefore, check for the projector’s brightness and contrast ratio at the time of buying to have an excellent experience later on.


When bringing a projector into the home, consider it as a rule of thumb that the higher the resolution, the better the display. Another main feature to keep in mind is that there are 4K display projectors also available in the market. The need for a 4K display depends on your screen size. If you are purchasing a projector for home theatre in room, a projector with the resolution of 1080p will also do fine. 


Deciding on your budget will help you choose the right kind of projector for you. You can get a budget-friendly projector or a high-end projector based on the money you wish to spend on buying one. For a home projector in India, there is a wide range of projectors available at affordable prices as well. You can choose accordingly.

Throw distance

The gap between the screen and the projector is the throw distance. Throw distance of the projector determines the quality and size of the pictures you will see on the screen. In an ideal projector, you must see that it delivers a genuine range of throw distance. Some projectors with the latest in-built technology have no restrictions on throwing distance anymore. If you have a small place to set up your home theatre, select a projector that offers ultra-short throw distance.

Audio quality

Not only the video but the audio quality also decides your experience from a projector. Most of the speakers come in-built with speakers. However, only rare projectors have a good sound system. Therefore, you should go for the projector that has at least 5.1 audio setups.

The technology of the projector

None other than the technology of the projector decides the overall experience you will have from it. In this case, there is no good feeling than playing games on your home theatre with 3D effects. Although to get the complete advantage of a 3D projector, you need 3D glasses as well for a clear vision. The projectors with the latest technology can handle different media such as games, movies, documents, and photos. The best projector for your home should solely play music files too. Nowadays, many projectors are coming into the market that can handle the ambient light well in the room. You can also get a gaming-specific projector or office-specific as per your needs and requirements. 


What is the overall benefit of spending money on a projector that gives so less connectivity? And, if you are hardly able to connect it to any other device, most of your money goes in vain. So, get yourself the best projector for home theatre that connects with multiple devices. Look for connections in your projector such as HDMI, USB, SD card, VGA, etc. More connections mean that you can connect your projector to a greater number of devices and avail maximum benefits. 

Projection size

The best home projector shall also have the ideal projection size. In India, you will find a spectrum of projectors with different projection sizes. To ensure the best image formation, you must also consider the distance between your screen and the projector. Larger projection size will give you a quality time when you are watching a movie with your friends and family at the home theatre. 


There is no such rule that you can use the projector only for your home theatre and nowhere else. Today, you will find many high-end projectors that not only give a high-quality presentation but are also portable. You can put a pico projector into your shirt pocket and carry it along with anywhere you go. In this way, you can also enjoy your favourite shows and movies as you travel to faraway places with your friends. The palmtop model projectors are designed, especially keeping the portability feature in mind. 

Projection Tech

Most of the projectors available in the Indian market are LCD-based. However, the ones that are not LCD-based use LED, laser, or LCOS as their projection technology. Many DLP projectors give a good quality presentation but can leave a rainbow effect at times. In some DLP projectors, the effect is minimal. But if you want to eliminate it and watch high-quality videos go for LCD projectors. 

Wall or screen mount

The quality of projected images, videos, and games depends on the background wall. So, when you make the big decision of buying a projector in India, you will need to set a clutter-free space that happens to be the area where the projector will project the information, or videos, etc. you want to display with it. This area where you project the images, videos, or games of your choice could either be a screen or a wall. As you choose one of either option, you allow yourself the leisure of comfort and good quality home theatre experience. 

Choosing between a wall and a screen

The biggest confusion between the two which should you use for your home projector projections, a wall, or a screen? 

If you choose a wall, it needs to be white, free of any scratches, scuff marks, peeling paint, or any other blemishes that would make your watching experience a little less exciting. On the other hand, you could purchase a projector that comes with a screen. A screen is a clear surface that is ready for your projections. You will have to undergo a one-time investment and then forever have a clear surface for your projections. Remember to keep it clean and spotless for a good home projector experience. 

Warranty of your projector

Having an extended warranty period with electronics feels like having your cake and eating it too! An exceptional product with an extended warranty period will last you years, and you will stay assured against any issues that arise later. Hence, when buying a home projector, look for the one that comes with an extended warranty period. You can even pay an extra fee for extending warranty periods. It is always better to have options for the safekeeping of investments like a home projector.


A high-end projector with good image quality and other features like 3D technology etc. can easily elevate your home theatre experience. The best projector for home needs to fit your home and your expectations perfectly. For that, you will need to thoroughly research the features and functions of your best projector for your home. With careful follow up of this projector buying guide, you can amp up your home theatre for good.